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Chapter 74: Up to You

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When Ye Jiushang suddenly killed Li Yaoyao, Xue Fanxin was shocked as well. She looked at him in confusion, unable to guess what was on his mind. “Why are you so anxious to kill her? Don’t you want to know what treasure I have?”

“Your entire person is mine. Does anything else matter?” Ye Jiushang said indifferently. Then, he lit a spirit fire and burned Li Yaoyao’s corpse clean, not even leaving behind a speck of dust.

The reason he was in a hurry to kill Li Yaoyao was that he didn’t want her to say too much lest she revealed Xue Fanxin’s secret.

In such an open space, he could not guarantee that no one was eavesdropping nearby. Even if there was no one, there might be some special method to leak what had happened today.

Hence, asking Li Yaoyao to shut up was the best way to keep it a secret.

“Up to you.” Xue Fanxin couldn’t be bothered to argue with Ye Jiushang. She looked at the place where Li Yaoyao had died and confirmed that there was no trace of her before turning to leave.

Ye Jiushang followed her in a few steps. “Little girl, settle everything in the Duke’s Estate as soon as possible. Next, I want to take you somewhere. I’ll give you five days.”

“Did I agree?” Xue Fanxin rolled her eyes at Ye Jiushang and said angrily. Actually, she was not resistant to it because she knew the place would not be ordinary. Furthermore, she needed to go out more and understand this world better.

“This damned girl is so stubborn. How unlikable.”

“If you don’t like me, so be it. I didn’t ask you to like me.”

“Oh, you!” Ye Jiushang did not know what to do with Xue Fanxin. He flicked her forehead. They were about to return to the Duke’s Estate, so he concluded. “I’ll give you five days, but only five days. Afterward, even if you don’t want to, I’ll take you away.”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll finish everything in five days. Even if I can’t, I’ll go with you. That’s enough, right?” Xue Fanxin knew that Ye Jiushang meant what he said. Although he seemed easygoing, he was actually very domineering. No one could object to his decision.

What an annoying, overbearing man.

“Only you dare to speak to me like this, you know. If it were anyone else, they would have died long ago.”

“This is called one willing to hit and the other willing to bear it. Who asked you to pursue me? If you want to pursue me, then show some sincerity. Without any sincerity, how can you pick up any girls?”

Ye Jiushang was rendered speechless by Xue Fanxin. In front of this little girl, he was indeed willing to bear it while she was willing to hit. As the willing party, he did not feel wronged at all and even seemed happy.

It seemed like he was really going to be taken advantage of by this little girl.

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“Alright, I’m already here. Go back and rest. Good night.” Xue Fanxin walked to the door of the Duke’s Estate and casually waved at Ye Jiushang before walking inside.

There were quite a few people in the Duke’s Estate moving about. They were busy sorting out the blasted trash, especially the corpse of the person from the Asura Hall. It was said that it had been burned away by Yi Tian’s spirit fire.

Xue Fanxin did not care about these things at all. She slept soundly when she returned to her room.

Yi Tian had been following Xue Fanxin secretly when she returned. He stopped outside her room and stayed beside the window for a long time before leaving.

Was there really no chance between him and Xin’er?

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