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Chapter 1141: Perilous Danger

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“You should take a good look at yourself before thinking you can negotiate with me. In my opinion, you’re asking for death!” The bandit leader did not care about making any deals. All he wanted was to teach this rascal a lesson and earn his pride back. “Men, get him!”

The bandits immediately rode their horses toward Lu Liangwei.

There was a flash in Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she quickly grabbed something out from her cloth bundle and threw it toward the bandits.

A cloud of powder spread out from it and the bandits could not avoid it in time. They were all covered by the powder.

“That’s poisonous powder, avoid it!” Some of the bandits shouted in a panic when they realized what it was.

However, it was too late. The bandits nearest to the powder had fallen and could no longer get up.

It was not actually poisonous powder. It was the coma-inducing medicine Lu Liangwei had made the night before.

This medicine would immediately induce a person into a coma once it was inhaled.

During the ensuing chaos, Lu Liangwei jumped down from the horse-drawn carriage and snatched a horse, then quickly climbed onto it.

She roughly determined the direction around her and pulled on the horse’s rein to gallop forward.

The bandits who were down were the ones closest to Lu Liangwei. There was another group that was still mobile and, when they saw Lu Liangwei escaping, they immediately gave chase on their horses.

“That cunning rascal, don’t let him escape!” The bandit leader was now furious. “Damn this to hell, if I get my hands on him, I’ll tear his veins out and skin him alive!”

He had just said this when a loud boom was heard.

A cloud of smoke evaporated among them and the remaining group of bandits led by their leader fell off their horses one by one.

They did not even have the time to see what had exploded when all of them fell unconscious collectively.

Lu Liangwei pulled on the reins and turned back to look behind her. She smirked and felt relieved at the same time.

It was lucky that she had made those medicinal balls and coma-inducing medicine last night. Otherwise, she might have fallen into their hands today.

She did not stay long. It was important to rush on her journey. Her feet clipped at the horse’s abdomen and she galloped forward once more.

It had never crossed Lu Liangwei’s mind that Pure Water Town could be so isolated. She had sped non-stop on the road yet had not seen any villages or towns on the way.

She was slightly worried about needing to spend the night in the wild tonight.

Sleeping in the wild would mean perilous danger.

Lu Liangwei sped up her horse further at this thought.

It was the evening when she finally spotted a small city.

She sighed in relief as she looked at the city’s outline under the sunset. She slowed her horse down and soon entered the small city.

This city might not be big, but it was very busy. Despite it being evening, there were still a lot of people walking on the streets.

The side of the streets was filled with various stalls. The shouting of the vendors overlapped one another as the whole place bustled with noise.

Lu Liangwei got off the horse and slowly walked over while holding the horse by the reins.

She had traveled for an entire day and was feeling quite exhausted. Moreover, she had only eaten some dried food along the way. Now that she was on a street filled with the aroma of good food, she felt even hungrier.

However, she decided to hold her hunger in.

The most important thing she needed to do was to get accommodation at an inn.

Soon, Lu Liangwei found an inn and she got herself a room.

“Send the dishes to my room,” Lu Liangwei ordered the server.

“Alright!” The server responded readily.

It was not long before the server casually brought in the dishes.

“I’ll be downstairs, young sir. Just call me if you need anything.” The server became even friendlier after receiving a tael of silver as a tip.

“I should be fine. You can leave first. Help me prepare some hot water and bring it up once I’m done eating.”

“No problem.”

Lu Liangwei sat in front of the table after the server left.

The food consisted of two simple dishes and a bowl of soup, but Lu Liangwei had not eaten any rice for many days and even a normal dish looked especially delicious in front of her.

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