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Chapter 922: 922 Completely Annoyed

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922 Completely Annoyed

Ye Jiushang could not enter Xue Fanxin’s Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space, so he could only listen to her detailed description and infer with his knowledge. At this moment, he was already certain that the withered Divine Lotus had successfully evolved into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus.

If he had not brought the Divine Lotus and let Xin’er plant it in the Breathing Earth…

If Xin’er had not used the Tree of Life and her blood as fertilizer…

If not…

In short, when all factors were right, the ordinary Divine Lotus successfully evolved into a Seven-colored Divine Lotus. Furthermore, it was planted in a secret space that isolated everything and no one could spy on it.

Xin’er’s luck was really extraordinary.

“Ah Jiu, is this Divine Lotus very important to you?” When Xue Fanxin saw that Ye Jiushang was so happy, she was also happy.

Ah Jiu had always been the one helping her. She was especially happy to be able to help Ah Jiu.

“It’s indeed quite important. If not for this Divine Lotus, I wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Ten Thousand Furious Lotus Bloom. And the Ten Thousand Furious Lotus Bloom is the only way for me to increase my cultivation level again. But these are all problems for the future. Just take proper care of the Seven-colored Divine Lotus. This Seven-colored Divine Lotus is as precious as the Tree of Life. Apart from you and me, you can’t let a third person know.”

“Yes, yes. I know. I definitely won’t tell a third person about the Seven-colored Divine Lotus.” Xue Fanxin nodded heavily. This was her promise to Ah Jiu.

Not only did she have to cultivate the Seven-colored Divine Lotus, but she also had to protect this secret.

No matter what, the Seven-colored Divine Lotus could only belong to Ah Jiu. No one could snatch it away.

Ye Jiushang stroked Xue Fanxin’s head and said gently, “I am infinitely lucky to have you in my life. I’m satisfied.”

“What do you mean by infinitely lucky? Don’t make it sound like that. Do we have to be so polite with each other? As long as you always love me, protect me and dote on me, I’ll always love you, protect you and dote on you.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you to love me, protect me, and dote on me.”

Xue Fanxin stuck out her tongue and made a face at Ye Jiushang. After fooling around with him for a while, she walked into the forest and started today’s training.

Ye Jiushang looked at Xue Fanxin’s departing figure, his face filled with a gentle and doting smile. At this moment, a communication spirit technique flew over. It was a message from Zimo.

“Someone wants to buy information about my whereabouts?” After Ye Jiushang finished reading the message, a mysterious and evil smile appeared on his face. If anyone who knew him was present and saw such a smile, they would immediately know that someone was going to be unlucky.

That Grand Preceptor’s wife was really capable of causing trouble. She had actually gone to the Purple Cloud Tower to buy news again, and it was news about him.

And that Empress had actually sent people to investigate his whereabouts…

How ridiculously naive.

The Empress wanted to use his power to pave the way for her son to become the Emperor.

The Grand Preceptor’s wife wanted to push her daughter to the position of the Ninth Imperial Consort.

Initially, he did not want to waste time on these people, thinking that they would stop if they could not see him. Unexpectedly, they were still making a fuss.

“Do you really think I’m so easy to deal with?” Ye Jiushang muttered to himself coldly. Then, he used his finger to draw a communication spirit technique in the air and sent the news out.

Before long, Zimo, who was far away in the Purple Cloud Tower, received Ye Jiushang’s reply. Then, he did as he was instructed.

“Pass down the order. From now on, the Purple Cloud Tower will no longer do business with the Grand Preceptor’s Estate. Order people to spread the news that the Third Prince is sick and needs to drink virgin blood every day to treat his illness.”

It seemed like the Empress and the Grand Preceptor’s wife had really angered their master this time.

If they angered their master, what awaited these two women would be the abyss of hell.

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