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Chapter 78: 78 The Rules of Area B1

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78 The Rules of Area B1

The youth training members were strictly prohibited from entering Area B1 without permission.

Su Bai had become quite familiar with the mission area surrounding the youth training camp in a month. Still, once he stepped out of that land, everything became strange again.

There were Beasts that he had never seen before, and there was also strange vegetation.

In the Wilderness, there were many places where powerful Beasts lived.

In a place like the military base, the Beasts with higher threat levels had been eliminated, leaving behind only the weaker ones that couldn’t be thoroughly cleared.

And because of that, there wouldn’t be fewer discoveries and gains.

Area B1 was the complete opposite.

It was a territory that hadn’t been fully expanded and had endless death and opportunities.

As a result, it was common to see figures other than soldiers, such as mercenaries and adventurers.

People hired mercenaries because they were paid to eliminate threats.

The adventurers, on the other hand, were entirely autonomous organizations.

Su Bai observed the surroundings and wouldn’t alert the Beast when he found one. After ensuring he wasn’t in danger, he avoided fighting and continued to Area B1.

Other than that, he also received a map of Area B1. The area marked with the red skull was dangerous, and the green was safe.

However, there was an even more striking prompt at the bottom of the map.

This map is only for reference!

Soon, Su Bai crossed the mountain alone and saw the vast territory of Area B1.

The land was tens of kilometers long, and the terrain was rugged and complex.

After Su Bai had his rest, he immediately entered Area B1.

The first thing he discovered wasn’t the Beasts but signs of other humans.

The bonfire that had just been extinguished and bottles and cans of garbage were thrown on the ground.

“These are not from the military.” Su Bai took one look and determined that they were mercenaries or adventurers.

The military, including the youth training members, could only carry specially-made canned food, so they could recognize it at a glance.

Not only were there high-level Beasts hidden here, but there were also other people hiding in the dark.

When Su Bai was about to go deeper, two soldiers suddenly jumped from the tree.

“Show your ID card!” the leading middle-aged soldier’s cold eyes fell on Su Bai, making him shiver.

‘At such a close distance, he could hide so well. What if they weren’t from the military? If it was anyone else with hostility, it would be a surprise attack.’ Su Bai thought.

Su Bai took a deep breath to calm himself down.

He realized the danger of military selection, and it wasn’t to be underestimated.

“Kiddo, you’re here to participate in the military selection, right?” The other chubby soldier wasn’t as cold as him. On the contrary, he went up to Su Bai and said enthusiastically, “Don’t be nervous. We’re just doing a routine check. After verifying your identity, you can go in.”


Su Bai handed over his ID card, and then there was the sound of the card sliding across the portable machine.

“Oh, a High-10 Bronze level newbie.” The chubby soldier chuckled and said, “You’re already so strong. Why do you still want to participate in the military selection? Isn’t it better to join the military directly?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, and let’s get down to business,” said another soldier, who was cold and indifferent.

“Alright.” the chubby soldier quickly said to Su Bai. “Everyone who enters B1 has to follow the rules of B1. Kiddo, listen up. This is a matter of life and death.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Don’t trust anyone, not even the soldiers, after you enter.”


“I’m afraid someone will impersonate a soldier and use it to get close to you and stab you when you’re not on guard. There are a few such cases every year. You should be careful,” the chubby soldier said seriously.

“Also, if there’s any danger you can’t deal with, immediately escape. Don’t linger in battle.”


“In the wild, we must always be on guard against danger. Try not to send all of your Beasts out to fight.”

More than ten warnings were given to Su Bai.

Basically, he had to be on guard against unknown dangers.

Area B1’s terrain was mostly mountain forests, and while the terrain was complex, there were also many Beasts.

The Beasts would launch a surprise attack from any tricky angle. That’s why it was a tough nut to crack and easy to lose one’s life.

“Alright, that’s all.” After he finished, the chubby soldier sighed. “Can’t we just write it down on a piece of paper? My mouth is dry from all the talking. There’s probably still a lot of people behind.”

“Don’t worry, not many will come.” Another soldier said calmly. “Every year, half of the people will voluntarily withdraw. There will only be more for this year.”

“Many thanks to you two.” Su Bai saluted and thanked them, then he immediately summoned Bearen.

This was one of the rules.

Although Su Bai could summon his Beast immediately through his Sigil, the effect was definitely not as direct as being by his side at all times.

Although Whitey had never entered Su Bai’s Sigil or the Beast Space, it had always been by his side.

However, Whitey’s primary purpose was different. Its attacks were extreme and unconventional.

If Su Bai was in danger, Whitey could only attack and not protect him.

On the other hand, Bearen could attack and defend at the same time. The only weakness was that it was too prominent and conspicuous in the forest.

Since Su Bai was here to join the military, he didn’t need to hide.

The moment Bearen appeared, the two soldiers immediately looked over.

“You’ve really raised this bear well! Look at its shiny fur,” the chubby soldier said enviously. “You must have spent a lot of effort and money.”

“Well done.” the cold soldier also complimented.

Then Su Bai said goodbye to the two soldiers and officially stepped into Area B1.

He had already thought about it before he came.

First, he’d explored the areas marked in green on the map, then the area marked yellow.

The area with red was too dangerous even for a soldier. Su Bai would not let himself be in danger.

After a month of substitute training, Su Bai’s physical strength improved significantly.

He could easily run for more than ten miles and even rest on Bearen’s shoulder when he was tired.

Su Bai had never fought with any Beasts along the way and had always prioritized gathering intelligence. Unless the other party was persistent.

Soon, Su Bai had found all the targets. He summarized the information and found the most suitable place to begin with.

There was a lake in the forest, and a Beast called Waterchimp lived there.

They were Beasts that lived in the lake, and there were more than ten thousand of them.

Every noon when the sun was at its brightest, the Waterchimps would come out of the water and lie on the beach to bask in the sun, which was the perfect moment for Su Bai’s Bearen to strike.

At the same time, he looked at Waterchimp’s virtual panel.

He found out that adult Waterchimps were between Upper-7 to Upper-9 Bronze level. There were very few of them who were at the High-10 Bronze level.

After a round of inspection, Su Bai took out Whitey from his chest pocket and whispered to it, “Go and provoke the nearest Waterchimp.”

An adult Waterchimp was 1.5 meters tall and would often move in groups.

When there was no danger, they would be divided into small teams, which is precisely what Su Bai wanted.

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