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Chapter 764: 764

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764 Conditions (3)

Guan Xiaoyan did not hide anything and explained Guan Miaoyan’s background in detail.

Guan Miaoyan’s original name was Zhang Lili. She was an orphan. When she was seven years old, she was adopted by Guan Xiaoyan’s parents and became the Miss of the Guan family. She then changed her name to Guan Miaoyan.

“My mother originally thought that she would never be able to have children in her life, so she went to the orphanage to adopt a child. Less than half a year after Guan Miaoyan was adopted, my mother was pregnant with me. My mother is a little superstitious and thinks that Guan Miaoyan brought her good luck. Therefore, even after giving birth to me, she doted on her as if she was her biological daughter and even gave her a name similar to mine.”

“Her original name is Zhang Lili?” When Xue Fanxin heard this name, memories that had been sealed for many years suddenly surged out, and some past events appeared in her heart.

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“That’s right! Her name was Zhang Lili in the past. Not many people know about this now. Apart from my parents, only the elders of the Guan family know. Everyone outside thinks that Zhang Lili is my parents’ biological daughter.”

“So it’s really her.”

Ye Jiushang noticed Xue Fanxin’s abnormality. Coupled with what she had said about almost being adopted previously, he quickly guessed the truth. “She is the child who was adopted back then?”

Xue Fanxin nodded. “Mm.”

Back then, she did not know who the couple who wanted to adopt her was. She only knew that their family background was very good and they were from a rich family.

Later, the couple changed their mind and adopted Zhang Lili, and she no longer heard from them, nor did she hear from Zhang Lili.

Back then, she was too young and did not understand many things. Later, she slowly became sensible. Thinking back to what had happened back then, she finally knew why that couple had changed their minds and adopted Zhang Lili.

Fate was strange. People who she had thought she would no longer interact with had actually walked across her path again.

“I’ll help you take revenge.” Ye Jiushang did not ask further. He only knew that the person he loved had been wronged. He only had one thought in his mind, and that was to stand up for her.

“Sure! Let’s settle old and new scores together.”

“What are you talking about? What child who was adopted back then?” Guan Xiaoyan was puzzled and asked curiously.

Xue Fanxin did not answer. Instead, she changed the topic. “Young Master Guan, I have a few requests and conditions here. As long as you can fulfill them, I’ll be your bodyguard for a while.”

“Alright, alright, alright. Whatever conditions you have, just name them.”

“First of all, we won’t protect you 24/7. Where are you going, what are you doing, and what danger you might be in? You have to tell us in advance. We’ll arrange the time.”

“This…” Guan Xiaoyan hesitated for a moment before agreeing. “Alright, I’ll agree to this condition.”

“Secondly, we are only responsible for your safety. We don’t care about anything else.”

“No problem.”

“Third, if I have any new conditions in the future, add them.”

“Er… Alright, I agree to all of this. As long as you’re willing to protect me, everything else can be discussed.” At this point, Guan Xiaoyan was enraged again. “If I find out who wants my life, I’ll definitely kill them.”

“Regarding this, I suggest you investigate the people around you properly, especially those who have a conflict of interest with you. If you didn’t provoke any important people, then the person who wants to kill you should have a conflict of interest with you. According to what I know, the Guan family is a tycoon family with a strong family fortune. If you die, who will benefit the most?” Xue Fanxin reminded him. For some reason, Guan Miaoyan’s figure suddenly flashed through her mind.

With Guan Miaoyan’s personality, would she let go of such a large fortune from the Guan family?


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