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Chapter 97: 97 The Culprit of the Beast tide and the Bloody Scarlet Mist

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97 The Culprit of the Beast tide and the Bloody Scarlet Mist

“What can I do to help?” Big B asked.

He knew very well that he might not be able to help much, but he still wanted to.

His Beast, Earthdrake, was in good condition and could continue fighting.

“You will assist Bearen and delay the surrounding Beasts.”


Upon receiving the order, Big B immediately took action, bringing Earthdrake to the entrance of the town.


But suddenly, Bearen’s paw, which was filled with thunder, slammed on the ground, and violent thunder roared.

Big B was so scared that he quickly retreated.

“If I was a second slower, I would have been in trouble.” Big B looked at the Gigamaxed Bearen and broke out in a cold sweat.

‘It’s a little scary to fight against such a big fella.’ Big B thought.

At that moment, Bearen was in a killing frenzy, and the viciousness in its eyes could be seen clearly.

Apart from its Beastmaster himself, anyone who got close would probably be turned to ashes!

“I’d better hide further away.” Big B gulped and consciously kept a distance from Bearen. He commanded Earthdrake to clear the surrounding Beasts.

At the same time, Su Bai had already sent Whitey to the sky.

Along the way, Whitey used the birds and Beasts as a springboard to get close to the culprit!


A bird’s cry suddenly sounded.

As if sensing the threat, the birds and Beasts in the surroundings became even more maniacal.

Wrapped in layers, Whitey waved its sharp blade and easily killed many Beasts, creating an opening.

“That’s…” Su Bai frowned when he saw the Beasts and the culprit.

Name: Tweeting Warbler

Level: Lower-3 Silver

Potential: Lower-3 Silver

Talent: Blood Scarlet Mist (Outstanding)

Element: None

Nature: Vile

Skills: Golden Feather (C-Level), Wind Blade (B-Level), Resonance (A-Level)

The Tweeting Warbler was a common Beast, and its special characteristic was its outstanding talent, Blood Scarlet Mist!

Su Bai had never heard of such a talent.

Moreover, he had witnessed the red mist in the wilderness.

It could also cause a wave of Beast tide.

Perhaps there was an inevitable connection between the two.

However, this was not important now. Su Bai already knew the cause of the Beast tide. If he wanted to end it, he had to kill the Tweeting Warbler.

Although it was two levels higher than Whitey, the Tweeting Warbler was not a fighter.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been surrounded by so many bird-type Beasts.

“Whitey, try to get as close to the Tweeting Warbler as possible!” Su Bai commanded Whitey.


As soon as Whitey made a move, the Tweeting Warbler had obviously noticed it and began to gather the surrounding Beasts.

Su Bai looked up and saw the densely packed bird-type Beasts again enveloped the Tweeting Warbler.

Whitey’s sharp blade slashed across a group of Beasts, and in the blink of an eye, another group of Beasts would replace it.

At the same time, the Beasts attacked Whitey from a distance.

In terms of defense, Whitey was not as good as the Bearen. Even if it was an attack from a low-level Beast, it did not dare to take it carelessly.

Helplessly, Whitey could only try to break through while dodging.

Su Bai also noticed that the Tweeting Warbler was not in a hurry to leave but was circling in the sky.

It was obvious that the Tweeting Warbler were letting the living Beasts absorb the Beast-cores of the dead Beasts!

‘So this is the reason why the Beasts keep breaking through.’ Su Bai thought calmly.

Su Bai immediately understood that he couldn’t delay any longer and had to quickly kill the Tweeting Warbler.

The number of Upper-Bronze level Beasts in the current Beast tide was still countable, but that might not be the case for long.

“Whitey, clear a path for me!”

Su Bai burst out the strength of his legs and jumped onto the roof of a house by the street. All the Beasts charging at him were killed by his Beast-core dagger.

Following the order, Whitey returned to Su Bai’s side, jumped into the air, and killed the Beasts with its agile body.

The extreme attacks reaped the lives of the Beasts in a frenzy.

They couldn’t even catch up with Whitey’s shadow.

Soon, a path appeared.

“Let’s go!” Su Bai had made a plan, and now he just had to wait for it to come true.

Su Bai seized a gap and let a two-meter wide wingspan Berserk Eagle approach him. He grabbed its ankle and jumped on its back.


Obviously, this Berserk Eagle was sly. It kept rolling back and forth, trying to throw Su Bai off.

“Berserk Eagle, huh!” Su Bai directly gave it a hard punch.

The muddled Berserk Eagle almost fell, but its instinct made it flap its wings and fly.

After a while, Su Bai gave the Berserk Eagle another punch.

The root cause of Beasts was the disturbance caused by the Tweeting Warbler’s talent. Since that was the case, there was a way to wake up.

The simplest and crudest way was to give the Tweeting Warbler a beating!

Every time the Berserk Eagle recovered, Su Bai would punch it one time after another.

The Berserk Eagle’s head was red and swollen due to that.


The Berserk Eagle’s cry also changed from arrogant to a weak plea for mercy.

It was obvious that the Berserk Eagle had recovered from the influence of the Tweeting Warbler and was begging Su Bai to show mercy.

“Very good.” Su Bai nodded. He pointed to the sky and shouted, “Get over there, or else don’t even think about living!”

The Berserk Eagle wanted to cry but had no tears.

It had been beaten up for no reason, and now it was being used as a mount. It was extremely helpless.

So, the Berserk Eagle had to follow Su Bai’s order and fly towards the Beast tide.

“Whitey, it’s your turn!” Whitey attacked again under Su Bai’s command.

This time, Whitey no longer had any concerns as Su Bai was behind it!

“Lightning Armor!” Su Bai shouted, and his whole body was covered with lightning.

He rushed into the Beast tide and waved his Beast-core dagger crazily.

It was an attack without any order, but it was very effective.

Whitey charged into the Beast tide without any effort.

“Very good. Let’s kill the Tweeting Warbler in one go!”

A man, a spider, and an eagle. Together, they were slaughtering hundreds of bird-type Beasts.

Su Bai attacked wantonly with his Lightning Armor. Every time Whitey attacked, countless birds were killed.

The most challenging stage had passed.

The Tweeting Warbler was exposed again. Whitey saw the right time and used its talent to avoid attacks. It jumped up like a white bullet.

It rushed to the side of the Tweeting Warbler.


The sharp feet pierced into the head of the Tweeting Warbler effortlessly.


Crakantula has killed the Lower-Silver level Tweeting Warbler and gained 3,000 experience points!

“Take it down!”

This hint could be described as remarkable at the time, in the darkness.

With the death of the Tweeting Warbler, the surrounding Beasts quickly regained consciousness. They reacted and fled when they smelled blood in the vicinity.

Su Bai returned to the ground and sent the Berserk Eagle away.

“What’s going on? They’ve all fled.”

Big B returned, seeing that the situation had changed, and asked, “You’ve dealt with the main culprit?”

“Yes.” Su Bai smiled and nodded.

The town’s current appearance was too horrible to look at, and the corpses of Beasts could be seen everywhere.

At that time, Bearen also ran back.

Su Bai couldn’t even look at Bearen. It was covered in sticky blood and growling.

Clearly, Bearen had too much fun in the battle.


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