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Chapter 563: Compensation

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When the manager heard that something had happened, he quickly came over to deal with it. He got furious upon learning the ins and outs of the matter. He scolded the waiter, but he did not mention the woman called Moya. Clearly, he wanted the waiter to bear all the blame alone.

“You damned dog, how dare you serve such things to guests? Are you tired of living?

“Guests, this is the responsibility of our restaurant. Your food’s on us. We’ll return the money to you later. As for this waiter, he is at your disposal. Even if you want his life, we have no objections.”

The waiter did not dare to voice any complaints, even after he got thrown under the bus. He did not mention ‘Moya.’ No matter how unwilling he was, he could only bow his head.

Xue Fanxin could tell that Moya’s identity was not simple. The manager pushed out a waiter to be a scapegoat and planned to spend some money to settle the matter.

Although she did not know who that Moya was, it would probably be difficult to find her. Furthermore, Ghost Street was not their territory. Their hands were tied in this place. If they overstepped their bounds, they would be the ones suffering.

In other words, the best solution now was to accept the compensation offered by the manager.

Ye Jiushang sat there elegantly without saying a word as if it had nothing to do with him. He left the matter to Xue Fanxin.

She knew how to make the best out of the situation. She was calculating how she should fleece the manager. With a sinister smile, she said, “Manager, don’t take us as three-year-olds. Since you want to protect someone, we’ll respect your decision. After all, this is Ghost Street! We will abide by the rules. I accept your suggestion to compensate, but the amount will be up to me.”

“Alright.” The manager only hoped that they would drop the matter. Nothing else mattered. It was best to resolve it with money.

“Five million ghost coins. I won’t pursue what happened today.”

“Five million it is. As long as you are willing to forgive us, I’m willing to suffer a loss.”

“Since Mr. Manager is so straightforward, we’ll take the money and leave. We won’t pursue what happened today.”

Anyway, they had not eaten those dishes and easily obtained five million ghost coins. It was worth it. Furthermore, she only said that she would not pursue what had happened today but nothing about what might happen tomorrow. That woman called Moya was very likely to come and cause trouble for them again. When the time came, they would settle old and new scores together.

The manager did not think too much about it. He took out five million ghost coins and handed them to Xue Fanxin with a little heartache. “Here you go.”

“Thank you!” Xue Fanxin accepted them with a smile and counted them happily. Then, she said to Ye Jiushang, “Ah Jiu, let’s go.”

Without saying anything, Ye Jiushang stood up and left while glancing in a certain direction of the restaurant. His gaze was filled with vigilance and anger. However, he did not do anything.

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