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Chapter 205: Genetic Problem

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Chapter 205 Genetic Problem

The man looked at Xue Fanxin, who was sitting on the ground with a strange expression on her face. She even said ‘my butt’ in front of him.

Such indecent actions and words were something that even ordinary women would be ashamed to do. However, this little girl had not only done it, but she did it so straightforwardly. She gave off no feeling of indecency as if that was the true nature of humans.

She was indeed a little different.

If she had not planned this, then…

“Why are you suddenly so close?” Xue Fanxin stood up and rubbed her sore butt.

“You said that my eyes are special?” The man tried his best to control his emotions. He did not want to lose control again lest he frightened the little girl.

Special, pretty… No one had ever said such words to him before and so sincerely at that.

His master had once said that if he met ever a woman who said that his eyes were pretty, he should either get her or kill her …

Should he kill her or get her?

What was the red wine she was talking about? It sounded like a special wine.

Xue Fanxin did not know what the man was thinking and only felt that his aura was too strong. To avoid irking him, she tried her best to speak properly. “They are quite special! But this is nothing. It’s very normal.”

“You think this is normal?”

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“Could it be that because of your eyes, you encountered inhumane treatment?” Xue Fanxin guessed. Recalling the movies, anyone who was born differently from ordinary people would either be seen as a lucky star or a scourge.

It was usually the latter.

Had she gotten into trouble again?

The man could not read Xue Fanxin’s mind, but her words shocked him. He could not wait to hear her explanation. “Why do you say that my eyes are normal?” Xue Fanxin felt that she had most likely hit the bull’s eye, so she organized her thoughts and said, “Who told you that a person’s eyes must be black? There are many races in this world. The people you see are basically all black-eyed, but far, far away, there are people from other races whose eyes are not black. I’ve seen people with blue eyes and even people with brown eyes. They are no different from ordinary people, but every place has a different lifestyle and culture, so there will be some barriers between us when we interact.”

“Different races?”

“That’s right! It’s the difference in the race. There’s another type of person called a mixed-blood. To put it simply, the child born from the combination of two different races will be a little different from ordinary children. Everyone’s genes are different. If two special genes are combined, then they might be able to birth a child with special genes.

“No matter how special their genes are, they’re still human! What’s there to be shocked about? Those people who are shocked can only mean that they’re ignorant.”

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“What are genes?” the man asked again. “Genes contain all the information about the races, blood types, breeding, growth, aging, and other processes that incorporate life. To put it simply, it’s the various genetic issues of the bloodline. The reason your eyes are dark red is either because of your father’s genes, your mother’s genes, or your father’s and mother’s genes. Further away, it might be because of your grandparents’ genes. In short, the problem doesn’t lie with you.”

Just as Xue Fanxin was about to have a headache from talking, a waiter walked over in a panic and said with a trembling voice, “Miss Jiu, so you’re here! Your attendants and maidservant are looking for you everywhere!”

“Aiyaya, Mr. Waiter, I’m so happy to see you. Take me back to the front yard. I’m lost and can’t find my way back.” Xue Fanxin’s happy and lively appearance had a magical power that could turn infect anyone. The waiter did not dare to take Xue Fanxin away easily. He looked at the man and was about to speak, but the other party spoke first, “Take her to the front yard.” “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll bring you to the front yard immediately. Miss Jiu, please follow me.” “Oh.” How could Xue Fanxin not see that the man did not want the waiter to reveal his identity? Anyway, she was not interested in his identity, so it did not matter if she did not know. Knowing might not be a good thing, either. She followed the waiter and left.

She hoped that meeting this red-eyed handsome guy today would not cause a problem.

In the near future, Xue Fanxin would find out how much trouble she had caused today.

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