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Chapter 936: 936 We Agreed

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936 We Agreed

Although the little guy who was snatching the herbs was being chased by the First Elder, it was not afraid at all. With a herb in its mouth, it quickly ran towards Xue Fanxin.

It knew very well that as long as it ran to that human, nothing would happen to it.

When the little guy saw Xue Fanxin, it immediately increased its speed, but because it was too fast, it could not stop in time and crashed into her.

“Awroo…” The little guy bumped into Xue Fanxin’s arms. It was not afraid at all and raised the herb in its mouth for the person in front of it.

At this moment, the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect also ran over. Similarly, because he ran too quickly, he almost bumped into Xue Fanxin.

However, his treatment was not as good.

There were a few larger demonic beasts by Xue Fanxin’s side. When they saw the First Elder run over, they immediately blocked the path in front of Xue Fanxin.

In the end, a certain First Elder suffered a tragic fate. He crashed into a demonic beast’s stomach, but it happened to be extraordinarily hard, causing his head to hurt and feel a little dizzy. He took a long time to recover, but when he raised his head to look at Xue Fanxin, his expression immediately changed drastically. He asked in a panic, “How… how could it be you?”

Xue Fanxin hugged the little guy who was hiding in her arms and picked up the herb to look at it. She smiled evilly and said, “Not bad! You actually know how to use the Earth Subduing Spirit to suppress the poison. No wonder you didn’t laugh as miserably.”

To be able to find herbs to suppress the poison in a short night, this Heavenly Spirit Sect’s First Elder was indeed an expert in using poison.

The First Elder had a bitter expression and wanted to cry but he had no tears. “Ninth Imperial Consort, there’s no grudge between us in the past or recently. Furthermore, I never thought of hurting you. Why don’t you let me off?”

God knew how painful his life had been last night.

He was laughing so hard that he was about to die, but he could not die. He did not have the courage to commit suicide, so he could only suffer.

He had finally found an herb that could relieve and suppress the poison in his body, but it had been snatched away by a little demonic beast. He was extremely depressed.

Because he knew that the demonic beasts here had an extraordinary relationship with Xue Fanxin, he did not dare to kill them. He did not even dare to kill small bugs by the roadside. It was really tragic.

If word got out that a Saint Realm expert had fallen to this, it would definitely make people laugh.

“First Elder, it’s not like I’m holding a knife to your neck now. What do you mean by let you off? We agreed yesterday that we would play with poison properly, so you can continue to work hard. This Earth Subduing Spirit was given to me by the little guy, so I won’t give it to you. If you still want the Earth Subduing Spirit, you can find it yourself.” Xue Fanxin stored the little guy’s Earth Subduing Spirit in her space and really did not give it to the First Elder. Then, she stood up and prepared to continue her training.

“You… I…” The First Elder had nothing to say. Even if he had something to say, he did not dare to. He could only admit that he was unlucky and quickly go elsewhere to look for the Earth Subduing Spirit.

The medicinal effect of an Earth Subduing Spirit was only six hours. It had already been four hours since he had taken the Earth Subduing Spirit last time. He had to quickly find the medicine.

The First Elder left immediately. When he left, he glanced at Xue Fanxin and realized that she was jumping on the wooden stakes. Sometimes, she would lose her balance and fall. After falling, she would continue to get up and jump onto the wooden stakes, jumping along the wooden stakes on the way.


Who trained like this?

No matter what she was doing, he had to find the Earth Subduing Spirit quickly.

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