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Chapter 9

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The Students Were Electrocuted

After a night, the Bearen had grown a lot again.

It was almost a meter tall.

Compared to Li Yan’s Peawillow, it was hard to imagine that they were Beasts hatched on the same day.

Thanks to Luo Bing’s help, Bearen could absorb electrical energy without worry.

At the same time, Su Bai received a linked skill from Bearen’s growth. He realized that he could also manipulate faint electric volts.

The faintest was probably the same as static electricity.

After half a day of training, Su Bai opened the Beast Space.

Initially, it only had a space of less than one square meter.

Bearen couldn’t even lie down after entering the Beast Space. The Beast Space was really pitifully small.

If Su Bai wanted to expand the Beast Space, he had to increase his strength, and he could also achieve it by strengthening his physique.

Therefore, Su Bai and Li Yan decided to go for a night run together.

The cold wind blew across their faces.

Li Yan’s body trembled. He sniffled and said, “You’re torturing me by running in the middle of the night.”

But when Li Yan thought Su Bai had already opened the Beast Space before him.

Suddenly, Li Yan became very excited.

“Run, run!” said Li Yan. He immediately took a step forward and ran ahead.

Su Bai was glad to see Li Yan being so active.

Su Bai was doing a set of warm-up exercises. Just as he was about to walk, he heard a familiar voice.


Master, Opening Beast Space has been detected. Expansion for Beast Space can be simplified by running.

Do you wish to simplify it?

Su Bai’s steps stopped. He couldn’t be more excited.

“Yes, please!”

Then, Su Bai started running around the town.

In the beginning, it was just one or two laps. After that, Li Yan was so tired that he rested on the ground, but Su Bai was still running.

Li Yan’s eyes were wide open.

“Wow there, horsey. Su Bai, don’t you care about your life?!” asked Li Yan.

After running more than ten rounds, Su Bai was so tired that he lay on the ground and panted heavily.

An ethereal prompt sounded in his ears.


After one running training session, the Beast Space will increase by 1.1 square meters!

Su Bai was very excited, but he had no energy to celebrate.

He was so tired that he could only maintain his spontaneous breathing.

However, He still smiled happily after a while.

Expanding the Beast Space was an essential requirement for every Beastmaster. Especially for students like Su Bai and Li Yan.

Most of the time, the academy’s students will work hard to expand their Beast Space.

Unless they did not plan to make a pact with a second Beast.

However, it was also part of the assessment requirements at the academy. Otherwise, the students wouldn’t even be able to get the graduation certificate.

On the third day, Su Bai and Li Yan got on the ox cart back to Los Monstaria after bidding farewell to their family in the orphanage.


Bearen, in Su Bai’s arms, looked in the direction of the town with reluctance.

Those who didn’t know better would think it had feelings for the town.

Only Su Bai knew that greedy fellow was only reluctant to leave because of the electricity in the town.

In the past two days, Sister and Luo Bing treated Bearen like their baby, and they pulled a wire for it to eat.

It had directly raised Bearen’s level to Mid-4 Iron!

The speed of its growth was astonishing.

When Su Bai returned to the academy, he received a message on his phone.

It said that Su Bai was assigned to Elite Class Two and had the class begin at 2 p.m. sharp.

After lunch, Su Bai went to his classroom.

Their batch had more students than in previous years, so there were three elite classes.

However, just as Su Bai entered the classroom, he was stopped by a pale-faced student.

“You’ve come to the wrong class. This isn’t a place for commoners,” the student laughed without restraint.

As the pale-faced student said that, the other students looked over.

When they saw Su Bai’s cheap clothes, they all looked at him with disgust.

“Who’s that guy? Doesn’t he know that this is an elite class? ”

“He’s probably lost.”

“I think he’s just trying his luck.”

“What a joke. Do you think you can get into the elite class by luck? ”

Everyone sneered at Su Bai.

They were all from well-to-do families in Los Monstaria.

They had no worries about food on their plates, and their living conditions were good.

They had never been worried about the threat of Beasts.

Naturally, they would look down on the students from outside the city.

Especially in the elite classes of the academy, they thought that a commoner had no right to enter.

But Su Bai ignored the provocation.

After he walked past the student, he sat in the corner of the class.

Seeing this, the student immediately became agitated. He stepped on the table and shouted, “A commoner should have the self-awareness of a commoner. Don’t you know your place here?

“I’m saving you from getting kicked out by the teacher and ending up in such a sorry state.”

The contemptuous words were loud and clear.

But Su Bai asked calmly, “Why am I being kicked out?”

“You must be an idiot!” The pale-faced student was so angry that he laughed and continued, “What right do you have to come to the elite class? With your shameless attitude?”

Only one in a thousand people would have a B-level talent.

Furthermore, it could be passed on to their children.

Generally speaking, the parents of a B-level student would have a B-level or above talent.

It was almost impossible for commoner students to be in elite classes.

That’s why Su Bai’s existence was so unexpected.

“Is there anything else? if not, take your foot away.” Su Bai said indifferently.

Su Bai didn’t even care about that student in his eyes.

“You’ll regret not listening!” Seeing that Su Bai didn’t take him seriously, the student angrily shouted, “Don’t blame me for not warning you!”

The next second, the student suddenly grabbed Su Bai’s arm and was preparing to use his strength.

However, just as the student was about to exert his strength, he suddenly felt an electric shock.

The student’s body trembled as if he was possessed, and his hair stood up like a porcupine.


The student spoke stutteringly as if he was having a stroke.

When the other students in the classroom saw this scene, they immediately fell silent.

However, someone quickly reacted.

“The heck, a mere commoner dares to bully us!”

“Get him!”

“Gosh, I’ll go and save him.!

In an instant, the students in the class who were ready to attack rushed over.

But no matter how they tried to save that student or touched Su Bai, they were all shocked and trembled.

It couldn’t be any weirder.

Soon, the students from the other classes were alarmed and ran over to watch the show.

“What’s going on? There are noises from Elite Class Two.”

“What are they doing? Dancing? Why are they shaking like a motor?”

“According to my observation, this group of students… It looks like they are being electrocuted.”


“That commoner can discharge electricity? That can’t be.”

“Why not? As long as his Beast has this skill, it will be passed onto him.”

“That’s even more ridiculous. What are the levels of everyone’s Beasts?”

“That’s right. We only made the pact two days ago. At most, he’s only a Lower-2 Iron level.”

“He’s definitely using a taser.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

The students from the other classes were all chitter-chattering at once. They didn’t believe that Su Bai was using his Beast’s skill.

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