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Chapter 697: 697 All Poisoned

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697 All Poisoned

Du Yuxuan suddenly left, making Xue Fanxin and the others feel very puzzled.

She had clearly come aggressively and looked like she was about to go all out, so why had she stopped after just a few words?

Perhaps Du Yuxuan was really afraid of being beaten up.

Xue Fanxin did not think too much about this. Anyway, Du Yuxuan had already left, so she could not be bothered to argue with a crazy woman. Just as she was about to go back and cook her own meal, she sensed something strange the moment she turned around.

There seemed to be something strange in her body. Although it was very subtle and almost undetectable, because she is a doctor with superb medical skills and a peerless poison master, it would be really sad if she didn’t even know that she had been poisoned.

When she realized that there was poison in her body, Xue Fanxin did not panic. Instead, she carefully recalled what had just happened and quickly guessed the truth.

The person who had poisoned her was most likely Du Yuxuan.

The purpose of Du Yuxuan coming to cause trouble for her this time was not to settle scores, but to poison her. Therefore, after successfully poisoning her, Du Yuxuan left so straightforwardly that it did not match her personality.

“You really overestimated yourself,” Xue Fanxin mocked her secretly. She did not say anything but said to the others, “I’m now prepared to make a feast to share with everyone. Come and help me. Not only Heiyao, Heiran, and Heiyue, but the other Black Shadow Guards should come too.”

“Alright, there’s a feast to eat. Oh yeah, oh yeah…” Little Lei was extremely excited when he heard that there was a feast to eat. He hugged the little white tiger and jumped around crazily.

“Awroo… awroo…” The little white tiger was also very excited, and its saliva was about to flow out.

Although Heiyao, Heiran, and the others did not show it so obviously, they all smiled even more brightly than flowers.

Could it be that a foodie’s personality was contagious?

If it was not contagious, why had these people all become gluttons?

Xue Fanxin smiled speechlessly, but she felt that this scene was very nice. To be able to see the heartfelt smiles of her family and friends was actually a very happy thing.

After returning to the tent, Xue Fanxin was not in a hurry to take out the kitchenware and cutlery to prepare a feast. Instead, she sat there without moving. She had thought that everyone would come after a while had passed, but unexpectedly, just as she entered the tent, that group of people all came in, filling her large tent.

However, even so, the tent looked quite spacious. Everyone had a place to sit or stand.

“Woman, woman, didn’t you ask us to help you make a feast? Aren’t you going to quickly take out your kitchenware, cutlery, and ingredients?” Little Lei was an impatient person, especially when it came to food. He was definitely extremely anxious and asked impatiently the moment he entered.

“What’s the hurry? Anyway, I guarantee you that I’ll definitely let you eat a feast today,” Xue Fanxin said leisurely. Then, her expression turned serious. She stood up and walked towards Heiran. She took her pulse first, then did a simple checkup, and then did the same to Heiyue.

“Your Highness, what’s wrong?” Heiran asked in confusion.

Everyone had the same doubts.

“We were all poisoned.”

Hearing Xue Fanxin’s words, everyone was extremely shocked. All of them looked incredulous and even doubted Xue Fanxin’s words.

“Your Highness, we’re not poisoned! If we were poisoned, we would definitely know.”

With their cultivation and ability, forget about ordinary poison, they could even discover the colorless and odorless strange poisons.

However, they did not sense any signs of poison on their bodies.

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