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Chapter 901: Chapter 901 - Chapter 901: Only One Person

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Chapter 901: Only One Person

Xue Fanxin soaked comfortably in the bucket. This was a medicinal bath that could relieve fatigue. After soaking for a while, she actually did not feel that tired. At this moment, she had the strength and mood to tease a certain lord.

“Ah Jiu, did you help me shower and change last night?”

Ye Jiushang still covered his eyes with a black cloth. Although he could not see anything, he knew Xue Fanxin’s every move and knew that she was naked.

If he took off the black cloth on his eyes and saw that beautiful view, he would most likely eat that little girl up.


In order to prevent himself from losing control, it was better for him to cover his eyes.

“If you have the strength to tease me, it seems that you no longer need my care. Do the rest yourself,” Ye Jiushang said and left. He took deep breaths outside and tried his best to calm the flames in his body.

He really did not know how long this aggrieved life would last.

It was better to fatten this little girl up quickly so that she could be eaten.

Xue Fanxin looked at Ye Jiushang’s fleeing silhouette and could not help but laugh. “Haha… Ah Jiu, you’re too cute.”

Actually, after being intimate with Ah Jiu for a while, she did not mind some of the more intimate things.

Although she was still a little embarrassed and shy, she could accept it.

“Forget it, forget it. It’s better not to flirt with Ah Jiu anymore. Otherwise…” Xue Fanxin put away her playful thoughts and walked out of the bucket. After drying her body, she changed into clean clothes and lay on the bed to sleep.

The moment her body touched the soft bed, she fell asleep.

Even though she was not as tired as yesterday, she was still very tired.

Ye Jiushang was outside the courtyard door and could clearly hear Xue Fanxin’s steady breathing. He knew that she had fallen asleep, so he returned to his room.

When the little stone man saw Ye Jiushang return, he jumped onto his shoulder and pointed awkwardly at a corner.

Papa said he had to tell him if he pooped.

“How obedient. Do this in the future, understand? I’ll get you a suitable spatial ring later. If there’s any excrement in the future, keep it in there first.” Ye Jiushang put away the little stone man’s excrement and did not feel disgusted at all.

The excrement of the Golden Stone Spirit was the purest of refined iron and was the best refining material. This kind of thing was something he couldn’t get enough of, so how could he feel disgusted?

Ye Jiushang put away the little stone man’s excrement and continued reading. He noted down some key things and recorded some precious information and knowledge in his own notebook.

During this period of time, he was only in charge of training Xin’er. He did not cultivate or fight and consumed very little energy. With his cultivation, it was not a problem for him to go without sleeping for half a month.

Therefore, when he was free, he had to research those planes and cars as soon as possible and modify them to make them suitable tools here.

Ye Jiushang had been reading for the entire night. He calculated the time and saw that it was almost dawn. He went to the courtyard and took out the food stored in the space. He placed it on the table and warmed it with his spiritual aura. When Xue Fanxin woke up, she would be able to eat it.

Xue Fanxin slept until dawn and woke up hungry. When she woke up, she washed up briefly and went out to eat.

“Ah Jiu, did you make all this food?” Xue Fanxin asked as she ate.

“Before we came, I asked the chef in the residence to make a lot of food. It’s enough for you to eat for around ten days,” Ye Jiushang answered Xue Fanxin’s question patiently.

If it were anyone else, he would not answer such a useless question.

However, if it was anyone else, he wouldn’t even care about the other party’s life and death. How could he waste his effort to train them personally?

There was only one person who received such treatment..


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