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Chapter 96: 96 The Reinforcements Also Need Reinforcements

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96 The Reinforcements Also Need Reinforcements

“We’re finished…” As he looked at the approaching Blood Wolves, Liu’s heart skipped a beat.

There were three and a half combat personnel in the team.

They were already at the end of their rope after killing the approaching Beasts. Now, there were four more powerful Blood Wolves approaching!

“Quickly run! Liu!”

“Break out of the encirclement and report this to the higher-ups,” Big B suddenly shouted. “Go and get help!”

The others fell into silence. They knew what Big B meant.

Everyone couldn’t escape safely.

The best option Big B had was to ask Liu to break out of the encirclement and get help with his wind element Beast.

As for the others, they wouldn’t be able to survive for long in the terrifying Beast tide and would be killed by the group attack.

For a seasoned team, they were no strangers to death, especially Big B.

Now that death had come to visit him, he would not hesitate to make the correct choice even if he was afraid.

“Big B, I don’t want to go! They’re just a bunch of Beasts! Let’s kill our way out!” Liu shouted.

“Go!” Big B waved his machete and hacked an Iron-level Beast to death. Then he rushed back and slapped Liu. “Your life doesn’t belong to you now! Quickly carry out the mission!”

Liu endured the burning pain on his cheek and gritted his teeth to stop his tears from flowing.

“I-I’m leaving…”


Then, Liu got on his Beast, Gale Deer.

The other team members mobilized their Beasts and cleared a path behind them. Trying to secure a way out of this place for Liu.

However, the place they had just fought their way out of was occupied by other Beasts in the blink of an eye. Their efforts were all in vain.

“Big B, what should we do?”

“These sons of b*tches, I’m almost done for. Take that!”


“Someone’s injured. Shrink the formation!”

The situation had deviated entirely from control!

In front of the countless Beast tides, they couldn’t leave this place with their current strength.

“What the hell is happening in this damn place?!” Big B’s eyes were bloodshot.

It had been a long time since he had encountered a Beast tide of such a large scale.

“Big B, I can’t hold on any longer!”

Suddenly, the vanguards hugged their Beast’s body and cried out with a hint of grief and indignation, “The Blood Wolves are coming!”

Big B’s expression changed.

They realized that they might be annihilated entirely here.

“I’m sorry, Liu.”

“Why are you saying that?”

“Didn’t you say the day before yesterday that the razor blade is always used up too quickly? That’s because I often use it to shave my leg hair. Since I’m about to die, I’ll just be honest with you.”

“You f*cking… Forget it. I’ll get you for that when I’m dead!”

The Blood Wolves rushed over, and the distance between them was less than five meters. Although everyone was sad and angry, they were ready to fight back.

However, at that moment, the four Blood Wolves suddenly fell down when they were close to each other.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was at a loss.

“Bearen, use Gigamax!”

Suddenly, a young man’s voice was heard.

It was Su Bai who had come to rescue them and asked Whitey to return after killing the Blood Wolf.

Su Bai had initially planned to wait for the reinforcements to arrive at the entrance of the town.

But after waiting a long time, he realized that this group of people had not moved, and he knew they were in trouble.

Unable to move a single inch, the group was, in fact, trapped by the Beast tide, although they had come to offer reinforcements.

Su Bai felt helpless, but he couldn’t do anything. So he rushed over and saved the group in time.

“Many thanks, kid! You saved us!”

Big B came over and cupped his fists to thank Su Bai. At the same time, he pointed to Liu and said, “There’s one more thing I need your help with, kid. Can you send him out and contact the guild to send stronger Beastmasters for help?”

“It’s pointless. The town will be razed to the ground in two hours.”


Su Bai’s refusal caught Big B off guard. Big B wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “The current situation isn’t something we can handle.”

“Then why did they send you here?”

Su Bai squinted at him and asked coldly, “The guild must think that the scale of the Beast tide in the town isn’t big enough and that you guys are more than enough to deal with it.”

“Well…” Big B was out of words.

The truth was as Su Bai had said.

An ordinary Beast tide would only have around fifty to sixty Beasts. A team of Bronze-level Beastmasters could quickly clear them out.

They had no idea when they arrived that this was no ordinary Beast tide. It was simply hell on earth.

The Beasts here would continue to level up, and break through and the reinforcements had no idea it would happen.

Su Bai frowned. He was there when Wang made the call and heard everything clearly.

Wang had informed the guild that the Beast tide was a critical situation and requested Silver-level Beastmasters as a backup to deal with it.

However, the guild had only sent a team of Bronze-level Beastmasters.

The team was powerless, and Su Bai was forced to protect them, which was a bit of a ruse.

“Follow me.”


Su Bai led the way, and the Gigamaxed Bearen slapped and cleared the way.

The team of Bronze Beastmasters trembled in fear.

“Who is this guy? He’s so awesome!”

“Judging by his age, he’s not even 20 years old yet, and he’s much stronger than us!” Liu said.

“Stop talking nonsense. Keep up.”


The team followed Su Bai and soon entered the town.

At that moment, the floor at the town’s entrance was covered with the corpses of Beasts, shocking the entire team of Beastmasters even more.

They realized that Su Bai had been guarding the entrance to prevent the Beast tide from entering the town.

“Go straight inside and turn right. You’ll see the sign for the cellar.” Su Bai roared. ” You guys should go and protect the townspeople.”

“What about you?”

“I already know the culprit behind the Beast tide.”


Big B glared at him and shouted, “You’ve found the culprit, and you’ll need us. Let the others protect the residents. I’ll help you!”

Su Bai was silent for a moment. He didn’t have the mood to argue with Big B and could only nod.

After that, Liu was temporarily appointed as the temporary captain of the team. They went to the entrance of the cellar to provide support.

Big B followed Su Bai’s eyes and looked at the sky. But he couldn’t see anything.

Big B could only see densely packed bird-type Beasts flying everywhere.


The Gigamaxed Bearen had killed its way through the night, and its entire body was soaked in blood.

Even though the Beasts were constantly getting stronger in the Beast tide, they were still weak and couldn’t withstand a single blow.

Bearen was on the main battlefield, but Su Bai didn’t care. The real target was right above!

Through Whitey’s Extrasensory, Su Bai could see that in the center of the bird-type Beasts, there was a Silver-level Beast hiding with his sharp insight!

Su Bai had initially wanted to wait for the reinforcements to arrive before taking action.

Now, it was obviously no longer necessary.

“What’s your plan?” Big B saw something was wrong with Su Bai pointing at the sky. He asked, “You mean that’s where the culprit is?”

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