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Chapter 923: 923 Bad News

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923 Bad News

Ye Jiushang had already brought Xue Fanxin to the depths of the Moon Burial Ridge to train for more than ten days, but the people in the Imperial City had never stopped. Many people were openly and secretly asking around for Ye Jiushang’s whereabouts. There were even quite a few suspicious people appearing outside the Ninth Lord’s Estate every day.

However, no matter how they asked and searched, there was still no news of Ye Jiushang.

They had not been able to find him for more than ten days, and there was not even any news. The Empress and the wife of the Grand Preceptor could not help but think of other ways to find Ye Jiushang.

The Empress sent people deep into the Ninth Lord’s Estate in an attempt to obtain information from within.

The Grand Preceptor’s wife also visited the third floor of the Purple Cloud Tower again, wanting to buy Ye Jiushang’s whereabouts through the Purple Cloud Tower.

However, be it asking around deep inside or buying information at the Purple Cloud Tower, it was useless. This made the Empress and the Grand Preceptor’s wife even more crazy.

In the inner courtyard of the Imperial Palace, the Empress received the news from her spies again. She was so angry that she overturned the tea set beside her and scolded them angrily. “You can’t even find one person. Why should I feed you? you useless people!”

If she still could not find Ye Jiushang, how could her future plans be carried out?

Even if she found Ye Jiushang, she did not know if she could successfully use him.

But no matter if she could successfully use him, she had to find him first.

Just as the Empress was enraged, a palace maid came and reported in a panic. “Your Majesty, something bad has happened…”

The Empress was already angry. When she heard the palace maid’s inauspicious words, she became even more angry. Before the palace maid could report the matter in detail, she scolded angrily, “What are you shouting for? What big thing can happen now? Could it be that the sky has collapsed?”

The palace maid was so frightened that she knelt on the ground in fear. She did not dare to speak anymore and only knelt.

However, this also displeased the Empress. She yelled again, “Hurry up and say what you have to say. Do you want me to beg you to say it?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you now.” The palace maid was frightened again and was even more panicked. However, no matter how panicked she was, she had to report the matter. “Your Majesty, there are rumors outside that His Highness has a bad illness and needs to drink virgin blood every day to fight it.”

When the Empress heard this news, she felt that the sky was really about to collapse. Her beautiful face immediately turned pale, and her expression changed drastically. “What did you say?”

Only she and a few of her trusted aides knew that her son was ill. Even the emperor did not know. Why had this matter spread?

Once the ministers in the court found out about this, they would no longer support her son. Even the emperor would not make her son the Crown Prince…

The more the Empress thought about it, the more panicked she became. Previously, she had been thinking about how to use Ye Jiushang’s power to pave the way for her son. Now, how could she have the mood to think about this? She did not even know if her son could protect his position as the prince.

At the same time, in the Grand Preceptor’s Estate…

“What did you say? The Purple Cloud Tower is no longer doing business with the Grand Preceptor’s Estate? Why?” The Grand Preceptor’s wife had been waiting for news from the Purple Cloud Tower, wanting to know Ye Jiushang’s whereabouts. Unexpectedly, what she received was news that the Purple Cloud Tower would no longer do business with the Grand Preceptor’s Estate.

Without the help of the Purple Cloud Tower, how could she find Ye Jiushang?

Why had things turned out like this?

Yu Yuefu was also standing by the side. When she saw her mother’s huge reaction, she panicked and asked anxiously, “Mother, do I have no hope of becoming the Ninth Imperial Consort?”

“Yuefu, don’t worry. I’ll definitely find Ye Jiushang and let him take you as his consort.” Although the Grand Preceptor’s wife said that, she was not confident at all.

The Purple Cloud Tower did not even dare to do business regarding Ye Jiushang. It could be seen how powerful this Ninth Lord was.

How could she handle such a powerful character?

But the more this was the case, the more she could not give up.

The more outstanding Ye Jiushang was, the more correct her choice and decision was. No matter what, she had to marry her daughter to this man.

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