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Chapter 921: 921 Seven-colored Divine Lotus

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921 Seven-colored Divine Lotus

After Xue Fanxin planted the withered Divine Lotus in the space, she stayed inside for a while before coming out. She warmed up first and greeted the little animals beside her before starting today’s training.

However, she did not know that when she left the space, the withered Divine Lotus had quietly changed.

The withered flower and root fused together, turning into a seven-colored lotus seed. After the seven-colored lotus seed absorbed the sap of the Tree of Life and Xue Fanxin’s blood, it took root and germinated, filled with vitality.

Xue Fanxin was still completely unaware of this. She was training hard and running in the forest with 15 kilograms of weight. After running for half a lap, she stopped to rest and continued to run. No matter how bitter or tired she was, she would not give up. She relied on her strong willpower to continue running.

The demonic beasts of all sizes in the forest were already familiar with Xue Fanxin, and they knew that she would not casually hurt them, so they boldly appeared by her side and ran with her, resting with her. Of course, when there was food, they would not be polite and directly reached out to ask Xue Fanxin for it.

Xue Fanxin was not stingy. She generously took out her snacks and shared them with the demonic beasts. Be it big or small demonic beasts, she would give food to them when they came.

Because she had yet to adapt to the intensity of the second stage of training, she collapsed from exhaustion after running with 15 kilograms of weight. Even if she did not faint from exhaustion, she was too tired to think about anything else. After returning to the bamboo house, she fell asleep and did not have any extra energy to look in the space. Therefore, even now, she had not noticed the abnormality of the Divine Lotus.

Seeing that Xue Fanxin was so tired, Ye Jiushang took care of her and let her have a good sleep. As for the Divine Lotus, he did not think there would be results so quickly. Therefore, he temporarily put this matter aside and continued to study his planes and cars.

The next morning, Xue Fanxin woke up with a tired body. After washing up and rinsing her mouth, she went out to eat breakfast. When she saw Ye Jiushang, she remembered the withered lotus. However, she did not think that the withered lotus would change after being planted yesterday, so she only used her divine sense to casually glance into the space to see what was going on.

But this glance shocked her.


When Ye Jiushang heard Xue Fanxin suddenly cry out, he thought that something had happened to her. He quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Ah Jiu, that withered lotus, it…”

“What’s wrong with it?” Ye Jiushang asked anxiously.

“It germinated again.”

“It germinated again? Tell me in detail. What’s the situation now?”

“The withered petals and roots have all disappeared. There’s only a seven-colored lotus seed planted in the soil and it sprouted a little green bud.”

“Seven-colored lotus seed…” Ye Jiushang fell into deep thought. A happy smile gradually appeared on his face. Then, he said excitedly, “I see, I see. No wonder. It’s actually the Seven-colored Divine Lotus…”

“Ah Jiu, what are you talking about?” Xue Fanxin was confused. She had no idea what was going on, but she could tell that Ye Jiushang was very happy now, as if he had picked up a treasure.

“An ordinary Divine Lotus has a certain chance of evolving into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus after blooming, but this is a very dangerous process. Without external help, an ordinary Divine Lotus only has a one in ten thousand chance of evolving into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus. Xin’er, you’re really powerful. You actually planted an ordinary Divine Lotus into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus.”

Could it be because of this fertilizer that the withered lotus took root and germinated, turning into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus?

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