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Chapter 1397: 1397

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1397 I Would Still Love You And Protect You

At that moment, Long Xuan also spotted them and he rode his horse toward them.

He was about to get off the horse when Lu Liangwei stopped him. “Since you’re in a rush, we can forgo the formalities. You should hurry up and leave. However, your trip might turn out to be a waste of time.”

Long Xuan still got off the horse despite Lu Liangwei’s words. After bowing at Long Yang, he looked sincerely at Lu Liangwei for some pointers. “Royal Aunt has always known Qingyuan well. I wonder if you would be able to point me in the right direction to her?”

Lu Liangwei frowned. “This is actually just a guess. There is a chance that Qingyuan might still be at Tianzhu Mountain.”

Despite that, she knew that Lin Qingyuan would not stay obediently at Tianzhu Mountain for so long given her character.

Long Xuan clearly understood that and smiled bitterly. “There is no need to console me, Royal Aunt. I was careless this time. I shouldn’t have agreed to let her stay at Tianzhu Mountain.”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought and said, “Lin Qingyuan doesn’t have any other friends. She might have gone to see Chen Qiyu this time. She informed me last time that Chen Qiyu is about to get married and Lin Qingyuan has been invited to the wedding. Chen Qiyu stays at Jade Moon Villa, right outside of Rocky Grounds City. You can try your luck there.”

Long Xuan looked relieved when he heard this. “Thank you, Royal Aunt.”

“You’re welcome.” Lu Liangwei shook her head.

After Long Xuan left on his horse, Lu Liangwei turned to Long Yang with a smile and said, “They didn’t like each other in the beginning, but now, it looks like you did the right thing by bestowing this marriage.”

Long Yang held her hand and smiled. “I thought they looked quite compatible, which was why I bestowed marriage upon them. I didn’t do it on a whim.”

“When did you become a matchmaker, Your Majesty? You can predict the future!” Lu Liangwei teased.

Long Yang brushed her nose with his fingers. “That’s because I’m very happy right now, and I want to wish the same happiness to those around me.”

Lu Liangwei smiled at him, her pretty eyes curved like crescent moons when she heard his words.

His Majesty was saying that being with her meant great happiness for him.

She felt the same way.

“Yes. They will be very happy together,” she said sincerely after a while.

First, it was Chu Yi and Zhu Yu. Next, it was her big brother and Chu Jiu, Now, it was Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan.

Even though Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan got married without the foundation of having a relationship, it now looked like they had developed feelings for each other, but they were not aware of it.

However, Lu Liangwei believed they would be happy together.

“Let’s go home.” Long Yang helped Lu Liangwei onto the horse-drawn carriage.

Lu Hetian and Ling Lihua approached them to speak to Lu Liangwei, then left on their horses.

Lu Liangwei sat in the carriage and watched her parents leave together. This sight made her feel elated.

As their daughter, she felt happy and comforted that her parents were in love.

“What are you looking at?” Long Yang asked curiously when he saw her keeping the carriage blinds up.

Lu Liangwei pointed at her parents, who were getting further and further away. She smiled and said, “Just look at how loving my parents are.”

Long Yang glanced at them and turned away. His fingers held onto her shoulder as he said, “Aren’t we loving too?”

Lu Liangwei darted a look at him. “How is that the same?”

“Why isn’t it the same?” Long Yang lowered his head and kissed her fair forehead.

Lu Liangwei leaned into his arms and sighed softly. “My parents are already grandparents. Would we be the same way once we become grandparents as well?”

When Long Yang heard this, he hugged her tightly. “Our children aren’t even a year old yet, and you’re thinking about being a grandmother?” He paused and looked at the woman in his arms. He said with confidence, “I don’t know about what would happen in the future, but when it comes to you, I would still love you and protect you no matter what age we are.”

Lu Liangwei was touched to hear this. She looked at his handsome face and suddenly leaned forward to kiss him.

Long Yang hugged her around the waist and kissed her back deeply.

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