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Chapter 1325: 1325

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1325 I Don’t Care, I Demand Compensation

Once he was done changing, he walked out with feigned annoyance. “You seem very happy.”

“Aren’t you?” Stifling her laughter, Lu Liangwei asked him back. “A baby boy’s urine is precious, you know.”

Long Yang let out a frustrated laugh. “You’re only making all these sarcastic comments because you weren’t the one being peed on.”

Lu Liangwei winked. “Even if he pees on me, I won’t get mad. Why should I be disgusted by my own child’s pee?”

In other words, the Emperor was making a huge fuss out of nothing.

“Really?” Cocking an eyebrow, Long Yang pulled out the robe stained with Long Yin’s urine from behind his back and tossed it into her arms. “Since you’re not disgusted, you can have this robe.”

Lu Liangwei chucked it back to him calmly. “You have no right to be disgusted. Everyone peed their pants when they were children. Who knows—you probably peed your pants more often than our son.” While she was speaking, she deftly changed Long Yin into a fresh new pair of pants.

Him, peeing his pants more often than their son?

A corner of Long Yang’s mouth twitched, but he could not find the words to counter her.

Seeing him at a loss for words, Lu Liangwei hesitated for a second before asking, “Don’t tell me you really peed your pants more often than Yin’er?”

Long Yang stiffened for a second, then walked up to her and rapped her lightly on her fair forehead. “Nonsense! That’s impossible.”


Lu Liangwei rubbed her forehead and shot him an irritated look. “You sound awfully guilty, though.” Her gaze instinctively went to a certain part of his, and remembering how flustered he had been just now, she could not stop her mouth from curving up. “Even if you used to pee your pants often, it’s all right. Everyone grew up like that.”

Noticing her glance, Long Yang raised an eyebrow and asked in amusement, “What were you looking at?”

“Nothing.” Lu Liangwei blinked innocently and placed Yin’er on the bed to let him play with his other two siblings.

Long Yang sat down beside her and enveloped her in his embrace. Pinching her waist, he murmured huskily, “You still won’t admit it?”

Lu Liangwei could not stop herself from bursting into giggles, and she held his large hand down. “Don’t do that. The children are here…”

“I don’t care, I demand compensation.” Long Yang pulled her into his lap.

“What compensation?” Lu Liangwei was stunned.

Long Yang’s straight nose grazed her fair neck. Without warning, he bit it gently, sending a shiver down her spine and making her body go limp.

Before he could take things further, she hurriedly kicked her legs in protest as she was still unused to being intimate with him in front of the children. Blushing, she whined in exasperation, “Let me down…”

“Weiwei, I want you.” Long Yang’s slender fingers pushed her dress upward with an alarming edge of huskiness in his voice.


Lu Liangwei’s heart thundered in her ears. Clinging onto her last bit of rationality, she seized his wandering fingers in a feeble attempt to stop him. “Don’t…”

Long Yang stared at her for a moment, his eyes lidded with desire. All of a sudden, he turned and picked up Long Yin, who was lying near the wall, and repositioned him closer to the edge of the bed. After placing two soft pillows to shield him from the edge, he stood up with Lu Liangwei in his arms and strode into the inner hall.

Fifteen minutes later, a disheveled Lu Liangwei ran out, heaving a sigh of relief when she saw her three children safe and sound on the bed.

She flopped onto the footstool, her face flushed and her breathing unsteady.

Not long after, Long Yang emerged from the inner hall. The sight of her slumped on the footstool pricked his heart, and he rushed forward to help her up. Helping her readjust her tousled chignon, he asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

His voice was still hoarse with a tinge of desire.

Lu Liangwei glanced at him. His clothes were neat and tidy, all previous traces of his discomposure removed. She, on the other hand, was completely ruffled, and this frustrated her. Turning away from him, she said sulkily, “I’m fine.”


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