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Chapter 503: Night is still young [2]

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Chapter 503 Night is still young [2]

After the duo climaxed, Rima was utterly exhausted after such hard pounding and thought since Max had also exerted himself quite a bit, he would rest for a while and even if he didn't, he would go for Maria and she could rest.

However, she didn't know Max was riding high on pleasure.

As soon as she fell limply on the bed, and his still hard cock slipped out of her, he grabbed her hips, made her lie on her knees once again, and raised her ass up.

"Ha~ Max... please let me~ rest. I can't ha~ go on."

Rima hurriedly said when she felt this, panicking a little. She then turned to look at Maria, who had taken all of her clothes off and was staring at the duo with a red face. "Maria, why don't you come over to let him... Ah! What are you doing?"

Mid-sentence, her eyes widened when she felt his mushroom head on her anal hole and yelped out in surprise.

Max rubbed his cock, which was drenched in their slimy fluids, on her back entrance and said in a husky voice,

"Did you forget... I said I'll... punish you. This is your punishment, but don't worry. Although it might be uncomfortable for you at the start, you'll surely enjoy it later on."

Rima's eyes widened in realization, 'So, he was talking about this punishment?' But this realization only made her panic even more because he was serious about putting his fat cock in her narrow back hole. n--0velb1n

"M-Max, can you not do it? I-It already doesn't feel good and I don't know if I can take you thick things in there." She pleaded, her ass squirming in his hand.

As soon as she said this, she felt his cock move away, which made her sigh in relief. She just wanted to thank him when suddenly she felt two of his fingers inside her pussy.

"Ahn~," she moaned, a little confused why he was putting his fingers in her when he could use his cock, but she didn't say anything as it was a lot better than having it in her other hole.

However, her expression soon morphed when he took them out and then shoved them into her puckered back hole.


She let out a mixture of pain and pleasure when she felt his digits stretch her anal tunnel.

"W-What are you doing?" She asked, her voice breaking.


Max didn't answer, but slapped her butt cheek with his other hand, making her soft cheek ripple and eliciting another moan out of her.

"Don't move." He ordered.

"B-But you are... Mm~,"

He didn't let her finish and started moving his fingers in and out, making her moan. A short while later, when he felt her anal ring had loosened a little, he eased another finger inside her.

"Ahng~ Max, don't..."

Rima still protested, albeit only verbally now, but Max didn't stop and started to move his digits in and out of her.

Maria stared at this scene with a stunned look on her face and found herself clenching her backside.

'My Lord, h-he... is he going to do that to me, too?' As this thought flashed through her mind, she felt nervous fear gripping her heart. However, she could also feel herself getting wetter.

Meanwhile, in her room, Garima's eyes were wide open as she muttered, "H-He is absolutely crazy."

After a while, Max could move his three fingers without much difficulty and knew she was ready to take him in. By now, Rima had also realized he wouldn't stop unless she forcefully stopped him. But... could she do it, or rather... did she even want to stop him now?

'Fuck! I have lost my mind. I should protest a little more and maybe he would stop.' She thought, but aside from letting out faint moans, she didn't say anything. She had even raised her ass toward him slightly more so he would have an easier time fingering her since she had started to feel good.

'Argh! Just what am I doing? Why is my body not obeying me?' She inwardly growled in frustration.

Max's cock was throbbing in anticipation. He hadn't had anal sex until now because he felt it was a waste of LPs, but today he wanted to act on his hidden desires and not care about the LPs for once. And who knows, he might get LPs by doing this too?

Ascertaining that she was ready, he pulled his digits out and positioned himself properly behind her. Grabbing his raging dragon with his right hand, he put the tip on her twitching hole and, wasting no time, he eased his mushroom head inside her.


Rima's head shot up when she felt it and moaned while her anal muscle constricted around the tip, trying to stop it from entering any deeper.


Max groaned when he felt her insides' vice grip on his glans. He winced and raised his right hand, and then,


Slapped her right butt cheek, causing her to let out a moan filled with more pain and less pleasure. However, this also had the desired effects because he felt her grip relax a little.

"Relax. Don't resist or it'll it will be uncomfortable for both of us." He said before pushing his hips forward.

"Mm~ Okay. Be gentle~," As his rod slid further in, stretching out her narrow tunnel, Rima gritted her teeth to endure the pain and tried her best to not to clench her anal muscles and crush his little brother.

Because her tunnel was too tight, Max was having difficulty pushing his rod in and when he was just four inches deep, he had to stop.

Frowning, he took it out, slithered his saliva all over it, before putting it in. He then leaned forward and started to kiss her back, her nape, her ears, cheeks, trying to help her relax.

This had intended effects, as he felt her tunnel loosen slightly. However, he didn't try to push deeper. Instead, he gently turned her face toward him and captured her lips in his, and his tongue slithered inside her oral cavity.

Rima responded and started kissing back. As her focus diverted to her kiss, her body relaxed more, and he felt her insides easing a little more.

Feeling this, he slowly started pushing his waist forward.

After a while, only an inch of his shaft remained outside. He tried to force it, but Rima felt pain, so he let it be. He then slowly pulled back until only a few inches were inside her before pushing back inside.

Mm~ Ahn~ Angh~

Feeling him move, Rima broke the kiss and started to moan. Initially, her moans carried more pain and less pleasure, but as time passed, the pain subsided and only pleasure remained.

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

Max sighed in relief when he felt it because it was taking his all just to stop himself from fucking her wildly. Now that he didn't have to worry about hurting her; he started increasing the intensity of his thrusts.

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

In response, Rima threw her head backwards, closed her eyes, her tongue dancing out of her mouth as she started moaning without restraint.

Ahhnn~ Mmm~ Yess~

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

As they picked up the pace, Maria was grinding her thighs together, her face looked feverish and her breathing was heavy, making her not so big chest heave up and down.

'She is feeling good. He was right. It's only painful in the beginning.' She thought, chewing her lips.

After a while, Rima's body was stuck to the bed and Max was having difficulty thrusting into her. So, he leaned back and ordered, "Give me your hands."

Rima obeyed and extended her hands backwards. Max grabbed them, and pulled her toward him, causing her upper body to lift, her ass to rise and move toward him.

He then started pounding into her ass again with renewed vigor.

Thwop! Thwop! Thwop!

Ahn~ Ha~ Nng~

This lasted for over five minutes before Max felt himself on the verge of climaxing.

For a moment, he wanted to pull out and cum inside her pussy, but decided against it. He then increased the intensity of his thrusts slightly more while one of his hands moved below her waist and started rubbing her clit, wanting her to climax with him.



It didn't take long before Rima let out a searing moan and climaxed. Max didn't hold back and did the same, filling her anal hole with his thick milk.

Ha! Huff! Huff!

After their orgasm ended, both flopped to the bed, panting.

Maria waited for a while before she crawled over to him and whispered, "M-My Lord, is it my turn now?"

Max's semi erect cock throbbed to life when he heard this.

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