Star Odyssey - Chapter 1850

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Chapter 1850

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Chapter 1850: A Disc And A Knife


The Neohuman Alliance had attacked Burial Garden with the full strength of the Seven Skygods. And yet, the bodies of Undying God, Corpse God, Shaman God, and Forgotten Ruins God had all been either shattered by the Yellow Springs or thrown to the far reaches of Burial Garden and killed by wandering corpses. Only Ancient God had managed to resist to fight with Tombkeeper.

However, there was still the Yellow Springs to deal with. Even if Ancient God was incredibly powerful, it was impossible for them to defeat Tombkeeper while being suppressed by the Yellow Springs.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time." Tombkeeper’s voice was hoarse, and blood leaked from his lips as the Yellow Springs surged.

The yellow water struck Ancient God and forced them back as cracks appeared on their body. It was as though not even an inner world was enough to resist the Yellow Springs’ suppression. "Waiting for us? You expected us to attack Burial Garden?"

"Burial Garden is open right now, and the ancient bloodlines have been entering. How could you monsters tolerate such a thing? And yet, you have underestimated Burial Garden! Today is the day that the Seven Skygods shall all fall!" Tombkeeper’s voice rang out like the death knell of the Neohuman Alliance.

The ringing sound smashed into Ancient God’s inner world in unison with the Yellow Springs. “Today you die, Ancient God!"

"Sure enough, there are times when you humans are simply too arrogant. You actually think that you can predict us. Progenitor Hui was the same way back then, and you’re doing it again now. Burial Garden will be destroyed today." After they finished speaking, Ancient God was wrapped up in the yellow waters and forcibly dragged to the bottom of the sea.

Tombkeeper’s eyes flickered. There was no way for Ancient God to escape from the Yellow Springs. Although Ancient God was only held back by a millionth of the Yellow Springs’ power, even a Semi-Progenitor would not be able to escape. In that case, why was Ancient God so confident that Burial Garden was about to be destroyed? Wait, what about Whiteless God? Could it have something to do with her?

The exact moment that Ancient God was buried at the bottom of the Yellow Springs, a disc suddenly appeared in the Innerverse. It appeared in the Starfall Sea, and it shot towards Burial Garden.

The entire Innerverse shook the moment the disc appeared, and space everywhere shattered without end. The spatial tears looked like a black rain was falling on the Innerverse.

The Second Nightking looked up. His face was pale, and a powerful fear filled his eyes. He unconsciously bent over, as though he could not endure the pressure of the sky.

Liu Huang showed the exact same reaction. The more powerful a person was, the more clearly they would feel this peerless pressure. It felt as though the sky in a region of space had been replaced, putting them under the rule of a new sky.

On the Ross Empire’s mobile fortress, Wei Rong and several others all stared out at space in amazement as they watched the countless spatial tears fall. Planets and spaceships all suffered terrible damage and losses in this storm, but there was nothing that could be done. The Innerverse’s sky had changed.

The Cosmic Sea began to roil and surge. The Neoverse began to shake.

Arch-Elder Zen and the other Semi-Progenitors all turned to look towards the Innerverse in a daze. This was the power of a Progenitor.

The disc sliced through space and fell upon Burial Garden in a blink of an eye. Everyone who was inside Burial Garden looked up and stared as the disc broke into Burial Garden and appeared. All of the wandering corpses stopped what they were doing and froze. In this instance, all of Burial Garden’s gates began to crack at the exact same time.

Tombkeeper stared at the disc. His eyes flashed and his face turned pale. "A Progenitor? Is this the power of a Progenitor? Who is it?

"My Burial Garden cannot be destroyed! These inheritances cannot be lost! Which Progenitor is it? Who? Who has betrayed humanity?!" Tombkeeper roared as the Yellow Springs surged in an attempt to block the disc.

However, there was nothing that the yellow waters could do against the strength of a Progenitor.

Just outside the black hole that protected the Fifth Mainland, the Progenitor of Combat and the Progenitor of Bloodlines both were both staring at the Progenitor of Secret Arts in shock. "Yi Ren, what are you doing?"

Yi Ren was the Progenitor of Secret Arts’ name.

At this time, the Progenitor’s hand was stretched into the Innerverse while he looked at the Progenitor of Combat and the Progenitor of Bloodlines. "It’s just a matter of time before humanity is defeated. It’s better to simply accelerate the process. This is inevitable."

The Progenitor of Combat was furious. "Have you betrayed mankind?"

The Progenitor of Bloodlines' eyes turned cold, and he instantly attacked, ignoring any sort of nonsense. At the same time, a cold voice spoke from nearby. "Yi Ren has turned to seek refuge with my Aeternals. In the future, he will become the master of humanity. Jiu Xiang, Xue Manzi, you two should do the same. See the inevitable future. Since the ancient era, the Mainlands have all been destroyed, and even the Ancient Progenitors like the God of Death and Wu Tian fell. There is no need to even mention the two of you. However, if you turn to my Aeternus, you can both become true masters in the future. My Aeternus will create a place where humans can coexist with us."

"Ridiculous! Blackless God, you will die here today!" Xue Manzi pulled back his hand and instead reached out for Blackless God with a clawed grip.

Blackless God sneered. "You’re out of options! The Sixth Mainland waged war against the Fifth, and you’ve accumulated countless blood debts. Progenitor Hui schemed against your Sixth Mainland, which caused it to become occupied by my Aeternus! The hatred that the Fifth Mainland holds towards you is almost the same as what they hold towards us! Why don’t you join us Aeternals and gain true immortality? Even the one you worship has not achieved true eternal life! Only our Aeternals’ True God can can live forever and bestow eternal life!”

"Get lost!" the Progenitor of Combat shouted fiercely.

"You clueless soul." Blackless God sneered. "No matter—our purpose has already been achieved. Yi Ren, are you not finished yet?"

The Progenitor of Secret Arts’ face was locked in focus. "The Yellow Springs is blocking me."

Inside Burial Garden, the Yellow Springs was continuously being pushed back as it tried to stop the encroaching disc. Once the disc fully entered Burial Garden, the Progenitor of Secret Arts would be able to replace Burial Garden’s sky and take over Burial Garden.

Tombkeeper could not allow such a thing to happen, and he shouted, “Even if I die, I will still use every last drop of my blood to defend Burial Garden!"

He then leaped up towards the disc like a moth to the flame. The four captains of the Death Regiments charged out as well, each of them shrouded with the water of the Yellow Springs. They were determined to force the disc out of Burial Garden.

As far as the four captains were concerned, this disc was the executioner’s blade. Not even a Semi-Progenitor like Tombkeeper was able to stop the disc, so the four captains merely wanted to delay the disc for a second or even an instant.

The First Protector, Lan Si, Shang Qing, and many others were in Burial Garden at this time. There were countless experts from both the Fifth and Sixth Mainlands, and all of them were looking up and watching this impossible scene.

At one place on the coast of the Yellow Springs, a pair of eyes opened. There were no ripples in these eyes, and they were calm like an ancient well. However, the Yellow Springs rolled back from this person’s side. Suddenly, a knife appeared at the coast. It was a very simple and ordinary knife.


A deafening noise rang out, and all of Burial Garden froze. Then, as countless people watched in utter disbelief, the disc began to crack before it was ultimately sliced through by the simple knife. The cut continued on after exiting Burial Garden, and it shot straight at the Starfall Sea.

As it passed through the Innerverse, this knife slash shattered the sky that the Progenitor of Secret Arts had put in place. At this moment, the knife had become the center of the Fifth Mainland.

The knife became the token of faith that countless people prayed towards.

Arch-Elder Zen and other Semi-Progenitors were left stupefied as soon as they saw the knife attack appear.

The slash did not cut through the void, but simply traveled at an unbelievable speed. It crossed through the Innerverse in an instant to arrive at the border of the Starfall Sea and the horizontal black hole. It went straight for Yi Ren, the Progenitor of Secret Arts.

The Progenitor’s expression changed drastically, and he stared blankly at the knife slash that approached him. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. "How- how is this possible?"

He was not alone, as the Progenitor of Combat, Progenitor of Bloodlines, and Blackless God were all staring at the knife slash in pure disbelief.

"Xia Shang's knife!" the Progenitor of Bloodlines whispered in a soft voice.

The attack went straight for the Progenitor of Secret Arts, and his pupils shrank to pinpricks. "Xia Shang, are you not dead?"

The knife struck true as the Progenitor spoke, and the knife’s tip pierced through his body in three different places. The Progenitor spat out blood that incinerated the void. Blackless God gritted their teeth as a pair of pupils and three dark lines appeared and overlapped upon each other to form a star-like pattern. A palm then slapped the side of the knife, and the blade slowly shattered, one inch at a time.

The Progenitor spat out more blood, and Blackless God grabbed the man. "Let’s go!"

The Progenitor of Combat wanted to give chase, but he was stopped by Xue Manzi. "It’s more important for us to stay here."

The Progenitor of Combat was beyond furious at this moment. "Yi Ren, you traitor! I’ll kill you!"

No one else knew what had happened, but the sky over the Innerverse had constantly changed. When the knife shattered, things finally calmed back down.

However, even as that happened, every single one of Burial Garden’s gates collapsed. Besides the various entrances, even every last exit disappeared. At this time, not even Tombkeeper himself could leave Burial Garden.

Burial Garden had become completely sealed off. Not only were Burial Garden’s people trapped inside, but so were the First Protector, Shang Qing, Lan Si, and everyone else who had been in Burial Garden when it was sealed.

At this moment, back in Gaia's Swamp, Lu Yin was still staring at the sky in a bit of a daze. He had just seen a disc shoot by, and the pressure that he had felt from above had almost been enough to force him to bow. Right at that moment, a knife had sliced out, and it had been even more terrifying than the disc. What Lu Yin had felt from that knife had defied his imagination.

Once everything calmed down, Lu Yin looked back down. He and Tong Yu had not even made it halfway through their game of chess.

A chess piece fell from Tong Yu's hand. Sweat dripped from her forehead, and she was panting heavily.

She had suffered in the exact same manner as the Second Nightking when the disc had first appeared. The pressure that she had felt had beeen difficult to resist. Still, she had been a bit better off when compared to the Second Nightking, as she cultivated with death energy.

"What just happened? We better be able to have that talk now," Lu Yin said as he stared at Tong Yu.

Tong Yu forced out a smile as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. "I actually don't even know anymore."

Lu Yin’s eyes glinted with a fierce light. "You forced me to play a game of chess with you in order to keep me here. To what end?"

Tong Yu pointed upwards. "That was unexpected."

Lu Yin was completely confused.

Tong Yu shrugged and said, "I no longer know what is happening with Burial Garden. Originally, the Neohuman Alliance’s Seven Skygods were planning to attack Burial Garden because that place holds too many ancient inheritances. I was keeping you here to prevent you from stumbling into Burial Garden at this time."

Lu Yin leaped to his feet, an angry expression on his face. "The Seven Skygods attacked Burial Garden? Didn't Corpse God and Forgotten Ruins God both die recently? How did they find new shells so quickly?"

Tong Yu was surprised at this question. "You already know so much, My Lord. You know about their shells for this place?"

Lu Yin's face twitched, as he realized that he had let something slip that he should not have. "What happened with that disc?"

Tong Yu suddenly grew solemn as she replied. Her tone carried a strong lingering fear. "That should have been a Progenitor. I really don’t know, as all that the Chief Justice told me was that the Neohuman Alliance was going to attack Burial Garden and that I needed to keep an eye on you and make sure that you did not get caught up in any of that mess. But how could a Progenitor have appeared? Not only that, but there was also more than one!"

Lu Yin was already well aware that the knife had been far more terrifying than the disc. If the disc had been part of the Neohuman Alliance’s attack on Burial Garden, then the knife had been an attack that had been launched to help Burial Garden.

Thinking back to the knife, Lu Yin suddenly thought of Progenitor Chen. Could it have been him? Would he have made a move? Lu Yin would never forget how he had already seen Progenitor Chen in Burial Garden near the sea.

While there was no way to know whether or not Progenitor Chen was a wandering corpse, if he was not, then Progenitor Chen was truly inside Burial Garden. Anyone who dared to attack that place would be dooming themselves.

Suddenly, Lu Yin’s gadget beeped. He glanced down and saw a message from Wei Rong: 'All of Burial Garden’s gates in the Great Eastern Alliance have collapsed.'

Lu Yin frowned. "Burial Garden’s gates have all collapsed."

Tong Yu nodded. "Apparently, the Neohuman Alliance succeeded."

Another message immediately came through as well, followed by another.

Lu Yin checked each one, but his expression grew worse with each message he read. Things were bad.

The disc that they had seen was the Progenitor of Secret Arts’ attack. The Sixth Mainland’s Progenitor had betrayed humanity, joined the Aeternals, and attacked Burial Garden. Fortunately, that knife had appeared to save Burial Garden at the last moment, but the place had still been completely sealed off. No one could find an entrance, and if none was found, then not even Tombkeeper would be able to leave.

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