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Chapter 713: 713 Don't Say More

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713 Don’t Say More

After Old Man Yin Feng died, Xue Fanxin still had to check to make sure that he was really dead before leaving in relief.

The moment Xue Fanxin left, the onlookers dispersed.

Du Yuxuan’s corpse had been cleaned up by the disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, but Old Man Yin Feng did not even have anyone to collect his corpse, letting the sandstorm bury it.

After returning to the tent, Heiyao, Heiyue, and the others asked excitedly, “Your Highness, quickly tell us what’s going on.”

“Why couldn’t Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng escape at the critical moment? With their ability, they shouldn’t be like this.”

“Your Highness, your battle was really beautiful. With a few slashes, the heads of those rock monsters had already been cut open. You knocked one down in a few moves. You’re really too powerful.”

“It’s more than powerful. It’s simply… it’s… I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Your Highness, quickly tell us what’s going on.”

“All of you have so many questions. How can I answer? Anyway, we have time. I’ll tell you slowly.” Xue Fanxin did not mind being questioned by her subordinates at all, but she liked this atmosphere.

She had become friends with her subordinates. They were master and servant, but they were also companions. This was what she wanted.

Although Ah Jiu did not say it directly, she could tell that he valued the Black Shadow Guards, Nine Cloud Palace, and the people from the Purple Cloud Tower.

She would naturally value the people Ah Jiu valued.

Du Yuxuan was dead, and so was Old Man Yin Feng. However, the deaths of these two people did not cause much of a stir. Everyone returned to their places and did what they had to do, ignoring everything else.

After Bai Shuiling returned to the tent, she could not calm down for a long time. Every time she thought of Xue Fanxin’s beautiful battle, she felt inferior.

Her cultivation level was clearly higher than Xue Fanxin’s. Why could Xue Fanxin kill the rock monster but she could not?

“Shuiling, what can’t you figure out?” Elder Ke knew Bai Shuiling very well, so he came to look for her after returning from the sand pit to rest. He planned to enlighten her lest she go astray again.

“Grandpa Ke, I don’t understand. How can Xue Fanxin, a small cultivator in the Spirit Master Realm, do this? If it were me, forget about killing three rock monsters in one go, I wouldn’t even be able to defeat one. I can’t even see how Xue Fanxin attacked. It seems like she’s very fast, but it also doesn’t seem like it.”

“There are some people in this world who are existences that people look up to. They can create extraordinary miracles. What you have to do now is to set Xue Fanxin as your goal and work hard to surpass her. At the very least, you have to be on par with her, not just be envious and jealous.”

“Grandpa Ke, I’m not jealous of Xue Fanxin. I…”

In fact, she was indeed a little jealous of Xue Fanxin and a little discontent.

She did not think that she was inferior to Xue Fanxin, but in the end, she could not compare to her.

Elder Ke stroked Bai Shuiling’s head and said kindly, “Can you hide your thoughts from me? Everyone is jealous, it’s just that their magnitudes are different. Xue Fanxin is not simple. Ignoring the fact that she has a lot of power backing her, even she herself is a powerful character. You have to learn to learn from other people’s strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be envious and jealous, or you’ll end up like Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng.”

“Grandpa Ke, you mean…”

Could it be that Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng’s deaths were related to Xue Fanxin?

“It’s good that you understand this in your heart. Don’t say too much, or you’ll cause trouble for yourself and even the entire Bai family.”

“Grandpa Ke, I understand.”

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