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Chapter 202: Scapegoat

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Chapter 202 Scapegoat

No matter how the Empress called out, the Heavenly Saints Emperor ignored her. He did not turn back once. When he walked out of the Empress’s chamber, he stopped in his tracks and looked at the eunuch by the side. “Tell me, do you think these women take my words to heart? I have repeatedly warned them not to provoke Ye Jiushang and meddle in his affairs. Why do you think these women won’t listen?”

“Your Majesty, calm down. Don’t anger your Dragon Body too much. The women in this harem are all daughters of high officials and aristocrats. Apart from working hard to obtain your favor, they also have the interests of the family behind them. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“How could I not understand this logic? But they shouldn’t have provoked Ye Jiushang. First was that stupid woman, Consort Su. Now, it’s the Empress’s turn. One is for Su Baifeng, and the other is for Yun Qiao. They’re all a bunch of idiots. What number one beauty in Heavenly Saints City, number one talent? I think she’s the number one stupid person.” When the Heavenly Saints Emperor spoke of Su Baifeng, his anger grew even stronger. Especially when he thought of the mineral vein, he wished he could destroy the Prime Minister’s Estate.

The Prime Minister actually gave him a mineral vein that had long been mined into nothingness. Was he playing with him?

The Heavenly Saints Emperor was in a bad mood because of the mineral vein. Not knowing how to deal with Prime Minister Su, he put this matter aside. Unexpectedly, he found out that the Empress had given Ye Jiushang a decree, so he came here to vent his frustrations.

Be it the mineral vein or the imperial decree, they all made him angry.

“Your Majesty, Miss Su from the Prime Minister’s estate seems to have entered the palace. She should be at Consort Su’s place now.”

“Don’t worry about them. I won’t see anyone from the Empress or the Prime Minister’s Estate. Let them do whatever they want.” The Heavenly Saints Emperor was too frustrated and decided to ignore everything. Su Baifeng was indeed with Consort Su, discussing how to save Su Ze, who had been imprisoned in the prison of the Ministry of Justice.

“Aunt, this is what happened. For some reason, the mineral vein was empty. The Emperor got furious and locked Father in the prison of the Ministry of Justice. I don’t have any good ideas, so I came to ask you for help.”

“Because of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication, I’m currently grounded by the Emperor. I can’t even see His Majesty, so how can I help you? Baifeng, think about it again. Apart from our Prime Minister’s Estate, who else knows about this mineral vein? If you want to save your father, there’s only one way: find a suitable scapegoat.”

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Su Baifeng pondered and felt that what Consort Su said made sense. “The people from the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company were long aware that there is a mineral vein in the Red Maple Forest. Also, that woman called Fanjiu. That day at the First Restaurant, she heard my conversation with Gu Jinyuan, so she also knows about the mineral vein.”

“The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company is not to be trifled with. They might bite back, putting us in an even more precarious position. Baifeng, how much do you know about that Fanjiu?”

“She’s very mysterious. I still haven’t investigated her, but she has a Great Spirit Master protecting her secretly. She must have quite a background.”

“We only have two choices now. Either we pull the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company down, or we push out that woman called Fanjiu.”

“Aunt, we should think of another way.” Su Baifeng did not agree with Consort Su’s actions.

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If it was before today, she might have agreed, but after seeing how powerful Fanjiu was, she did not dare to provoke her rashly.

Consort Su spent most of her time in the palace and did not know much about what was going on outside. As a result, she was unaware of Fanjiu’s strength.

Su Baifeng had a feeling that provoking Fanjiu would probably be even more troublesome than getting on the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company’s bad side.

However, in order to save her father, she had to choose between the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company and Fanjiu.

Who should she choose?

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