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Chapter 121

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Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish!!

A Rainy evening. The moon was hidden behind clouds and the sound of rain was audible from the outside.

Two elves are sitting on a sofa in a room at the Mitsugoshi Company.

“Alpha-sama, the circulation of the banknotes of the Great Trading Alliance is this way. It has been increasing since the beginning of its publication, affecting the Kingdom’s economy as well.”

The elf with indigo hair and deep blue eyes – Gamma – shows a graph drawn on paper while talking.

“That’s dangerous……”

The elf with platinum blonde hair, Alpha, muttered with a grim face. Her beautiful hair shines by the light of the fireplace.

“I expect that in less than half a year, sustaining it will become impossible.”

“So it seems……a troublesome opponent. They’re the enemies of the Mitsugoshi Company, not of Shadow Garden.”

“Yes. Because the connection between the Mitsugoshi Company and Shadow Garden cannot become public knowledge.”

“I cannot permit anything flashy. I don’t want just simply to crush it; however, Delta will not understand, right?……”

“That dog should only be let loose against bandits.”

“Think a bit more on how to move about this.”

“Seems impossible. Only he can attach a collar and hold it tight.”

Alpha sighed and rearranged her legs.

“It will take six months at the latest until the Great Trading Alliance collapses. Naturally, they should’ve also understood the danger. The trap simply being set……”

“Yes. Including the subsequent response――”

At that time, the door of the room was knocked.


“Excuse me.”

A girl with dark brown hair, Nyu, came in.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation. There is an intruder.”

“Ara……The trap is sprung.”

“I believe a proper greeting is in order. Please leave it to me.”

Gamma stood up from the sofa with a confident face.

“Well, that’s fine, but…… you?”

“Yes. I’ll show you what I can do. Nyu, let’s go.”


Alpha felt uneasy as she saw off the two, who bowed and left.

“Since Nyu is also with her, it should be okay, right?……”

She said, trying to convince herself.


A man in black runs through a dark corridor. The small footsteps are drowned out by the sound of the rain outside.

The keen and agile man is the chief of the 『Four Leaves(Yotsuba)』, a master magic swordsman called 『First Leaf(Ichiyou)』.

He invaded the Mitsugoshi Company with 『Second Leaf(Futaba)』and 『Third Leaf(Mitsuba)』. His job as the 『First Leaf』 is the recovery of confidential documents alone. The 『Second Leaf』, along with several subordinates, is to take on the role of saboteurs, while the 『Third Leaf』 is to loot and kidnap key personnel.

『First Leaf』, who advanced to the depths of the Company, noticed the shadow of a person walking ahead and stopped his feet.

Walking through the dark corridor is a beautiful elf with indigo hair. The President of the Mitsugoshi Company.

‘The person in charge of kidnapping is  the『Third Leaf』, but– oh well.’

『First Leaf』 chose to stun and collect her.

His movement was fast.

In the darkness, approaching behind the target without making a sound, he struck her neck with a chop with his hand.



*Glares* She looks back.

『First Leaf』 hurriedly took his distance. She should’ve lost consciousness after being taken by complete surprise.

“How embarrassing. It’s pretty easy to take me by surprise.”

She puts on a fearless smile while rubbing her neck. Although while saying that it hurts, she seems perfectly fine.

“Since you have come all this way, we’ll receive you with the greatest welcome. I am Gamma; the one who will reap your life!!”

Gamma announced while making a jet-black sword appear.

And then strengthened her body, and closed the distance between her and 『First Leaf』 within a single breath.


Her movements were simple and straightforward, but fast.

However, 『First Leaf』 has seen through it with just that much movement.

‘This woman–is just a fast amateur!!’

Gamma’s movements are noisily wasteful.


With every breath, Gamma would swing her sword.

Her movements are wasteful and put in an excessive amount of force.

‘But she’s needlessly fast, and above all – this ridiculous amount of magical power!?’

No matter how fast, you can match the counter if the motion is big enough. However, Gamma’s sword holds enough magical power to blow away several magic swordsmen altogether.

‘If you touch it, you die.’

‘Besides, it is actually hard to read her movements. Even if the motions of her swings are large, her pattern is random, just like an amateur’s.’

『First Leaf』 has already avoided Gamma’s sword to an impressive extent.

“Trying to avoid my sword? It is an elegant movement, the 『Lichten Lower-style』 western swordsmanship, is it?”


‘She saw through it!?’

An astounding observing eye, to have seen through him with only a glance.

‘But this calm amateur, it was probably an accident, right?’

“It is easy to respond if the school is known. Let’s go.”


『First Leaf』 raised his caution.


While making that sound, Gamma cuts in deep.

Stepping forward with tremendous speed.

But it’s easy to see because it’s sloppy.

And from there, a blow that hid tremendous power was sent out.


If one were to describe the blow in a few words, it would be that there was no change!?

Although she saw through his style, her style has not changed at all!

『First Leaf』 had aimed to cut off Gamma’s neck with a reflexive movement that is ingrained in his body.




There was not a single wound.

Without a doubt, he had cut her neck. But, why?

‘What is going on with this woman’s body!?’

“You, just what…..”

『First Leaf』’s voice shook.

“To give a blow to this me, you are an expert user of your school. Oh well, I’ll oppose you with all my strength.”

She put in an absurd amount of magical power into her blade.

And then.


Attacks shot out continuously.

‘Fierce speed, but super large swings!!’

『First Leaf』 took his distance and dodged the multiple connecting attacks.


However, Gamma gave chase with terrible technique and tremendous speed.

“What’s with this pointlessly huge magical power?! That strange sound!?”[TLN: Referring to the all the swishing that Gamma’s been letting out]

“The great teaching of my Master!! Hack ‘N Slash with a lot of magical power loaded! And when I finally cut sometimes, saying ‘Swish’ makes it look strong! Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish!!”

“Th-this is bad!!”

『First Leaf』’s pace was entangled because of Gamma’s pressure.

At the moment, a fatal chance was born.

“I’ve got you!”

‘She’s got me!’

The thoughts of the two matched.

However, reality did not match.


Gamma cut at empty air, and unable to kill her momentum, she rushed forward and crashed into the wall.


And a terrible sound echoed.

“Uu……I will do it, okay?”

『First Leaf』 shuddered when he saw Gamma emerge from the rubble unscathed while scattering debris.

‘W-Wh-What is this person!?’

“I struck in the gap of an instant with a big swing, but got hit with a leg sweep and flung into the wall. Am I wrong?”

“Wr-wrong, you just fell down on your own……”

“I will not fall for cheap provocations.”

‘I-It’s useless. Dealing with this woman is impossible.’

‘Why is such a bullshit woman the President of the Mitsugoshi Company!?’

‘However, the work of 『Second Leaf』 and 『Third Leaf』 should be over soon. We’ll use numbers to subdue this bullshit woman’ – when he had this thought, the sound of footsteps echoed behind him.

‘They’ve come!’

“Well, you guys have perfect timing, 『Second Leaf』,『Third Leaf』……Wha-!?”

However, it was neither 『Second Leaf』 nor 『Third Leaf』 that were there.

It was a girl who smiled thinly.

The girl with dark brown hair approached, walking crisply. With two lumps under her arms……no.

“Are the ones you refer to as 『Second Leaf』and 『Third Leaf』 by any chance – – these?”

She threw away the two lumps which she had held under her arms.

That, which rolled on the floor and stopped at the feet of 『First Leaf』, was a still warm, freshly-severed pair of heads.

“Wha……『Second Leaf』, 『Third Leaf』…….”

They were undoubtedly the heads of 『Second Leaf』 and 『Third Leaf』.

However, the girl who disposed of them appears to be only a regular employee of the Mitsugoshi Company, at first glance.

『First Leaf』 experienced a feeling of having seen something that should not have existed in the likes of the Mitsugoshi Company.

“Ara Nyu, you came too early.”

“I-is that so……”

“But, please be careful. This guy, he is one of the world’s best experts……”


The girl called Nyu stares at 『First Leaf』 with eyes filled up to 90% with suspicion.

Those eyes seem to be asking ‘Are you really strong? Huh?’ in an intimidating manner.

『First Leaf』 was terrified of this unknown girl. He instinctually knew that going up against this girl with dark brown hair would be very bad.

『First Leaf』 reflexively shook his head.

“……The person himself denies it.”

“Do not be deceived. This man is an expert of the 『Lichten Lower』-style, and that too, a man who has mastered it entirely.”

“That’s amazing, isn’t it? Let’s have you show it, by all means……”

Nyu drew her sword.

‘Th-this is bad!’

『First Leaf』 attacks Gamma reflexively. Between an unknown entity at the front gate, and a dragon at the back entrance, the front gate is better.

“Let’s bring it to an end! Swish!!”

Gamma’s sword is swung.

However, 『First Leaf』 has already wholly given it up.

He stops just before Gamma’s maai and aims at a counter. [TLN: Maai is the distance between opponents in kendo]

Or so it was supposed to be.


She let loose a cry.


Unfortunately for him, the sword Gamma released while falling (yet again) cut through 『First Leaf』 while rotating at high speed.

The sword flew out with a buzzing sound, while 『First Leaf』 crumbled to the floor.

“Uu……..So close.”

Gamma raised her face to grasp the situation, and her eyes caught sight of the delicate look of Nyu.

“Se-secret Art 『Desperate Giant Swing』……!!”

It was the only excuse that Gamma could think of to explain this result.

“A-as expected of Gamma-sama!!”

And she had a good subordinate.

While listening to the crackling and dry applause, the consciousness of 『First Leaf』 was utterly cut off.

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