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Chapter 1361: 1361

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1361 You Won’t Have Any Stamina Left For Tonight

“Just look at how nervous my big brother is, Jiu. He’s actually worried that you’ll go hungry.” Lu Liangwei smiled as she walked over to Chu Jiu. She personally helped Chu Jiu to her feet. “It’s been a long day. You must be famished. Hurry up and change into something more casual and come have some food.” With that, she turned to the maid at the side and instructed, “Help Her Grace change into another set of clothes.”

Before the maid could reply, Lin Qingyuan was already winking at her, saying mischievously, “That’s right. You should eat more right now or you won’t have any stamina left for tonight.”

Chu Jiu was already blushing from Lu Liangwei’s teasing, and when she heard Lin Qingyuan, her face turned even redder.

Lin Qingyuan burst out laughing when she saw this. “Haha, look at how shy Jiu is. Before Heir Presumptive Lu left, he gave you such a lingering look, you’d think he can’t wait to tear your clothes apart. You’re going to have a strenuous time tonight.” She sounded pretty delighted with what was coming for Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu blushed so much, it looked like blood was rushing to her face.

Lu Liangwei enjoyed this for a while before turning to look at Lin Qingyuan. “What are you talking about? Do you mean to say that Long Xuan did the same to you on the night of your wedding?”

Lin Qingyuan choked.

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she teased, “Weren’t you two at loggerheads before you got married? You weren’t even willing to marry each other. I never thought that those were all just empty words. I guess your actions spoke the truth.”

This time, it was Lin Qingyuan’s face that turned red. “What are you talking about? We didn’t even…”

“Didn’t even what?” Lu Liangwei looked mischievously at her.

“We didn’t even share the same bed on our wedding night,” Lin Qingyuan finally said after pausing for quite a while.

Lu Liangwei was not surprised to hear this.

It was because they were both married by the Emperor’s edict.

His Majesty had given them a deadline of half a month to find someone of their choosing. However, half a month had passed and they did not find a person of their liking, which was why they had to be married according to his edict.

Minister Lin was overjoyed by this.

He could not wait to pack up his daughter and send her to the West Reigning General Mansion.

That was why they had gotten married even earlier than Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu even though their marriage was decided later.

They had gotten married a month before.

However, Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan were unhappy about it because they were tied in marriage due to the imperial edict.

It was not difficult to imagine what a ruckus it was on the night of their wedding.

Lu Liangwei observed Lin Qingyuan. “What happened after that?”

Lin Qingyuan’s gaze flittered about. “What do you mean after that?” At that point, she purposely changed the topic. “Hey, everyone wanted to tease your big brother and Jiu on their wedding night, but you had to make a sudden appearance here.”

Lu Liangwei darted a look at Lin Qingyuan, but chose to humor her. All she said was, “What’s wrong with that? Didn’t you have enough teasing on the night of your own wedding?”

Even though she did not attend Lin Qingyuan and Long Xuan’s wedding, she had sent Zhu Yu over with wedding gifts. According to what Lu Liangwei had heard, there was a huge commotion during their wedding night with plenty of pranks being played on them. It was complete torture for the newlyweds.

Lin Qingyuan clenched her handkerchief and said with slight unhappiness, “It’s because they stirred up so much trouble on our wedding night that I want to see the same for your big brother and Jiu.”

“I see. You just want to get even.” Lu Liangwei glanced at her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry over this.

Lin Qingyuan felt a little self-conscious over this.

Right then, Chu Jiu walked out after changing.

She did not like makeup on her face after washing it all off. Her fair face looked clean and elegant.

Lin Qingyuan felt dazed while staring at Chu Jiu. She grabbed Lu Liangwei’s hand. “I don’t remember Jiu being so fair when she returned from the frontier last year. How did she become like this in such a short time?”

Lu Liangwei sized up Jiu and complimented her. “Jiu looks so pretty this way.”

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