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Chapter 690: 690 Ordinary Crystal

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690 Ordinary Crystal

Xue Fanxin did not think too much about it. It had been very difficult for her to kill the rock monster just now. If not for the dagger Ah Jiu had given her, she would not have been able to cut open the rock monster’s head and take out the stone crystal inside.

Furthermore, before choosing to attack the rock monster’s head, she was not very sure if the stone crystal was in it… Fortunately, her guess was correct. Otherwise, once the time rule disappeared and she had not knocked down the rock monster, she would be in trouble.

“This is the stone crystal in the rock monster’s head.” Xue Fanxin took out the stone crystal for everyone to see. At the same time, she studied it carefully and realized that this red stone crystal was actually nothing special. It was like a red diamond, completely unlike other crystals that had spirit energy fluctuations. To cultivators, this was a useless crystal.

However, this red crystal was very hard and difficult to break.

“Your Highness, this crystal doesn’t seem to be anything special. It’s inferior to the lowest-grade green crystal. There’s no spirituality at all. It’s just a good-looking and hard crystal.” Heiyao also saw that the red crystal was ordinary and was a little disappointed.

He had thought that the crystal taken from that powerful rock monster would be incomparably precious. Unexpectedly, it was only an ordinary crystal without any spirit energy.

Was this the crystal they had risked their lives to obtain?

Not many people would believe that 500 of these crystals could open the exit of this desert.

“It’s just a lousy crystal without any spirit energy. Woman, are you sure that this crystal is what was taken out of the rock monster’s head? Did you take the wrong one?” Little Lei did not believe her.

Those rock monsters were too powerful. How could the thing in their heads be ordinary?

However, this woman was closely related to the tomb of the Spacetime Emperor. If she said that this crystal could open the exit here, then it must be possible.

“I didn’t take the wrong one. It’s this one. Who cares? Anyway, we’re going to collect 500 of these red crystals next, so work hard. I made a huge discovery today. I’ll tell you slowly when we get back to the camp. Let’s go.” Xue Fanxin did not care about others’ thoughts and opinions. She only needed to be sure of herself.

Although this red stone crystal was very ordinary, she was certain that this was the key to opening the exit of the desert.

Unfortunately, she had to collect 500 of them to open the exit.

Those rock monsters were not ordinary and were difficult to kill. She had used all her strength to kill one today, but the rock monsters only appeared once every three days. Every time, they only appeared for an hour… She really did not know when she would be able to finish killing five hundred rock monsters.

It did not matter. She already had some understanding of the rock monsters and knew how to kill them. The next time she fought, she would definitely be able to kill more rock monsters.

Xue Fanxin returned to the tent and immediately entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space. She cleaned herself up and came out as soon as possible.

There were too many people here. If some people with ulterior motives discovered that she had disappeared into thin air, it would more or less attract some unnecessary trouble. Therefore, she had better not run into the space during this period of time. If there was anything, it was best to let her soul enter the space, and not let her physical body enter.

Even if Xue Fanxin had only stayed in the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space for fifteen minutes, washed up briefly, and come out after changing into clean clothes, her disappearance had still been noticed by some people.

When Xue Fanxin entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space and came out again, the man who had come to ask Xue Fanxin for porridge opened his eyes, which were closed, and looked at the tent Xue Fanxin was living in. His eyes revealed a faint light.

There were not many portable spaces that could allow living people to enter and leave so freely.

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