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Chapter 1362: 1362

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1362 This Is Fate, It’s Not Right To Be Jealous About It

Chu Jiu made a rare joke. “We’re still playing second-fiddle in the presence of a great beauty like you. I’m an ugly duckling at most.”

Lu Liangwei smiled. “You’re exaggerating. Both you and Qingyuan are beautiful in your own ways. You will never be secondary to anyone. Besides, you’re being too humble. How could you be an ugly duckling? I think you’re just a swan who got recognized late in life.”

“Can you in-laws stop trying to butter up each other?” Lin Qingyuan said in an impatient tone.

Lu Liangwei chuckled. “What’s wrong? Jealous?”

Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes. “What should I be jealous about?”

“Jealous that I’ve got a great sister-in-law,” Lu Liangwei said with pride.

Lin Qingyuan suffered a slight blow at this. She said earnestly, “Yes, I’m jealous, too jealous.” This was the truth. She had always envied Lu Liangwei for having an older brother who doted so much on her. She used to be very jealous of this and even blamed her parents naively for not giving her an older brother. If she had one, she did not have to feel jealous of Lu Liangwei.

Now, Lu Liangwei even had a sister-in-law, who treated her very well.

“This is fate, it’s not right to be jealous about it,” Lu Liangwei said with slight arrogance.

Lin Qingyuan clenched her teeth, feeling bitter and envious at the same time. She took a deep breath and said, “You should comfort the wound in my heart by sharing your secret with me.”

“What secret?” Lu Liangwei was taken aback.

“The secret to becoming fair.” Lin Qingyuan replied matter-of-factly. “You must have used some secret formula on Jiu.”

It was only then that Lu Liangwei understood what she meant. “You really think that Jiu looks fair and pretty now because I gave her some sort of secret formula?”

“What else is there? She couldn’t have become fair on her own, could she?” Lin Qingyuan said with disbelief.

This rendered Lu Liangwei speechless. “I might have given Jiu the secret to taking care of her skin, but I shared the same secret with you too. Her skin became so smooth because she had good skin from the beginning. Besides, she used to travel around frequently and did not know how to take care of her skin, which caused it to turn coarse. She had been staying at home all this time and was less exposed to the sun. It’s only natural that her skin turned fair. To be honest, that so-called secret formula of mine only gives a minor effect. One still needs naturally good skin like hers as a base.”

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback. She caressed her face. “The way you put it, her skin condition improved because she had good skin from the very beginning?”

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow. “That’s right.”

“I thought you had given her another secret formula,” Lin Qingyuan said with disappointment. “I’ve used the same method you gave me, but my skin condition didn’t improve. Could I have a bad skin foundation?”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes at this point. “My dear Madam Lin, can you take a good look in the mirror? How do you not have good skin?”

“I just wanted to become even fairer,” Lin Qingyuan said with an air of slight helplessness.

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. “Isn’t your current skin fair enough? Any fairer and you’ll look horrible.” She wondered what was running through Lin Qingyuan’s mind. She gave a pause and narrowed her eyes, looking Lin Qingyuan up and down. “You’re always thinking about getting prettier. Is it because you have some sort of dishonorable plans for my good nephew?”

Lin Qingyuan nearly coughed up blood. “You’re overthinking this.”

“Or do you mean to tell me that you’re planning on having an affair?” Lu Liangwei looked at her suspiciously.

Lin Qingyuan’s lips twitched. “Am I that sort of person? You’re being ridiculous, hmph!”

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