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Chapter 654: 654 Inside the Rockery

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654 Inside the Rockery

Xue Fanxin noticed his abnormality. She went forward to support him. “Ah Jiu, what’s wrong?”

“Xin’er, I have to sleep. You must remember to take good care of yourself.” Ye Jiushang endured the boiling blood wreaking havoc in his body. Despite reaching his limit, he was still holding on. He had to see Xue Fanxin.

He was going to sleep for a long time and was worried that something would happen to Xin’er.

“I will. Don’t worry and go into seclusion. Don’t force yourself, in case it’s harmful to your body. Where do you plan to enter seclusion? Do you want me to find a cave for you?”

Xue Fanxin’s humorous words made Ye Jiushang laugh. He pulled her toward the rockery made of mystic crystal jade. They crossed a wet small stone path and casually drew on the rockery. A purple light flashed for a moment, but there was no change.

“Ah Jiu, why did you bring me here?” Xue Fanxin thought that there would be something mysterious, but there was nothing. She knew that Ah Jiu would not do such a boring thing. There must be something about this Mystic Crystal Jade Fake Mountain.

“Let’s go.” Ye Jiushang pulled Xue Fanxin toward the fake mountain.

“Ah Jiu, what are you doing? There’s a mountain in front of you. Are you going to crash into it? I… Eh, what’s going on?”

Xue Fanxin thought that she would bump into the rockery, but she walked right through it. It was as if she had gone through a wall.

“Wow… So there’s another world in here!”

Inside the rockery was a small sealed cave, furnished with simple beds, chairs, and tables. Water flowed out of the cracks in the rockery and flowed into the pool below.

Though a little damp, it was a warm place. It was illuminated by Night Pearls, and the ground was paved with warm jade. It was like a small world.

“Xin’er, I can’t accompany you for the time being. You can enter and leave this place at will…” Ye Jiushang seemed to have a lot to say, but he had reached the limit. His body turned into a purple light and flew into the crystal coffin that had appeared at some point.

Upon entering the coffin, the purple light transformed back into a human. Ye Jiushang was lying inside with his eyes closed.

The lid automatically closed and sealed the coffin. The only difference was that the crystal coffin did not turn into stone.

Xue Fanxin could vaguely see the person inside. She did not feel that Ye Jiushang had left her. It was as if he had always been by her side.

Xue Fanxin did not leave the cave. She sat down against the crystal coffin and waited for a while. She did not speak, afraid that it would affect his seclusion. After all, he had just fallen asleep and should be at a critical moment. It would be bad if he was disturbed now.

“Ah Jiu, I’ll come and see you often.” Xue Fanxin sat for more than half a day before getting up. She kissed the crystal coffin before leaving reluctantly.

Anyway, she knew that Ah Jiu was here. If she missed him, she could come and take a look.

Without Ah Jiu around, she could not stay idle. She had to work hard at cultivation.

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