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Chapter 77: 77 A Dangerous Zone

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77 A Dangerous Zone

After waiting for half an hour, more than 300 people participated in the military selection.

This was the first time in the past ten years that so many members had participated.

Then, a man in a military uniform stepped onto the podium.

Instantly, it caused an uproar below.

“Crap, why is he the Head Examiner this year?!”

“Who is it?”

“Zhao Yue, a B-rank soldier, and a famous figure. Six years ago, he was the Head Examiner for military selection. In the end, less than ten participants out of 200 passed.”

“What a tragedy. If I had known, I would have used my merit points to exchange for something.”

“It can’t be, right?”

“If I had known it was him, I wouldn’t have come. It would be a waste of my 30,000 merit points!”

The people present wailed.

They had lost all hope for the military selection that was about to begin.

After all, Zhao Yue was a devil even amongst the military and was harsh on his soldiers.

They were a group of youth training members who weren’t even considered official soldiers.

Since they were already here, they only dared to grumble a few words. But, they didn’t dare to request to withdraw in front of the devil Head Examiner.

“Hello, everyone, my name is Zhao Yue, and I’m the Head Examiner for this military selection.” Zhao Yue smiled as he looked out into the crowd. “Honestly, I’m disappointed because most people here are less than stellar.”

He had a kind smile on his face, but the words he said were not kind at all.

Most people below heard that, and their faces immediately turned ashen.

Zhao Yue was right. Whenever the participants had the chance, they would use their merit points to exchange for a soldier’s identity instead of facing the fierce competition of the military selection.

“Next, I’ll announce this year’s military selection rules.

“The selection’s duration will be seven days. You will enter Area B1 to hunt for Beasts and bring back their corpses to exchange for points.

“There are a total of 50 slots. You’ll pass if you have more than 500 points.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the members below the stage fell silent.

Area B1 was still an area that had yet to be cleared entirely. The Beasts were running wild, and the terrain was complex. Even the official soldiers did not dare to be careless.

Almost everyone present had been in the youth training camp for half a year.

Although not everyone had firsthand knowledge, they had heard that life as an official soldier on the battlefield was not always easy and that people were frequently injured.

Hence, they had never expected that this year’s military selection would require them to enter the dangerous Area B1!

“That examiner must be crazy!”

Now, everyone was going crazy.

However, before they could go completely crazy, the following big news hit them hard.

“This year will be different from previous years. The qualified person with the highest score will be able to enter the military directly and choose any legion at will.”

Hearing that, all the members present were breathing rapidly, and their hearts were beating faster.

They had completely thrown their previous displeasure to the back of their mind.

“Any legion? Don’t tell me we can directly enter the first legion!”

“I’ve been dreaming of entering the first legion!”

“Yikes… Can someone slap me? I’m not dreaming, right?”

If one were to ask which soldier was the most desirable in the military, the first legion, Welkin Wolves, would definitely be the one.

It was the largest legion in Los Monstaria and had countless expert Beastmasters.

At the same time, it was the military’s primary force. The first legion’s work was unquestionably essential in expanding territory and achieving goals.

The Welkin Wolves had produced countless Beastmaster experts, and their legion’s strength was far ahead of the ten great legions.

No one could refuse to join the Welkin Wolves legion.

At the same time, the benefits were much better than the other legions. Not to mention the treatment.

The reward for first place was like a bombshell that made everyone dizzy. However, some people quickly regained their senses.

“The first place is indeed tempting, but unfortunately… If I’m capable, I wouldn’t be here.”


“I heard the members of the first legion, Welkin Wolves, were no ordinary people.”

“Hehe, let’s not think about that and focus on how to pass the test.”

“The pressure of being in the top 50 out of 300 is massive.”

“The most dangerous thing in Area B1 is not the Beasts. Not only were there active soldiers there, but there were also mercenaries.” someone said with a complicated expression.

At that moment, the faces of those who heard it instantly changed.

Mercenaries were different from soldiers as they were free men.

They drifted between the regular and the irregular.

There were all kinds of people with different traits.

The youth training camp often received news of the battle between soldiers and mercenaries.

For a moment, the scene was deathly silent. Clearly, everyone had already woken up from their dreams.

Su Bai had also heard of Area B1.

The mercenaries who could come here and eat whole meat alongside the soldiers were undoubtedly ruthless individuals who licked the blood on the tip of their blades. Ordinary Beastmasters would never dare to provoke them.

“Let the military selection begin!” Zhao Yue’s loud voice sounded again, “I wish everyone good luck!”

After he finished speaking, he strode away.

He left behind a group of people who looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“It’s time to move.” Su Bai looked at the card in his hand.

However, before he could take a few steps to the main entrance, a group of people suddenly blocked his way.

“Su Bai, please wait.” A young man in sportswear said with a smile. “My name is Sun Qi. I’m also a participant in this year’s selection.”


“Of course.”

Sun Qi’s tone remained relaxed as he said, “We weren’t expecting this year’s selection to be so difficult, so we should look out for one another. I’m curious if you have any plans to form a team.”

Hearing that, Su Bai remembered the name Sun Qi.

The giant screen showed Sun Qi was also a High-10 Bronze level Beastmaster.

Other than Su Bai, there were only two members with High-10 Bronze level.

Usually, a high-level Beastmaster couldn’t appear in the military selection.

Most of them were around Lower-3 or Mid-4 Bronze level.

They were like people who couldn’t be at the top but not as bad.

Su Bai was an exception, but Sun Qi wasn’t.

Although Sun Qi’s level and strength were high, he stayed in the youth training camp and tried to continuously improve himself for half a year.

As a result, he was unable to accumulate merit points.

Moreover, for such a person, it was not a problem for him to participate in the military selection.

He should have made full use of the merit points.

“Sorry, I’m not interested.” Su Bai said. “It may be convenient to form a team, but the problem is being the winner… That’ll be difficult.”

“Indeed,” Upon hearing this, Sun Qi said frankly. “Although there are many participants this year, few can compare to the two of us. It’s reasonable for you to reject me.”

Sun Qi didn’t try to sugarcoat his words at all. Although the participants around him were dissatisfied, they didn’t dare to stand up and refute him.

“Since you also intend to fight for the first place, please forgive me. Farewell.”

After Sun Qi finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Although Sun Qi was polite, the arrogance in his tone could be seen clearly.

“What an interesting fellow.”

Su Bai also started his journey. He left the military gate and went straight to the mission site, Area B1!


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