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Chapter 48: 48 A Mean Instructor

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48 A Mean Instructor

Su Bai and the rest of the group reached somewhere inside the forest, where the surrounding bushes were obviously a little messy.

Li Xin stopped and waited for a few minutes. After everyone had arrived, he said, “Your current target is D-class-threat-level beasts, Saltorats. Each of you must kill twenty of them to pass. If you fail, go home. Do you understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, most of the students’ legs went wobbly. The students didn’t hear what he said.

“I can finally rest. Oh my God…”

“Luckily, I work out everyday. Otherwise, I would have died on this trip.”

“It’s so hard to be a soldier. I heard that this is only a daily routine.”

“Stop talking and rest instead!”

Everyone was grumbling, wishing they could just lie on the ground.

However, there were also students who pay attention to the mission. The first who mentioned it was Wu Kui, who was in the crowd.

After Wu Kui caught his breath, he said solemnly, “Don’t let your guard down. It’s just the beginning. Although D-class-threat-level beasts are weak, we’ll need some time to take them down in our current state.”

When everyone heard him, only did they turn their attention to the mission.

D-class-threat-level beasts were generally at the Mid-Iron level.

If it was before, they would have been able to deal with it easily.

But now, it was difficult for them to even stand straight. The combat power of the beasts they summoned in their current state would be significantly weaker.

“Yea, Mr. Li didn’t say if there was a time limit.”

Someone echoed.

The difficulty of the mission was not high, but it was still a challenge for them at this stage.

Everyone’s expression was serious.

Wu Kui stood up and said matter-of-factly, “Since we are all aware of our current situation, I suggest that we complete this mission together!”

“I agree!”

“Indeed, we must unite now!”

“I can do it too.”

Four students had been eliminated previously. So now there were only five of them left, including Su Bai and Liu Yiyi.

Just as everyone started to get excited, Li Xin suddenly sneered and said, “You guys are quite united, but I have to remind you that only four people can pass this time. So, one of you will be eliminated. Although the village is attacked by beasts all year round, there aren’t many Saltorats. It’s just that they’re too agile for ordinary people to deal with.

These words were like a bucket of cold water to everyone.

It directly extinguished the fighting spirit that had just been ignited.

Out of five people, only four would pass.

It completely destroyed their plan to join hands and complete the mission together.

“Are you kidding me? One of us will get eliminated?!”

Some students completely broke down.

They were already feeling exhausted, and now they had to face another internal competition.

When there was individual competition, there was no teamwork.

Wu Kui, who made the suggestion, also had a livid expression.

He didn’t expect that Li Xin’s restriction would go that far, directly blocking off other means to succeed.

When everyone fell into silence, Liu Yiyi gave Su Bai a look and said in a low voice,”Su Bai, do you want to form a team?”

As a former teammate, Liu Yiyi knew Su Bai’s strength all too well.

Now, everyone was caught in a dilemma.

It was inevitable that the group would be divided.

Liu Yiyi, as a Supporter cum Spiritualist, could get in touch with Su Bai directly and complete the task with ease.

“No problem,” he said.

Su Bai smiled and didn’t refuse the invitation.

It was a situation where only four of them would make it to the next round.

There was no problem or difficulty in having a teammate.

“Then let’s go!” Seeing that he agreed, Liu Yiyi immediately pulled Su Bai out of the woods and started to search for Saltorats.

On the other hand, the other three students were dumbfounded.

They knew that time waited for no one.

Immediately, the three of them kept looking at each other.

It was as if they were hesitating to make a decision.

“Wu Kui, let’s join hands!” Suddenly, one of them broke the silence to invite Wu Kui.

“Alright!” Wu Kui did not refuse the invitation and chose to form a team with him.

The remaining person was dumbfounded.

“Don’t! What am I going to do if you guys form a team!” He hurriedly grabbed their arms and pleaded, “Bring me along! We’ve been classmates for three years, can you bear to abandon me? Besides, it’s not like there’s no other way. As long as we kill the Saltorats faster than the other two, we’ll pass!”

After hearing his words, Wu Kui and the other person fell into deep thought.

“You’re right…” Wu Kui took a deep breath and said, “Su Bai seems to be physically fitter than us, but his beast might not be as strong as ours.”

They were classmates after all, and it would be a lie to say that they had no feelings for each other.

However, just as they were about to do so, Li Xin immediately took advantage of the chaos and laughed, “You guys are still wasting time here. Didn’t I already say that there aren’t many Saltorats in Wowo Village? Aren’t you afraid that the number won’t be enough for you all to pass this test?”

F*ck! What a terrible instructor! He keeps messing with us.’

Realizing that something was wrong, the trio quickly dragged their sore legs to search for their targets.

Meanwhile, Liu Yiyi’s Illucub burrowed into the bushes and made a sharp sound. Instantly, a white figure rushed forward and its sharp blade mercilessly pierced through three Saltorats.

A moment later, the Illucub used the same trick again. They had Illucub track the lair of Saltorats with its excellent sense of smell and Su Bai’s beast, Whitey, initiate the attack.

Once again, the battle ended quickly.

“Three, four … We’ve killed twenty-one, nineteen to go, ” said Su Bai while looking at the dead Saltorats in his Beast Space.

The two of them were quite compatible.

The Illucub was smaller, so it could find its target without making a sound.

Meanwhile, Whitey’s high agility allowed it to end a battle swiftly without making a sound.

Those D-class-threat-level Saltorats were like sheep to be slaughtered. They did not even have the chance to fight back.

Just as the two of them were still wandering around, the other three people had already arrived.

The atmosphere was a little off the moment the two sides met.

After all, they were currently competitors to each other.

Since they were competitors, there was a possibility of conflict.

After all, Li Xin did not say that they could not attack one another.

“Wu Kui, are you going to make a move?” His teammate asked in a low voice.

They were all third-year graduates who had not skipped any grades, and they believed that their strength and experience could crush these two juniors.

If they could defeat the two juniors, they would be able to make it to the youth training camp!

Hearing this, Wu Kui, the leader of the team, agreed to weigh the pros and cons to decide if they could take down Su Bai and Liu Yiyi.

After pondering for a moment, he replied in a soft voice, “There’s no rush. Let’s recover our strength. It won’t be too late to make a move later.”

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