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Chapter 587: Be More Ruthless

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When the rats came, Little Lei did not hide his aura. He was enveloped by a spirit technique, and his cultivation level was instantly sealed.

It was not only him. Apart from Xue Fanxin, everyone present had their cultivation levels sealed.

Only a certain lord could do so.

Ye Jiushang casually waved his hand, and a set of tables and chairs appeared in front of him, along with tea. He sat down to drink tea, ignoring the two rats. “This battle will probably take some time. Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t attack.”

“Grandson-in-law, these two huge rats look very powerful. Are you sure you want Xin’er to deal with them alone?” Xue Batian asked worriedly. He was scared as he imagined his precious granddaughter being surrounded by two huge rats.

How could he watch his granddaughter encounter such danger and stand by idly?

“Grandpa, don’t worry. Xin’er can deal with them. She severely lacks combat experience. In the past, she relied on little tricks and luck to live a smooth life. But in the Mystic Realm, they won’t be of much use. Only strength can let her gain a foothold.”

“But what if she’s injured?”

“It’s common for cultivators to be injured. The best way to increase one’s resistance is to be beaten.” Ye Jiushang could not bear to see Xin’er suffer either. However, to gain strength, one sometimes had to be ruthless.

Xue Fanxin understood Ye Jiushang’s good intentions. She was prepared to give it her all. “Don’t interfere. I’ll deal with these two large rats. I’ve never eaten rat meat before. I don’t know if it’s delicious, so I’ll use you two to try it.”

The two rats came to take a look because they had caught the smell of humans. Due to their cowardly nature, they were worried about encountering powerful humans. But after approaching and realizing that they were weaklings, they became bold and decided to hunt all of them.

The pitiful rats did not know that a certain lord had covered his aura and even sealed everyone’s spirit energy and cultivation. That was why they sensed these people were weak.

Earth-burrowing rats were actually very timid. This meant that they were destined to bully the weak and fear the strong. They found their strength in numbers.

Xue Fanxin took out the Xue You Flute and was about to transform it into the Xue You Sword. Unexpectedly, a certain lord said, “Put away the Xue You Flute. In the future, if it’s not a life and death battle, you can’t use it, especially during cultivation.”

“Why?” Xue Fanxin asked gloomily.

“Only then can you stimulate all your potential and strength. If you rely on divine weapons, it will be very difficult to completely trigger your potential.”

“If I don’t use the Xue You Flute, what should I use?”


“Ah?” While she was still pondering, the two rats pounced on her. She had no choice but to start fighting.

With just one attack, she sensed the power of a Rank Three demonic beast. It was equivalent to a Great Spirit Master.

In other words, she was fighting two Great Spirit Masters.

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