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Chapter 79: 79 Surprise Attack, Thunderfury!

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79 Surprise Attack, Thunderfury!

After receiving the order, Whitey slowly approached the beach.

The sun was shining brightly, and the six Waterchimps were lying on the ground, enjoying the sun.

The fierce Waterchimp was obviously at ease in its territory and didn’t exercise any vigilance.

The six Waterchimps were all adults with long fingers and razor-sharp nails.

Whitey slowly approached one of the Waterchimps. It didn’t attack immediately. Instead, it jumped on the Waterchimp’s forehead.


The Waterchimp was initially alert, but it was confused when it realized that Whitey wasn’t attacking it.

Before it could do anything, Whitey shook its white body, aimed its butt at it, and shook.

The provocation was instantly apparent.


The Waterchimp, irritated, waved its hand and slapped it away.

But Whitey had dodged it nimbly and started to run in the direction Su Bai had prepared.

When the Waterchimp saw that, it jumped up and chased Whitey.

As for the other Waterchimps, they had no interest in following their companion and continued to enjoy the sun.

‘It’s here!’ Su Bai thought.

The tactic went smoothly, and the swift Waterchimp followed closely behind Whitey.

“Bearen, get ready.”

As soon as Su Bai said that, a bolt of lightning flashed across Bearen’s body, full of violent strength.

The target is about to enter the forest.

However, before the Waterchimp entered fully, it suddenly stopped, and its eyes became sharp.

‘Was I discovered?’ Su Bai pondered.

Su Bai didn’t have time to think; he was ready to attack at any time.

As soon as the Waterchimp showed signs of retreating, Su Bai immediately arranged for Whitey to take action and kill the Waterchimp silently.

Su Bai had already considered the characteristics of the Waterchimps before he started.

The Waterchimps were highly irritable and had an intelligence comparable to a six-year-old human child.

The Waterchimps, on the other hand, were far from helpless. How else could they have occupied territory in the dangerous Area B1?

At that moment, the Waterchimp’s eyes swept across the forest a few times before it started to move into the forest.


At Su Bai’s order, Bearen suddenly jumped up and slapped the Waterchimp’s head with its thick claws like a strong wind.

The size difference between a bear and a monkey was enormous. The ferocious Waterchimp didn’t even have time to scream before succumbing to its injuries.


Bearen has killed the Upper-Bronze level Waterchimp and gained 330 experience points!

The crushing of power ended this simple test.

Su Bai went up to examine the body and confirmed his guess.

The Waterchimp’s skin was tougher than that of ordinary Beasts. There was something like a crystal embedded in the surface of its body.

Su Bai took a small chunk out and tried to crush it.

But the crystal was not damaged. After that, he let Whitey try to attack it again, but it took two more attacks to break it.

“It has a certain level of defense against sharp objects.” Su Bai finally understood.

It was the right decision to let Bearen kill the Waterchimps.

If Whitey didn’t kill the Waterchimp with its first attack, it would have to attack again. However, the Waterchimp wasn’t stupid. It would definitely make a sound to attract its companions’ attention.

After the initial cautious attempt, Su Bai immediately started to act.

He let Bearen enter the beach openly. The six Waterchimps immediately noticed Bearen and stood together, waving their sharp claws.


With a roar, a violent thunder element surrounded Bearen’s body, forming an armor.

The six Waterchimps swarmed forward without hesitation. Their sharp claws landed on the armor and left a cut.

The Waterchimps’ attack power was astonishing.

Fortunately, the Waterchimps’ attack didn’t completely penetrate, and Bearen’s body didn’t suffer any substantial damage.

The Waterchimps swarmed forward. On the surface, they seemed to have an advantage in numbers, but Bearen wasn’t weak.

“Bearen, use Thunderfury!”


The originally unstable thunder element was now even more violent.

They gathered in Bearen’s palm and instantly penetrated the ground, spreading to a radius of twenty meters.

Bzz… Bzz… Bzz

The Waterchimps that were within range felt a piercing pain throughout their bodies. At the same time, they were also paralyzed by the thunder element.

“Now!” Su Bai shouted.

Bearen didn’t hesitate and landed a palm on one of the Waterchimps.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the Waterchimp died on the spot.

This was the suppression of power!

The attacks rained down one after another, killing the four Waterchimps instantly.

The remaining two managed to break free from the thunder’s paralysis. Their eyes were completely blood red as they launched an almost crazy attack at Bearen.

However, after losing its advantage, the ferocious Waterchimps had no room to struggle.

One after another, they fell at the feet of Bearen.


Bearen has killed the Upper-Bronze level Waterchimp and gained 330 experience points!


Bearen has killed the Upper-Bronze level Waterchimp and gained 330 experience points!

It was Su Bai’s first time fighting in Area B1, so many limitations existed.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

The Beasts in Area B1 were not as simple as before. Their attacks were sharper, and at the same time, they had unique characteristics.

If one launches an attack rashly without any intelligence, there’s a chance that one might fail at any moment.

If an ordinary Bronze-level Beastmaster were to face the Waterchimps alone, he would be at a disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Even if he had the strength to resist it for a while, he would definitely be in a difficult position.

In the worst case, he might even lose his life.

Su Bai let Bearen rest in his Sigil and continued to search for his target along the beach.

His main target was a group of fewer than ten Waterchimps that could help Bearen end the battle quickly.

Bearen had a few more wounds on his body in one afternoon, but his achievements were outstanding.

It had killed about 40 to 50 Waterchimps, which could be exchanged for many points.

Most of today’s time was spent on scouting.

At dusk, the sun gradually set in the West.

The Waterchimps had already left the beach and returned to the water to hunt.

Su Bai was ready to return and not spend the night in Area B1.

One of the rules stated that even soldiers were not allowed to spend the night out unless there was a mission.

Moreover, Su Bai was just a participant in the military selection.

Su Bai returned Bearen to his Sigil, put the Beast-core dagger on his waist, and was ready to leave. But when he was about to step on the original path, he felt something was wrong and stopped.

This was his intuition!

Surprise attacks were common during Su Bai’s one-month stint as a combatant service provider.

Su Bai could only respond quickly at first. However, his observation skills improved as he became more accustomed to them.


Suddenly, a pure black arrow streaked past.

Su Bai didn’t have time to react, but Whitey on his shoulder, blocked the arrow like a bullet and cut it off.

‘It wasn’t from a Beast! It was from a human!’

Su Bai immediately released Bearen, and it activated its Lightning armor.

It was on guard against the direction of the arrow.

The figures of a few people flashed in the bushes of the forest.

Before they could do anything, Su Bai shouted angrily, “Bearen, use Thunderfury and kill them!”

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