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Chapter 41: 41 Stop the Activation of the Formation

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41 Stop the Activation of the Formation

Even though Leng Lang did not finish his sentence, his meaning was clear.

Although the formation was still in the process of activating,

it was enough to gather a large number of beasts.

What if it was fully activate?

No doubt that the entire wilderness would no longer peaceful!

‘Any solution?’ Liu Yiyi asked.

She did not know much about formations.

This was not even a subject that a second-year student could come into contact with.

“There is.” Bing Mengqi said with a bitter smile, “As long as we find the person who activated the array and make him lose consciousness, or kill him directly,”

It sounded simple.

However, in order to survive the beast tide within the array.

Finding the person who activated the array was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Moreover, the place was filled with ferocious beasts.

“So we have no choice, right?”

Su Bai was not a fool.

Judging from Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi’s reaction, Su Bai knew they would not choose to retreat for their own safety.

After all, a soldier’s duty was sacred.

This formation could endanger Los Monstaria. As soldiers, they would not be able to protect themselves even if they had to go through fire and water.

“Sigh, if I had known, I wouldn’t have sent my Phoenix Finch to the resort,” Bing Mengqi said helplessly.

Her strongest beast was not the Six-eared Snowfox but a Phoenix Finch.

It happened too sudden in the wilderness.

She didn’t have time to bring her Phoenix Finch.

However, since things had already come to this, there was no use complaining.

“All of you, heed my orders!” Leng Lang’s gaze fell on every student and he said sternly, “We’ll split into two groups later. Bing Mengqi and I will stay behind and be responsible for stopping the activation of the array.

“As for the rest of you, do your best to leave this dangerous place. Contact the military immediately after you return to the station and report this to Los Monstaria!

“I know that you are all still students, but this is how the world is.

“after becoming a Beastmaster, you’ll be hovering on the edge of death one day.

“But remember, difficulties that can’t defeat you will only make you stronger!

“Do you understand!”

“Understood!” Everyone responded in unison.

It was not because of how impassioned Leng Lang’s words were, but because they saw the determination in his eyes.

This was the unique aura of a soldier—the soldier who would face death with equanimity and advance without hesitation.

But at this moment, Bing Mengqi said, “I object. Now that Lei Xing and the others are missing, there’s no way the two of us can stop the activation. It’s a miracle even if the success rate is one percent.

“Although these guys are weak, they still have some combat power. Why don’t the teachers return to the station while the others stay behind to stop the activation of the array? ”

Compared to Leng Lang’s military style, Bing Mengqi’s way of thinking was more rational.

But to the students present, her words were undoubtedly the whispers of the Grim Reaper.

They thought, ‘We should stay back to stop the activation of the array in this place full of beasts?! Are you kidding me? How is that different from suicide?!’

“Stop joking. What’s the use of us being here? ”

“That’s right, let us go back!”

“We’ll only be a burden if we stay here!”

In the face of death, it was unfair to compare students with soldiers.

Li Heng’s face was gloomy.

As a teacher, he had to put his students first, but in the face of major issues, how could he stick to this principle?

Everyone became quiet, while Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi were expressionless, until a voice rang out.

“They’re just a useless bunch. There’s no point in them staying.”

Everyone looked over. It was Su Bai who was leaning against the wall.

“Since we already have a plan, we just need to solve the problem.” Su Bai looked up at the exit. “You’re short of people. I can stay and help you destroy the formation,” he said.

“As for the rest of them, their abilities are only so-so. They could even get injured in the catacombs. What’s the point of counting on them?”

His words were blunt statement but he was right.

There was no use for letting a group of students covered in wounds stay. They would only end up to be the food for the beasts.

“Su Bai is right!”

Everyone was even more grateful to him for his words.

‘In the face of life and death, so what if we are called trash?’

“How is it? At least I won’t be a burden to you.”

Su Bai looked at Leng Lang.

“Are you sure? We can’t guarantee your safety,” Leng Lang reminded him.

“I’m sure.”

Su Bai was not a fool, and he did not have self-sacrificing spirit like Leng Lang.

Just now, he had already checked the levels of the beasts outside.

They were all Lower Iron to Mid-Iron, but there were a lot of them.

In other words, it was an alluring amount of experience points!

Although there was a risk, it was relatively high in return.

His Bearen had reached Upper-8 Iron and had a strong defense. Su Bai was confident that he could survive in this chaos.

I only have one condition. “If there’s any danger, I won’t continue to help you. I hope you can understand,” Su Bai said.

“Yes, that’s enough.”

Leng Lang looked at Su Bai with relief.

It was already beyond his expectation that Su Bai would stay on his own accord, so he didn’t mind even if Su Bai had a request.

Bing Mengqi had no objections.

She was just making a suggestion. The one who could call the shots was Leng Lang.

Time waited for no man, and everyone immediately began to move.

Leng Lang led his beast out of the cave, Su Bai and Bing Mengqi following him.

Among the beasts that were rampaging in the place …




There were countless different kinds of beasts in this beast tide.

The beasts immediately target the three of them.

“Bearen, activate Lightning Armor!”

The Bearen stood in front of Su Bai and was covered by lightning.

The blinding lightning kept the beasts two meters away.

At the same time, Su Bai released Whitey.

“Whitey, kill all the beasts that are approaching!”

The Crackantula brandished its sharp blade and shot it out in an instant, killing the two beasts that were close to it with a fatal blow.


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Iron level Demoth and gained ten experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Iron level Wilderfang and gained eleven experience points!

The Bearen was in charge of defense, while Whitey attacked those beasts.

They complemented each other, allowing Su Bai to move freely in the beasts tide.

Not to mention Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi.

With their strength, they could deal with this group of beasts effortlessly.

The speed of their advance was extremely fast.

In the beginning, Leng Lang was trying to look after Su Bai’s safety, so he slowed down his pace.

But things turned out differently.

He had underestimated Su Bai.

“Pay attention, we’ll move faster!”

Leng Lang leaped onto his beast, the Maoshan Boar, after he finished speaking.

With its sharp fangs, the Maoshan boar charged through the beasts and created a path.

Seeing this, Su Bai and Bing Mengqi didn’t continue to fight and followed closely.

At the same time, the other party also began to move.

“Follow me closely!”

Li Heng took the opportunity to retreat from the side with a group of students.

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