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Chapter 928: 928 Practice

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928 Practice

Xue Fanxin hid in the bushes and heard everything the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect said clearly. She was extremely angry.

Although it was not a big deal for humans to hunt demonic beasts, after all, demonic beasts would also kill humans, poisoning the river water was really going against morals.

From the content of these people’s conversation, it could be seen that they did not care about the lives of the other living beings at all. They only wanted to obtain the five-colored spirit crystals. In order to obtain the five-colored spirit crystals, they did not hesitate to poison the river and poison the demonic beasts in the entire forest.

This method was too cruel.

Furthermore, she was very familiar with the demonic beasts here. She had gotten along very well with them recently and they could already be considered ‘friends’.

How could she ignore people who had harmed her friends?

At this moment, the elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect poured quite a few more poisons into the river. When he was doing this, he had never considered that it would cause many lives to be lost. All he had in his heart were the five-colored spirit crystals.

Apart from the elder, the others were the same. They all smiled happily as they watched the poison pour into the river.

For their own selfish reasons, they did not care about the lives of all living beings. How detestable.

“Bastard, they released so much poison. They want all the demonic beasts in the Moon Burial Ridge to die,” Xue Fanxin cursed silently.

The demonic beasts beside them saw with their own eyes that the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect had poisoned the river. No matter how low their intelligence was, they understood the reason for the sudden deaths and hated the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect to the core. One of the demonic beasts could not control the hatred and anger in its heart. It rushed out of the bushes and wanted to attack the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

“Don’t go. Come back quickly.” Xue Fanxin wanted to stop it, but it was already too late. However, even if she could not stop it in time, she was not in a hurry. After all, there was a barrier in front of her. With the barrier blocking it, the demonic beast could not get out, and the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect could not enter.

Just as Xue Fanxin was thinking this, things did not develop like this.

The angry demonic beast rushed out of the barrier and rushed to the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect to fight them.

“Roar…” The demonic beast’s eyes were filled with anger and hatred. At this moment, it had already lost its rationality and only wanted to kill the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

“It’s actually a Rank Five demonic beast, a Holy Light Tiger. Everyone, be careful.”

Although the people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect said to be careful, all of them were very excited, especially the old man. His eyes were shining, and greed was clearly shown on his face. He said sinisterly, “Haha… I happen to be short of a Rank Five demonic beast’s crystal core to refine a magic treasure. The crystal core of the Holy Light Tiger is just right. Haha… This trip was not in vain.”

The Holy Light Tiger was very hostile to the First Elder. After rushing out of the barrier, it specially attacked the First Elder, wanting to kill him.

However, the First Elder did not think much of it. Although he could not immediately take down the Holy Light Tiger in the battle, he was not anxious at all. As he fought, he released poison. He used a delaying tactic, hoping to wait for the Holy Light Tiger to die from poison.

How could the Holy Light Tiger have such high intelligence? Furthermore, it was controlled by anger and hatred. It kept attacking the First Elder and even wanted to perish together with him.

At this moment, Ye Jiushang’s voice sounded leisurely. “These people are for you to practice on. Let’s see how much growth you’ve gained recently. That Heavenly Spirit Sect’s First Elder is at the Saint Realm and is not weak. Have fun.”

Fun… Ah Jiu actually asked her to play with a Saint Realm expert?

It was not that she had never played with a Saint Realm expert. Wasn’t that Old Man Yin Feng a Saint Realm expert too?

Forget it. She would have a good time.

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