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Chapter 639: 639 Master of Peach Blossom Villa

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639 Master of Peach Blossom Villa

Although this was the first time Xue Fanxin had seen the Snow Crystal Fish, she knew how to cook fish very well. The ten Snow Crystal Fish quickly turned into all kinds of delicious dishes in her hand. Some were steamed and boiled, while others were roasted. Ten fish were not enough, so Ye Jiushang took out ten more from the pool.

Although Ye Jiushang did not eat much usually, he ate everything Xue Fanxin made. He finished at least half of the twenty Snow Crystal Fish.

It was delicious no matter what was made. Even if the fish was just boiled in water, it tasted good.

“It’s delicious, it’s really delicious.” Xue Fanxin held a skewer of roasted fish in her hand and praised it as she ate. There was another fish roasting on the fire rack, almost cooked. She would finish the skewer in her hand before eating the one on the fire rack.

Suddenly, the fish on the fire rack disappeared.

“Where’s my fish?”

A strange voice sounded from the side. “It’s quite good. If it were roasted a little longer, that would be even better.”

Xue Fanxin looked up and saw a handsome man in a pink and white robe eating her roasted fish. He finished it in two or three bites and looked at the half-eaten roasted fish in her hand with red eyes, looking like he wanted to rob her.

Though the man did not snatch the fish. Instead, he said with a smile, “Little girl, do you have any more fish? If not, roast some more.”

“Ah Jiu, who is he?” Xue Fanxin ignored the man and asked Ye Jiushang.

Since Ah Jiu had let this person appear, it meant that he was not an enemy.

“His name is Hua Zhaimei, the Master of the Peach Blossom Villa,” Ye Jiushang said expressionlessly. Although his attitude was cold, it showed that his relationship with him was good.

“If his name is Hua Zhaimei, what’s his relationship with Hua Shangmei?”

“Hua Shangmei is my younger brother. Do you know him?” He threw away the fish bone and took out a pink and white peach blossom wooden fan. He swayed it gently, assuming an elegant pose to give Xue Fanxin a good impression.

Bro, isn’t it a little too late to make a first impression?

Xue Fanxin smiled awkwardly. “Sort of.”

The Hua brothers were all quite strange.

Hua Zhaimei put away his wooden fan. Whatever image as a refined Young Master was all lost as he said anxiously, “Young Miss, quickly roast a few more fish. I haven’t had enough!”

Hua Zhaimei used the wooden fan to fan the fish pool. Ten fat Snow Crystal Fish flew out and landed at Xue Fanxin’s feet.

This move seemed simple but was really profound.

It could be seen that Hua Zhaimei was not weak. He was rather powerful.

Xue Fanxin glanced at Ye Jiushang and realized that he was sitting there indifferently. She already knew what was going on.

This Hua Zhaimei and Ah Jiu should be good friends. Otherwise, he would not let him be so impudent.

“Xin’er, we ate so many of his fish. Just roast a few for him and treat it as payment,” Ye Jiushang said casually.

Xue Fanxin was depressed and conflicted. When she heard Ye Jiushang’s words, she immediately agreed. “Alright, I’ll roast a few for him.”

Ah Jiu’s subordinates and friends were all extraordinary. She could not understand where he had found so many amazing people.

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