Supporting Role's Aura - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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Arc 1.14: Acting Coquettish

Elder Ye and Ye Jianxian arrived almost at the same time as Ye Jiande and his wife. The two sides begin their disputed as soon as they met.

When Ye Jiande knew that Su Ping had attacked Ye You, he hurriedly came over. If here was not the military department, he would give her a slap first regardless of whether Su Ping was a woman or not. He also didn’t look good when facing Elder Ye as he shouted directly at Elder Ye, saying that since he wanted to sever the relationship, then cut it off completely, don’t talk on the mouth, but then tangled with Ye You for money.

It was possible to be sentenced to death if the assaulted soldier’s conditions was serious. If there was no injury and the situation was not serious, or if it was a family dispute, it was up to the victim whether or not to pursue it. Some people had said that they wanted to sue, but then regret it later, so the current rule was, no matter they sue or not sue, as long as it was decided, there can’t be remorse.

Ye You’s conditions were not serious, but if he insisted on prosecution, as long as he can proved that Su Ping really had hit him, Su Ping will be locked down for at least half a month or more than two months. However, Ye You’s purpose was to prevent Su Ping from entangled with him in the future, so he choose not to pursue it, but at the same time applied for a protection order to prohibit Su Ping from entangled with him again in the future.

Because Ye You can proved that Su Ping did indeed attacked him, the Military of Law Department approved the protection order that Ye You applied for. After the protection order came into effect, Su Ping would face more than one year of imprisonment as long as Ye You reported that Su Ping tried to attack him.

Elder Ye was angry enough to explode. What he cares about the most in his life was his reputation, but a whole family was making trouble and even went to the Military of Law Department, making him lose his reputation completely.

After returning home, Elder Ye was so angry that he smashed everything that could be smashed in the hall, and scolded Su Ping for more than an hour before stopping to take a breath.

Su Ping was almost forty years old. She never has to grieved like this. She was crying until out of breath and in her heart she couldn’t wait to stab Ye You for thousands time.

Su Ping explained while crying that she really didn’t attacked Ye You, because he had deliberately pretended to frame her. She felt that because she had too many things brought back from abroad last month, and she was distressed to used her own money to pay the bill, so she wanted to bring Ye You no matter what. Later, when she get the money from Ye Jiande and his wife, whether he(YY) want to live here or not was not important. She just grabbed him tightly to prevent him from going away, and didn’t hit him.

Elder Ye naturally believed what Su Ping said, but he still felt very angry,  what made him angry the most was Ye You and Ye Jiande who always going against him, but they were not in front of him so he can’t vent his anger to them. He only can vent his anger to Su Ping.

Elder Ye scolded Ye You and Ye Jiande for half an hour. He scolded Ye Jiande for contradicted him and that he would be strike by thunder. He scolded Ye You for unable to differentiate between good and bad and that he would not end well. From now on the whole family should sever ties with them. After venting, he went to his room to rest.

After returning to the room, Ye Chen began to think about what happened today. He knew that Su Ping would not lying them, so Ye You must have deliberately framed Su Ping. The fact that Su Ping was taken to the Military of Law Department will have a bad influence on him to a certain extent, and their family affairs will be discussed by others.

Although Ye Chen was angry, he had another idea. He felt that if Ye You would frame Su Ping, it proved that he was essentially a bad person. The fact that Ye You was a bad person was a good thing that can be used by him, because as long as Ye You does something bad, he has a way to expose his true face to everyone.

Ye Chen, like Ye You, was transmigrating over. But unlike Ye You, he hadn’t read any books or other things related to this world before transmigrating. Another difference with Ye You was that he didn’t live well in his original world, so he was very happy when he transmigrated over and understood the identity of the person he had transmigrating into.

Ye Chen felt that his current identity was simply the standard of life just like everyone else. As long as he thinks a little, he will surely be able to achieved success and happiness. But Ye You, who he originally thought can be controlled and used, does not seem to be as simple as he imagined, and somewhat difficult to deal with. But as long as he has weaknesses, he certainly able to deal with and take advantage of, and now he has finally found out about his weaknesses which was he like to schemes and frame others.

As soon as Ye You and their family back at home, Xu Yun immediately let the kitchen cook the soup1Raw 安神汤(an shen tang); kind of traditional Chinese medicine with soothing effect., and let Ye You drink to soothe his nerves.

Ye Song has told Ye Jiande and Xu Yun the truth, the husband and wife feel that although Su Ping didn’t really attacked Ye You, the behavior and purpose of her entanglement with Ye You still made them very angry. They had never seen such a shameless person. To deal with such shameless people, you should use some means to let them know what was powerful, and break the lingering thought to keep entangled with them again.

Back to his room and rest at night, Ye You walked into the bathroom to prepare for a wash. He saw the towel he placed on the washstand when he come back just now, Ye You froze for a moment.

If there was anything that he did not anticipated today, it was Du Yao’s sudden appearance. When he met Du Yao again, he still couldn’t understand his mood, but even he himself was shocked that he actually complained to Du Yao in a coquettish tone, when he came to realized what he had said, he feel surprised and annoyed.

Regarding his inexplicable emotion towards Du Yao, Ye You decided not to think about it for the time being. Anyway, he had solved a trouble for himself today. He believed that Su Ping would not risked being detained and come to pester him.

Ye You believed that he was not the kind of person who was utterly heartless2Raw 丧尽天良 (sàng jìn tiān liáng); devoid of conscience (idiom). and destroyed his conscience, but he was definitely not the Holy Mother who has been bullied and will only swallowed his voice. His life principle was that; if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If they dare to offend me, I will give back ten times. He has the scheming thoughts and strategy. Dare to reach out their evil hand3不怀好意 (bù huái hǎo yì); to harbor evil designs; to harbor malicious intentions. to him, then they must mentally prepare for that hand to be cut off by him.4 I don’t think he will really cut off the hand… lol…

After returning to the dormitory, Ye You took out the things he brought to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu.

“I especially like this scent. It is refreshing and elegant. I bought this scented facial cream only once in school with good luck. At other times, it was always ordered away in advance by people with right connection. It is great that I can use it again now, thank you, Ye You.” Ji Wen asked while calculating the price.“ I heard that yesterday morning outside the gate, Ye Chen’s mom attacked you and then was sent to the Military of Law Department by Xu Zhengjiao’s soldiers?”

Ye You was not surprised that Ji Wen would know about this matter. After all, so many people were watching, and the Cultural Regiment must have spread it for a long time.

“When I used to live in their home, my parents gave them a large amount of living expenses every month. Now that I don’t live in their home anymore, in order to get the money, they force me to go to their house. I don’t want to but his mother keep pestering me.”

“What kind of people are they?! Too shameless. They deserve to be detain by the Military of Law Department. She dare to deal with you outside the gate of the Cultural Regiment. If she make a moves in a place without people, wouldn’t she stunned you and directly take you away? Did they really think they are a relative of the emperor, can do whatever they want?!!! Are they sick?” Ji Wen couldn’t help but scolded.

“Oh, that’s right.” When Ji Wen walked to the locker to get the money, he suddenly remembered something, and then took out a salve from locker and handed it to Ye You. “This is from a soldier yesterday afternoon, he sent it to the gate and I brought it back for you. It looks like an ointment.”

Ye You froze for a while before taking the ointment. He didn’t expect Du Yao to actually asked someone to sent him an ointment.

“Have you been hurt by Ye Chen’s mother? Where is the injury, is it serious?” Ji Wen asked concerned.

“No injuries, it was a little red and swollen at the time, and it was completely okay when I got home.” Ye You answered as he looked at the ointment in his hand.

Ji Wen nodded and asked curiously, “Who gave you the ointment?”

“A person I know.” Ye You put away the ointment and immediately shifted the topic to ask, “Are there any other news besides that I was beaten in these two days?”

“Yes, but it’s not really a news, but I guessed it based on observation.”

“Tell me.”

“We, the recruits, might be soon will go to the various legions to perform. Several leaders and teachers seem to have begun to arrange. Last year did not seem to start at this time, but if was calculated using the time of previous years, it will be in advance or might be possible to postpone.”

“Really?” Ye You thought, if he really going to start performing in the combat legion, where will he be divided?

At the morning meeting the next day, the Deputy Leader announced that the recruits were going to perform in the combat legion. Ye You had to sighed and lamented in his heart that with Ji Wen’s ability, it was a waste of talent if he didn’t do intelligence job.

But not every recruit has the opportunity to perform in the combat legion. It must pass both assessments before it can be assigned to the combat legion for performance. Because even for recruits, as long as they go out to perform, they represent the reputation of the Cultural Regiment.

Ye You originally had to prepared two violin pieces for him to pass, and then pass the Musical Band teacher’s question assessment, but Team Leader Gao of the Vocal band found him and asked him to prepare for the Vocal band’s assessment too. Ye You refused once. But Team Leader Gao kept trying to persuade him. Ye You thought in his heart if was easier to sing two more songs than being troubled by leader Gao.

A few days later, the assessment was over, they also done packing up things and prepared to perform in the Combat Legion.

Ye You and the other members of the group who were assigned to the same place set off by a car. Immediately after the car arrived at the destination, Ye You saw a large group of soldiers waiting to greet them through the glass windows. The soldiers were lined up neatly and looked like they were going to welcome with a serious manner. In fact, they were just wanted to watch and join in the fun because the Literary Arts soldiers do not need them to line up to greeted them.

In front of the soldiers, stood a few officers, and at first glanced Ye You saw the most prominent one among them.

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