Star Odyssey - Chapter 2063

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Chapter 2063: Origin Progenitor’s Sword

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Chapter 2063: Origin Progenitor’s Sword

Lu Yin was stunned by this sudden change—stellular energy? Where had such a massive amount of stellular energy come from? It surged into his body, rapidly replenishing his stellular energy vortices. It felt as though someone was force-feeding him stellular energy, and Lu Yin could only try to absorb it. Even then, there was no need for him to do anything. Just like how the statue had forcefully pulled the stellular energy out of everyone’s bodies to devour it, at this moment, the stellular energy was replenishing their drained reserves regardless of their wishes.

At this time, light returned to the main hall.

Lu Yin looked up, only to see that there was no one near the statue in the air. Where was Forgotten Ruins God?

His eyes traced the cracks in the ground, and he saw Forgotten Ruins God standing at the entrance to the main hall. The three human Semi-Progenitors were in front of her: Leng Qing, Jiu Yao, and Lan Xian.

The uncontrollable stellular energy had not only rushed into Lu Yin’s body, but everyone else’s as well, restoring their reserves. This had made Leng Qing's slicing attack far more effective than before.

"Who are you? How dare you disrespect the Origin Progenitor’s statue!" he shouted coldly. He stared at Forgotten Ruins God with soaring bloodlust.

The man had only recently woken up, and he did not even know what era he was in, let alone anything regarding the Seven Skygods.

Forgotten Ruins God looked around. It was not completely dark outside the main hall, and there were occasional flashes of white light. It looked as though the main hall was traveling through space at incredible speed. What had just happened? Had Corpse God managed to take them away?

"Speak! Who are you?" Leng Qing shouted sternly. He stared at the dark-red energy that swirled around Forgotten Ruins God's body, and the man felt a chill run down his back. He had never encountered such a power before, and it gave him a very bad feeling.

"She’s Forgotten Ruins God, one of Aeternus’s Seven Skygods," Jiu Yao explained.

Leng Qing was taken aback. "Aeternus?"

Lan Xian spoke up, "You must have just woken up, so you don’t know anything about our current era. Humanity’s six Mainlands have all been completely destroyed, and the Heavens Sect is gone. The Origin Progenitor and all of the other Progenitors from your time have become nothing more than legends, and the Aeternals are the ones who have brought all these disasters upon humanity."

Leng Qing felt completely confused. "The Aeternals? Impossible. They’re nothing more than weak ants."

Lu Yin let out a long breath. Sure enough, everyone from the Heavens Sect era looked down on the Aeternals.

Chu Yuan jumped in, "Master Leng Qing, they are speaking the truth. The Aeternals hold the power in this era, and they are currently trying to destroy the Fifth Mainland. This is one of the Aeternals’ Seven Skygods, and you must stop her from touching the statue."

"Just what is inside the statue?" Heluo Mavis looked over at Chu Yuan as she asked this question.

Lu Yin also looked over, but Chu Yuan remained silent.

Lu Yin frowned. Chu Yuan was making it quite clear that he was not going to answer the question, but since he had entered the Daosource Sect ruins to look for the statue, it indicated that he could take the statue, or at least what it held, away from this place. Regardless of whether Chu Yuan spoke or not, he would not be allowed to take the statue away.

"Seven Skygods?" Leng Qing stared at Forgotten Ruins God. "Did you just use the Wang family's Sit and Forget?"

Forgotten Ruins God sighed. "I almost managed to touch it, but I was pushed away by stellular energy. It must be fate. It seems that the Origin Progenitor doesn’t want us to touch him. It’s been a long time, little Leng Qing."

Leng Qing stared at Forgotten Ruins God as she slowly lifted her face to look back at him, and the man’s expression suddenly changed drastically, and all of the blood drained from his face. "Wang- Senior Wang?"

Stellular energy was still pouring into everyone’s bodies from the statue. Again, Heluo Mavis was the first to finish and have her reserves completely restored. However, even more stellular energy poured into her body. She did her best to stop the energy from entering her body, and her expression changed. She had already reached the point where any more stellular energy would trigger her third stellular tribulation, and it was vital to be fully prepared for every single tribulation. This was not because she was scared to face a tribulation, but rather because it was important to sufficiently strengthen one’s foundations before every breakthrough. The stronger the foundation, the stronger one would be once they became a Semi-Progenitor in the future. Heluo Mavis did not want to recklessly rush her third stellular tribulation.

Unfortunately, the matter was completely outside of her control. Even if she did not want to absorb the stellular energy, it still forced its way into her body. The only thing she could do was work as hard as she could to slow her rate of energy absorption.

"Senior Wang- are you really Senior Wang?" Leng Qing stared at Forgotten Ruins God in disbelief.

The woman revealed a charming smile as she looked back at Leng Qing. "Child, although it's been a long time since I last saw you, it hasn’t been too long for you."

Leng Qing felt horrified. "Senior Wang, you- What is this? You joined the Aeternals?"

Forgotten Ruins God stared at Leng Qing with her eyes that had grown dark with immeasurable depths. "I love seeing the looks of shock from you people from that era. Back then, very few of the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Gate had ever actually seen me. Little guy, you aren’t bad. You actually dared to attack me."

Leng Qing felt incredibly confused. "Senior, why did you join the Aeternals? You are the Wang family’s Progenitor, and you were once a master of one of the Twelve Heavenly Gates. You controlled one of the Nine Mountains and Eight Seas for an era. Why do this?"

Forgotten Ruins God casually replied, "Maybe I was bored."

Although they were just three words spoken with amazing indifference, they echoed like thunder in Leng Qing's ears.

Bored? You betrayed humanity just because you were bored? You went over to the Aeternals just because you were bored? The man simply could not accept such an answer.

"Out of my way. You can't stop me." Forgotten Ruins God remained indifferent.

Leng Qing stared at Forgotten Ruins God, and determination entered his voice as he replied, "Regardless of why Senior may have betrayed humanity, the Origin Progenitor’s statue cannot be desecrated."

Jiu Yao softly asked, "Forgotten Ruins God, what do you want the statue?"

Forgotten Ruins God answered with open ridicule, "Someone like you wants to speak to me?”

Her eyes shifted, and she looked at Lu Yin. As she did so, a smile returned to her face. "Hey little fellow, I can answer if you ask me. Who would have thought that you’d be here? Is this fate? Hehe."

"Why do you want the statue?" Lu Yin asked the exact same question as Jiu Yao.

Forgotten Ruins God shrugged. "I don’t want the statue, but rather the sword inside it."

Lu Yin had not expected Forgotten Ruins God to actually answer him.

Everyone else found this odd as well. Lu Yin Yin had been bold enough to speak directly to one of the Seven Skygods, and he had actually gotten a direct response.

As soon as Forgotten Ruins God gave her answer, Lu Yin turned to look straight at Chu Yuan, and the sudden change in the man’s expression confirmed Forgotten Ruins God’s words. There really was a sword inside the statue, and Forgotten Ruins God was not the only one who wanted it. Chu Yuan also wanted the sword, and it was the entire reason why he had visited the Daosource Sect’s main hall.

"A sword? Why haven’t I ever heard about that?" Heluo Mavis hesitantly asked.

Leng Qing frowned. He felt like he had heard some mention of such a sword somewhere before.

Forgotten Ruins God maintained her flirty smile as she stared at Lu Yin. "Keep up the questions. I’ll answer anything you ask me."

Lu Yin looked back at the woman. "What sword?"

"The Origin Progenitor’s sword."

"What’s it for?"

"I don't actually know the details. There were six Mainlands, six Daosource Sects that made up the Heavens Sect, and six statues. Each statue contained a sword, and our goal is to get them."

"If you already knew that there was a sword inside the statues, why not take it before now? Also, the Sixth Mainland has a statue, but I haven’t heard about you going after that one."

Forgotten Ruins God answered with a slight smile, "We didn't know that the statue was in the main hall. We weren’t able to find it despite searching for ages. As for the Sixth Mainland’s statue, it's a fake."

Jiu Yao and Lan Xian were both startled. "What was that? A fake?"

Forgotten Ruins God laughed. "Go and see for yourself. Well, that’s assuming that you’re able to get back."

She then spread her arms wide, and the swirling dark-red energy gathered to form a massive wolf head. It was her innate gift, Sky-Devouring Nine Wolves.

Leng Qing set aside his confusion regarding Forgotten Ruins God, and his body became a blade once more. The blades stacked up in multiple layers, quickly forming a mountain range of blades that spread out. This was the man’s inner world.

Lu Yin quickly spoke up. "Careful about not being trapped by the mental network!"

However, things did not happen as expected. There was no suppression from the mental network, and Leng Qing's inner world spread to envelop Forgotten Ruins God. A massive blade appeared that replaced the sky and the earth. Blades filled the entire sky and covered every inch of the ground. Anyone who wanted to approach the statue needed to break through this place. This was Leng Qing's Celestial Blade Realm, and this inner world was precisely what qualified him to become the master of the Heavenly Blade Gate.

Forgotten Ruins God contemptuously responded, "The Celestial Blade Realm? In the past, you wanted to pass Wu Xing's test with this Celestial Blade Realm, but Wu Xing crushed it with a single slash. It looks like you still haven't learned your lesson."

As she spoke, the massive wolf head aggressively charged at Leng Qing, and it smashed into his Celestial Blade Realm. The inner world shattered one blade at a time, but the wolf head also kept shrinking.

However, this was only a single wolf head, and Forgotten Ruins God’s innate gift was Sky-Devouring Nine Wolves.

A second wolf head crashed into the Celestial Blade Realm, and countless blades bent and broke. The wolf head faced Leng Qing and let out an oppressive roar.

Jiu Yao and Lan Xian both rushed forward to attack, and three Semi-Progenitors worked together to stop Forgotten Ruins God.

Strange lights shone out from Leng Qing's eyes, and his limbs and body slowly shifted. It looked as though his body was actually becoming blades, which was an entirely different concept from the odd fusion that had occurred before. Everyone who saw what was happening felt horrified.

Heluo Mavis exclaimed, "Blade Mist! That’s the innate gift of the master of the Heavenly Blade Gate! I never thought that I’d actually see it. There were rumors that Leng Qing trained with blades because of this innate gift."

Lu Yin felt puzzled. Blade Mist? What was that?

Leng Qing's body gradually transformed into a living creature that was essentially an amalgamation of long blades with wings growing from its back. The odd looking figure twisted and then shot towards Forgotten Ruins God, instantly shattering several of the wolf heads. The man moved at a shocking speed, and he sliced through everything he touched.

Forgotten Ruins God looked over and pressed a hand down. A landmass appeared within the main hall, and it pressed down upon both the Celestial Blade Realm and Leng Qing.

Lu Yin's eye twitched. This was Forgotten Ruins. When his Senior Brother Qing Ping had fought against Forgotten Ruins God in the Divine Venom Dynasty, she had used this technique, but with a completely different level of power. In the past, Forgotten Ruins God had only revealed the strength of a regular Semi-Progenitor, and even the average Semi-Progenitors from the Fifth Mainland had been able to stop her. At this moment, she was using a completely different realm of power, and she was able to overwhelm the inner world of one of the masters of the Twelve Heavenly Gates.

Wait, why can they use inner worlds here? What about mental network? Also, what happened to the runes I was seeing? Why are they all gone?

Lu Yin looked around, but all he saw outside the main hall were flickers of black and white passing by. Just where were they? Had Corpse God taken them into the Starfall Sea?

Up on the first level of the main hall, the Forgotten Ruins continued to crush the Celestial Blade Realm, dropping further and further down upon Leng Qing, Jiu Yao, and Lan Xian.

Suddenly, the stellular energy that had been rushing into everyone’s bodies fell back like a tide. To be precise, it was being devoured once again, and all of the energy surged back towards the statue.

All of the stellular energy that had entered Lu Yin’s body and partially restored two of his stellular energy vortices started to be sucked back out of him.

He turned to look at the statue. What the hell? Again?

Leng Qing and the other two Semi-Progenitors grew weaker at that moment, and the Forgotten Ruins smashed into them. All three of the people spat out blood.

Suddenly, the main hall violently spasmed once more, and at the same time, the surrounding area grew extremely bright. This light illuminated Lu Yin and the others, and they suddenly heard the sound of a massive waterfall.

Lu Yin looked past the main hall and saw an enormous waterfall falling down from above the sky, continuing until it was out of sight. What was this?

At this time, everyone else also looked out of the main hall, and they also saw the waterfall that extended far beyond their sight.

"The Upper Three Gates’ waterfall?" Jiu Yao exclaimed.

Lu Yin's heart dropped. The Upper Three Gates? Isn’t that in the Starfall Sea? So we really did move into the Starfall Sea. We must have been captured by Corpse God.

Forgotten Ruins God also looked out and saw the huge waterfall that filled the entire line of sight.

A roar rose from below, and Lu Yin and others looked down at the same time.

"This facade clearly can’t handle the power of my predecessors! Please help me, senior, and destroy this fake sky. Return the Fifth Mainland to what it once was." The voice continued speaking as Lu Yin listened.

Lu Yin's body trembled. That’s the Sea King’s voice! Why is he here?

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