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Chapter 809: 809

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809 Take Me With You

It had happened too suddenly, and Xue Fanxin had yet to react. However, she knew one thing very well. She had to return to the Tongxuan Continent now, or she would have to wait for a year or even longer.

No, no. If she disappeared for too long, Grandpa would definitely go crazy. Also, there was a bunch of things over there. It was not good to delay it for too long.

“Master, Ah Jiu is not here. Even if we want to return in a hurry, we have to bring him along.”

Just as Xue Fanxin finished speaking, Ye Jiushang rushed to the scene, as if he was very anxious. However, when he saw the Red Dust Emperor, the anxiety on his face slowly disappeared.


When he was cultivating just now, he had noticed that something was wrong in the starry sky. He was afraid that Xin’er would be in danger, so he rushed over quickly. When he came to the scene and saw the Red Dust Emperor, all his worries were gone. However, when he thought of the spider lily, he had many opinions and complaints about the Red Dust Emperor.

“What are you doing here?”

“Rascal, no matter what, I am Little Xin’er’s master. I am also one of the Great Emperors of the five continents and ten regions. Be polite when you speak to me.” The Red Dust Emperor was dissatisfied with Ye Jiushang’s attitude and directly bombarded him.

“To think you have the cheek to say that you are Xin’er’s master. If not for you, how could Xin’er have kept that spider lily in her sea of consciousness?”

At the mention of this, the Red Dust Emperor blamed himself. Therefore, he no longer had the confidence to argue with Ye Jiushang. He lowered his head in sorrow.

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Xue Fanxin did not want to see such a scene, so she changed the topic. “Ah Jiu, this matter must not have been Master’s intention. Since it’s already in the past, let’s not mention it. Master said that the void passageway can only last for fifteen minutes. We don’t have much time left, so it’s more important to get down to business. The others can be indifferent, but it’s best to greet Xiaoyan.”

Ye Jiushang nodded and looked at the motionless Guan Xiaoyan. Hence, he said to the Red Dust Emperor angrily, “Remove the power of the time law from his body.”

The Red Dust Emperor snorted coldly in a low voice. Then, he removed the power of the time law from Guan Xiaoyan’s body and reminded her angrily, “You only have fifteen minutes. If you have something to do, quickly do it and leave.”

After the power of time law on Guan Xiaoyan disappeared, he immediately regained his freedom. However, what he saw shocked him. “What… what’s going on?”

Why did everyone maintain the same posture and not move, like puppets?

“Master, Mistress, what’s wrong with my father and the others? Who is he?” Guan Xiaoyan asked curiously when he saw the Red Dust Emperor.

“Xiaoyan, he is my master. We only have fifteen minutes left, so there are many things I don’t have time to explain to you.” Xue Fanxin wanted to say goodbye to Guan Xiaoyan, but she did not know how to speak.

“Mistress, what fifteen minutes?”

“In fifteen minutes, your master and I will return to the Tongxuan Continent. We might not return in the future, so…”

“Then take me with you.” Guan Xiaoyan made this decision without thinking.

Although his father and mother were here, his heart had already been broken. Leaving was no big deal.

“This…” Xue Fanxin could not give Guan Xiaoyan an accurate answer. She looked at the Red Dust Emperor for advice.

The Red Dust Emperor understood what Xue Fanxin meant and said bluntly, “His cultivation level is too low and he can’t withstand the power of the void turbulence. The Spacetime Emperor can only barely open the void passageway now and doesn’t have the ability to protect the people in the passageway, so if you bring him to the Tongxuan Continent with you, it will be very dangerous for him.”

Hearing the Red Dust Emperor’s words, everyone already understood.

Guan Xiaoyan lowered his head in disappointment, feeling like crying.


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