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Chapter 42: 42 One Hit Kill! The Terror of Soul Link

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42 One Hit Kill! The Terror of Soul Link

All the beasts around the formation were attracted by Su Bai and the others.

The threat Li Heng and the others were facing was not as great as Su Bai’s party, but they were under pressure.

The main problem was the students.

Every student were top students who had been carefully selected. Nevertheless, but they could not combat in real battlefield.

At this moment, Li Heng, whose eyes were sharp, quickly pulled a student who had almost fallen behind.

That student knew that he had almost made a big mistake. He said in a sobbing tone, “Th-Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Li.”

Li Heng sighed, his expression solemn.

The situation on their side was not good, which means the threat Su Bai’s party was facing was even more dangerous.

Meanwhile, the situation on the other side was just as Li Heng had thought.

Su Bai, Leng Lang, and Bing Meiqi gradually entered the formation.

Leng Lang was at the front, taking on the greatest pressure.

Su Bai and Bing Mengqi followed him.


The Crackantula was constantly moving swiftly between locations on the turbulent battlefield.

It was so fast that the beasts could not react in time and died.


Crackantula has killed a Mid-Iron-level Demon Ant and gained ten experience points!


Crackantula has killed a Lower-Iron-level Mushroom Rat and gained six experience points!

Notifications kept ringing on Su Bai’s mind, but his facial expression remained serious.

The further he went, the greater the pressure he felt.

He was not thinking nonsense.

A sign like this meant that Leng Lang, who was at the front, was gradually starting to struggle.

At that moment, Leng Lang was still using the Beastmaster Talent, Harden, on his beast to increase its defense.

As for Bing Mengqi’s Six-eared Snowfox, it was like engaging in a guerilla battle, constantly moving back and forth between the targets and Bing Mengqi.

Suddenly, a black figure that did not fit in with the surrounding beasts appeared.

Both Leng Lang and Bing Mengqi were focused on their beasts, so they failed to notice it.

Su Bai was the one with the least pressure.

Hence, he caught its presence immediately. But because he was relatively far away, he did not take the initiative to attack.

However, the more Su Bai paid attention, the stranger he felt. That beast was different from the other beasts.

It did not show any intent of attacking violently. Instead, it seemed to be lying in wait, looking for an opportunity to charge.

Half a minute later, that black figure finally began to approach them.

“Can’t hold it in anymore?” Su Bai raised his eyebrows.

The black figure revealed its original form. It was a Speedy Rat.

Su Bai immediately checked his info panel.

Name: Speedy Rat

Lineage: None

Potential: Mid-5 Bronze

Nature: Impatient

Level: Lower-1 Bronze

Talent: Quick Attack (Outstanding)

Skills: Acceleration (C-Level), Lightning Charge (D-Level), Rocket Launch (D-Level)

The moment Su Bai checked the panel, his eyes flashed with surprise.

‘As expected!’

The beasts of the breast tide had lost their sanity as they were under the formation’s influence.

That Speedy Rat, however, was the odd one.

In addition, it was obvious that the actions of that Speedy Rat, which was known to be impatient, did not conform to its nature.

Low-level beasts would display their nature overtly.

Su Bai thought, ‘There’s no way an impatient beast like Speedy Rat will have the patience to launch a sneak attack. It must be under the control of a Beastmaster for acting that way!’

At this moment, the Speedy Rat was approaching him at a very fast speed.

Su Bai immediately called back Whitey and prepared to take countermeasures.

However, a strange scene appeared.

The Speedy Rat suddenly made a sharp turn. It gave up on its original target, Su Bai, and turned to Bing Mengqi, who was not far away.

At this moment, the Six-eared Snowfox had just left Bing Mengqi.

“Oh No!” Su Bai reacted.

Right now, Bing Mengqi did have any beast to protect her, so she was at her weakest.

Although the Six-eared Snowfox was agile, it was slightly slower than the Speedy Rat.

There was no way it could rush back in time.

“Come near me!” Almost at the same time, Su Bai shouted to the front. He could not catch up to Bing Mengqi in a short second, so he could only shout to warn her.

When a Speedy Rat accelerate its speed to the max, it could instantly move thirty meters away!

It was charging at the target as fast as a bullet.

However, Bing Mengqi was a soldier. She trusted Su Bai without any hesitation and strode to his side.

“Bearen! Expand Lightning Armor!” Su Bai shouted.

The lightning instantly enveloped him and Bing Mengqi.

The brown-faced Speedy Rat had also rushed over at this moment, but it was blocked by Whitey.

Now, the Iron-5 beast was facing a Bronze-1 beast.

Supposedly, the difference between their strength was like the difference between heaven and earth. The strength gap was far.

However, Whitey was already armed with Pear-Rose Thorn, and its attack stats had increased greatly.

In addition, Su Bai had activated his Beastmaster Skill—Soul Link.

The moment Whitey rushed out of the Bearen’s Lightning Armor, it took an invisible trace of lightning with it.


The two beasts came into contact in an instant, and then the next second, they separated.


Crackantula has killed a Lower-Bronze level Speedy Rat and gained sixty experience points!

The system sounded, and Su Bai smiled.

It had only been two seconds from the moment he and his beasts took action.

Whitey had surprisingly killed a Bronze-1 Speedy Rat!

This was all thanks to the Beastmaster Skill—Soul Link!

Whitey was very fast.

However, it was still at a lower level, so it was not as fast as the Speedy Rat of Lower-Bronze level.

Nevertheless, combined with the Bearen lightning, Whitey was much faster than the Speedy Rat. At the same time, its Pear-Rose Thorn had increased its attack power.

Hence, it had a clear upper hand.

It was a one hit kill!

“That’s…” Only now did Bing Mengqi, whose life had been on the line just now, recollect herself.

In normal circumstances, ordinary Bronze-level beasts were nothing to her. But in a real battle, a beast’s level was one thing, the Beastmaster’s strength was another.

No matter how strong a beast was in a combat, failure would be the ultimate ending when a Beastmaster died.

“It seems that we are not far from the center of the formation.”

Bing Mengqi thought quickly and smiled at the same time. She praised Su Bai, “You did well on the spur of the moment, thank you.”

“Don’t be distracted. Pay attention to your surroundings.” But Su Bai’s expression had already returned to his original serious look. This was his first time participating in a real battle. His opponents were not just pure berserk beasts, but also Beastmasters. A slight mistake could lead to disaster even for a military officer like Bing Mengqi.

‘How cocky. If my Phoenix Finch hadn’t gone on vacation, this wouldn’t have happened.’ Although Bing Mengqi said so inwardly, she had already thought highly of Su Bai’s ability.

As they advanced, the specific patterns of the formation became clearer.

Leng Lang’s face turned pale as he brought bad news, “The Salvation Sect is making a big move this time. If the formation is fully activated, it might attract the beasts in the entire Wilderness. At that time, Los Monstaria will be in big trouble!”

Hearing this, Su Bai and Bing Mengqi understood the seriousness of the matter.

Their current goal was not only to destroy the formation, but also to be wary of the Salvation Sect members hiding in the dark.


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