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Chapter 1312: 1312 Everyone Wanted To Be Her Devotee

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1312 Everyone Wanted To Be Her Devotee

After walking out the mansion gates, Lin Qingyuan headed to the bustling West Market.

The river there was the favorite spot for scholars to gather and also the imperial capital’s courtesans’ favorite place to visit.

Every day, the courtesans would hang out on exquisite pleasure boats that traversed the river and encounter patrons in the process. Over time, the river took on a romantic charm, earning it the name “Rouge River”.

In Lin Qingyuan’s opinion, there was no better place than Rouge River to meet her future husband.

However, when Bai He heard that she intended to go there, she turned pale and immediately tried to dissuade her. “Miss, we can’t go to an indecent place like that.”

“How is it indecent?” Lin Qingyuan disagreed. “Plenty of scholars gather there. It’s the ideal place to go.”

“They call themselves scholars, but they’re really just a bunch of lechers. They’re not good people; you won’t find what you want there at all. Besides, daughters of well-reputed families don’t go there,” Bai He countered candidly.

“That’s where you’re wrong. Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘A lotus blooms pure and untainted despite growing out of mud’? What if my Mr. Right is there?” Lin Qingyuan replied half-genuinely.

Bai He knew her behavior well after having served her for so long, and hearing this, she said wearily, “Miss, are you really going there to find a suitable husband? Why do I feel that you’re just using this as an excuse to go there and fool around?”

Lin Qingyuan was stunned for a moment. Then, she cleared her throat and said solemnly, “Nonsense! I’m serious about finding a husband. I’m not going there to fool around.”

Bai He rolled her eyes. If she believed her, all those years of serving her would have been for nothing.

“Come on, just this once. It won’t be a big deal,” Lin Qingyuan cajoled her.

“Just this once. If Master asks about it next time, I’ll have no choice but to tell him the truth,” Bai He said uneasily.

“Just this once—I swear,” Lin Qingyuan quickly gave her word.

Upon arriving at Rouge River, they learned that Yan Ruyu, known throughout the imperial capital for being the leading courtesan of Peony Pavilion, was hosting a public recruiting event for a patron. Throngs of admirers flocked to the river, tripping over themselves to get onto Yan Ruyu’s pleasure boat.

All at once, Rouge River was buzzing with men fighting to become Yan Ruyu’s patron.

Bai He was astounded. “Is Yan Ruyu really that beautiful? Why are there so many people wanting to be her patron?”

“Don’t you know? Yan Ruyu’s the leading courtesan of Peony Pavilion; of course her looks are top-tier. Apparently, she’s emerged as Peony Pavilion’s leading courtesan for three years in a row, and no one’s been able to replace her yet. Even though she’s the leading courtesan, she only makes a living as a performer and not a sex worker, so she’s still a virgin. That’s why so many men swarmed here when they heard she’s recruiting a patron—they want to be her first man,” Lin Qingyuan explained calmly. Naturally, she had gotten her information from street gossip.

“I’m surprised she managed to protect her virginity after spending more than three years in a place like that. It seems that Yan Ruyu’s no ordinary woman,” Bai He commented.

“Of course. She’s secured the title of leading courtesan for three years in a row—she’s anything but ordinary.”

As they talked, they squeezed through the crowd and arrived in front of Yan Ruyu’s pleasure boat.

Gazing at the magnificent pleasure boat docked at the shore, Lin Qingyuan longed to join in the fun too.

Actually, she had never seen Yan Ruyu before—she had only heard of her—and today was her chance to witness her beauty.

Unfortunately, the crowd of admirers was just too massive, and she was soon shoved to the sidelines.

According to their chatter, it seemed that only those who possessed an invitation written by Yan Ruyu herself could board the pleasure boat.

The price of Yan Ruyu’s invitations instantly skyrocketed.

However, there were still people who were willing to spend huge sums just to board the pleasure boat and get a glimpse of Yan Ruyu’s beauty, which clearly showed the extent of her popularity.

Lin Qingyuan stroked her chin and murmured, “Yan Ruyu’s incredible. She’s planning to obtain wealth and a fine man at the same time.”

She was using the patron recruiting event to attract public attention while selling her invitations at sky-high prices.

To her, fishing for a man did not get in the way of making money!

“Miss, I think we should leave.” Bai He stayed close to her, looking around apprehensively at the growing horde.

Lin Qingyuan glanced at the burly men standing on the pleasure boat. There was no way for her to get up there even if she wanted to, so she reluctantly heeded Bai He’s advice and withdrew from the crowd.

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