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Chapter 274: He Was Wrong Again

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When Xue Fanxin heard the noise, she was puzzled and asked in confusion, “Gu Jinyuan, didn’t you say that the wind is very strong outside? Why are there still people jumping around?”

She had witnessed the strength of the wind. Even Ah Jiu’s hand got injured, let alone the others. If they stayed outside, they would definitely die miserably.

However, those people outside were not dead but were chatting instead. What was going on?

Gu Jinyuan was also confused at first. After listening carefully, he went to the window to look through the crack. Only then did he realize that the wind had stopped.

“Strange, why has the wind stopped so soon this time?”

Normally, it would take at least a day, but this time, the wind actually stopped after only half a day. It was a little abnormal.

“Has the wind stopped?”

The people who smelled the fragrance ran out of their stone rooms and went searching for the source of the fragrance. Standing outside Gu Jinyuan’s stone room, they realized that it was actually roasted meat. Everyone more or less understood.

The few people who had just come here must have had food on them, which was why Gu Jinyuan’s place smelled so good.

This damned Gu Jinyuan. He actually didn’t call for them when he had food. How hateful.

The people trapped here never had a full meal. They could only eat a little every day or two, barely alleviating their hunger. However, it was impossible to eat their fill, let alone eat well. Although there was a lake here with fish, catching it was an extremely difficult task. Many people could not catch a fish even after a few days.

One could imagine how a group of people who were barely hanging on by a thread would react when they smelled the fragrance of rice and meat.

More and more people were gathering outside Gu Jinyuan’s stone house. Some of them did not know what was going on and only came to watch the show. Unexpectedly, when they got close, they smelled the salivating fragrance of rice and meat, making them lose their calm. They started chatting non-stop. Some men even pushed aside the wooden boards outside Gu Jinyuan’s stone house and barged into their courtyard.

As more and more people gathered in the house, everyone became much bolder. They had long forgotten about the young man who had kicked the two Spirit Transformation experts away. They only knew that there was food in this courtyard. Perhaps they could eat something after entering…

One could not doubt what crazy actions a group of hungry people might do. In order to obtain food, they could do evil deeds without batting an eyelid.

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Before Xue Fanxin and the others could react, they heard the door being pushed open. Then, a group of people stormed inside. Seeing the table full of food, they were all stunned. Some people even lost their rationality and rushed towards the dining table, wanting to snatch the food on it. Unfortunately…

“All of you, get lost.” Little Lei had waited extremely long for this meal. Just when he was about to finally enjoy it, he had not expected someone insensible to snatch it from him.

Those who dared to snatch his delicious food must not be spared.


Those who rushed forward were sent flying before they could touch the table. Even those who were lagging behind were thrown out by Little Lei.

In just a few blinks of an eye, all the unrelated people in the room had been cleaned up.

The crowd outside was getting bigger. Even people of status had come, including Yi Fentian, Bai Han, and the others. Xue Hanxi was also here, as well as the middle-aged man who had advised him not to give the stone room to Xue Fanxin.

At that moment, the middle-aged man had many opinions.

“Young Master, no matter what, Xue Fanxin is a member of the Xue family. She actually only cares about herself when she has food and doesn’t care about us at all. She’s really too much.”

Hearing these words, Xue Hanxi was annoyed. He said unhappily, “You didn’t give her a stone house. Is that not too much either?”

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“Young Master…”

Everyone present felt terrible. Thinking back to when the gale came just now, they had not cared about Xue Fanxin and the others at all, not even giving them a reminder. Now, blaming others for not sharing the food seemed to be quite unreasonable.

Yi Fentian’s mood was complicated. He realized that he had done something wrong.

When the violent wind came, he actually did not take Xin’er with him. He only remembered this matter when he ran back to the stone house. How could he do that?

He was wrong again.

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