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Chapter 567: Stone Sculpting Stall

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Xue Fanxin came to a small stall that sold stone sculptures. There were all kinds of sculptures on display, including flowers, animals, patterns, and even humans.

The stall owner did not shout like the others. Instead, he sat there and carved. The stone sculpture in his hand was half done. Even if there was a potential customer, he did not look up.

“Owner, how much is your stone carving?” Xue Fanxin had noticed this stall’s abnormality. Coupled with the fact that his stone carving was lifelike, she came to take a look.

Every one of those stone sculptures was beautiful as if they were real. Every detail had been handled quite perfectly. Such craftsmanship was not something ordinary people could possess.

But those who could come to Ghost Street were not ordinary people either.

“One million ghost coins each.” The owner named a price without raising his head, still focused on carving the stone sculpture.

The sculptures were carved from ordinary stones. Forget about the Mystic Realm, even in the Tongxuan Realm, they were not worth much.

Yet he was selling them for a million each. The price was indeed a little too high. No wonder his stall was so deserted.

The owner of the stall beside him said mockingly, “You two, don’t waste time with him. This person has been lining up in Ghost Street for decades and hasn’t sold a single stone sculpture. However, he comes every day to set up his stall and sculpt. With how high the price is, no one is willing to buy his work. These stone sculptures are all carved from ordinary stone and are not valuable at all. Don’t waste your money.”

Another owner joined, “There’s something wrong with his brain, asking for a million ghost coins per piece. When you really want to buy it, he will even increase the price. One million is just the initial quote.”

“That’s right, that’s right. People who do business like him deserve no sales.”

Despite the ridicule, the owner who sold the stone sculptures did not react. He seemed to not have heard their words and continued carving. He was extremely focused, but his carving speed was slow like a turtle. His piece remained unfinished.

Often, the more such a person was like this, the more extraordinary he was.

Xue Fanxin got even more interested in the stone statues. She looked at each one of them and took a fancy to the stone person. She picked one up and asked, “Owner, how much is this?”

The stone sculpture owner finally stopped and raised his head. He asked solemnly, “Are you sure you want to buy this?”

“Yes! If the price is right.”

“Why do you want to buy this?”

“If I like it, then I’ll buy it! Owner, aren’t you setting up a stall here to sell these stone sculptures and find a master for them?”

The owner was not interested in the deal. When he heard the last half of her sentence, his body trembled. He said with a hint of excitement, “Say what you just said again.”

“I said a lot of things. Which one do you want to hear?”

“The last sentence.”

Xue Fanxin repeated herself. “Owner, didn’t you set up a stall here to sell these stone sculptures and find a master for them?”

The owner’s face got even more solemn. “This stone sculpture is five million ghost coins. If you’re willing, take it.”

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