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Chapter 61: 61 The Bronze Ruins

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61 The Bronze Ruins

To everyone’s surprise, the two Beasts were so close to each other.

‘This is bad!’ Xuanyuan Haoyu thought. He was no longer as calm as before and quickly ordered, “Thunderhawk, quickly pull back!”

But it was too late.

Bearen’s palm hit Thunderhawk in the air, and the overbearing power suppressed it, making it unable to move.


Thunderhawk fell hard on the floor.

The feathers on its body were in a mess, and it had completely lost consciousness.


Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock as they marveled at Bearen’s strength.

Thunderhawk could clearly attack Bearen from the sky.

However, its attack was not very effective.

It had something to do with Bearen’s Lightning Armor, but it did not even frown, which meant that its defense was quite strong.

There were strong and weak points.

Bearen’s defense was already so strong, but it still had an even stronger attack!

In front of Thunderhawk, the giant Bearen was like a small mountain and nothing could compare to it.

“That’s… Impossible!” Xuanyuan Haoyu was dumbfounded and stood rooted to the ground, unable to come back to his senses for a long time.

On the other hand, Liu Xin immediately announced, “The challenge is over. Su Bai is the winner!”

The onlookers were still savoring the aftertaste.

After all, it was quite different from what they had imagined.

“Holy sh*t, Su Bai, you’re great!” Situ Yang was so happy that he burst into tears and directly cursed.

Situ Yang had been giving Su Bai advice, but he didn’t even need any tricks and ended the competition in a thunderous way.

Liu Xin was even more gratified. Su Bai had left a good impression on him, and now he was even more outstanding.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a hidden skill. You even have a rare skill like Gigamax.”

“Liu Xin, you flatter me.”

Su Bai was satisfied with the effect of the Gigamax.

When faced with a Thunderhawk that was one level higher, Bearen could easily take it down with its strength.

Su Bai gained 3,000 merit points.

It was getting late, so Su Bai went back to his dormitory and took a nap.

As for Xuanyuan Haoyu, who was still standing in the arena, he did not even look at Su Bai.

Early in the morning, Su Bai couldn’t wait to give Whitey a blue training with the points he won.

Unfortunately, Su Bai’s luck wasn’t that good, and Whitey didn’t learn any new skills. It had gained a lot of experience points though.

Whitey had leveled up two levels to High-10 Iron level.

Last night’s incident caused a great stir, and Su Bai became famous because of it. Many youth training teams were tempted and came to invite Su Bai.

Of course, Su Bai didn’t think so and rejected all of them.

After taking on a mission, he left the youth training camp with Situ Yang and began his mission.

The mission this time was of medium difficulty, so it was further away from the camp. It took them an hour to reach their destination.

The time to complete the mission was less than 20 minutes.

Even Situ Yang couldn’t help but exclaim, “This efficiency is simply amazing!”

On the way back, the two of them passed by a mountain and found a stream to wash their faces. However, the scouting Songbird suddenly cried out.

“Did something happen?” Su Bai asked.

“No, that’s a warning.” Realizing that something was wrong, Situ Yang quickly called back Songbird and asked, “What did you find?”

Hearing that, Songbird shook its delicate little head and jumped up and down, looking a little excited.

Obviously, there was no way to convey any useful information.

“We’ll know once we go and take a look,” said Su Bai.

This place was still within the safety zone designated by the youth training camp, and there were no particularly dangerous Beasts.

However, it wasn’t necessarily the case. After all, this wasn’t the Wilderness and there was still some mystery beyond.

“Alright.” Situ Yang didn’t refuse, and he also asked Songbird to lead the way curiously.

The two of them arrived at a pile of rocks at the foot of the mountain.

Songbird landed on one of the rocks and jumped back and forth. It was obvious in this position.

But there was nothing here, not even an ant could be seen, let alone a beast.

“Alright, little guy, you’re making fun of me again, right?” Situ Yang pretended to be angry and grabbed Songbird. Then, he gently scratched Songbird’s wing with his fingertip and said, “Let’s see if you can still be naughty.”

However, Su Bai noticed something was wrong after he carefully looked at the pile of rocks and immediately moved them away.

As the rocks were removed, a bronze door that was hidden below was revealed.

“What the f*ck?!” Situ Yang looked at the bronze door with shining eyes and said excitedly, “Su Bai, these are ruins!”

‘Ruins?’ Su Bai’s eyes also lit up.

Unlike the ruins in the Wilderness, there was no bronze door in the Wilderness.

After all, it was a place that the military had swept.

The bronze gate that they had discovered was an undiscovered ruins!

It was no wonder that Situ Yang was so excited.

No Beastmaster would be able to resist an unexplored ancient ruins.

If they reported it to the military, they would be able to get rewards that would be enough for them to do low-level missions for ten days to half a month.

“Hahaha, we’ve hit the jackpot!” Situ Yang exclaimed.

Situ Yang hugged Songbird excitedly and gave it a kiss. Songbird immediately cried out a few times, as if it was complaining that its master had misunderstood it.

Situ Yang had thought that it was just a prank, but it turned out to be an opportunity.

Immediately, the two of them placed the rocks back in their original place and then rushed to the youth training camp.

It was always emphasized in the military camp that the members of the youth training were not allowed to enter the ruins without permission.

It was not because the military was selfish, many of the youth training members did not report to the higher-ups immediately after discovering the ruins. Because of that, they entered the ruins without permission and caused too many tragedies.

After all, they were still a group of students who had just left the school. They did not have enough experience and strength.

That was why there was such a strict law.

“Ruins?” Liu Xin was sitting in his office, he had just taken a sip of tea when he got the information about Su Bai. Liu Xin said in surprise, “Are you sure you didn’t see it wrongly? Hurry up and check the map.”

When Liu Xin saw the location, he immediately understood.

The ruins Su Bai found were at the edge of the safe zone, where even low-level Beasts were rarely seen. Therefore, it was an unpopular mission location.

Usually, not many of the youth training members would go there and the soldiers were even less interested.

Therefore, it was not strange to find ruins with low development progress.

“We’ll send people to investigate later.” Liu Xin looked at the two and smiled. “Not bad, Su Bai. You’ve only been in the camp for a few days, and you’re fighting against the Xuanyuan family and finding the ruins. You really know how to get me into working.”

“Sorry for the trouble, Liu Xin. By the way, how many merit points will I gain?” Su Bai asked.

All Su Bai had been thinking was about the purple training.

“Depends on the specific situation of the ruins. If it’s a higher level, the merit points you gained will be relatively high. Even the most basic one would be a few hundred merit points.”

“How long will the appraisal take?”

“I’ve already reported it. Just go back and wait for the news. You won’t have to wait long.”


After getting a reply, Su Bai and Situ Yang took on another mission.

An easy mission would only take an hour to complete.

When they returned, they entered the camp gate and noticed a notice on the notice board at the gate.

The surrounding youth training members were running around excitedly to tell each other.

“Great news! Ruins have emerged!”

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