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Chapter 316: 316

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Chapter 316: Why Was His Majesty So Obedient Toward Lu Liangwei

“Since Big Sis is sincere, I will wait here. If the imperial physician has the same diagnosis that I gave, please don’t forget what you’ve said and make sure to apologize to me,” Lu Liangwei said. Once she had finished her words, an observant servant immediately brought a chair over.

Lu Liangwei did not bother with courtesy and sat down on the chair with gusto.

Long Yang said nothing as he took his seat on another chair.

Some of the more attentive servants immediately served both of them tea and snacks to enjoy.

Lu Liangwei looked at the sunflower seeds and fruits in front of her and turned to Long Yang. “Can I eat them?”

Long Yang turned to her with a humorous look on his face. “They’re already right in front of you. What do you think?”

Lu Liangwei smiled and grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds, beginning to crack into them as if no one was around her.

Lu Yunshuang had quite an upset look on her face, but His Majesty was present and she did not want to make it too obvious. Her face looked almost contorted from the effort of trying to suppress her anger.

Lu Liangwei snacked on the sunflower seeds for quite a while before she turned to Long Yang. “Your Majesty, even though Big Sis does not have a great temper and enjoys creating issues out of nothing, even attacking others for no good reason, she is pregnant after all. It’s not appropriate for her to be kneeling like this. If she is unable to keep her child, she might blame both of us for it.”

Lu Yunshuang was almost smoking with anger. What did Lu Liangwei mean?

Even at this point, Lu Liangwei was still malicious enough to curse her child. She was being too much!

Long Yang nodded in agreement without hesitation when he heard Lu Liangwei’s words. “You’re right. In that case, you may rise, Crown Princess.”

Lu Yunshuang would rather continue kneeling on the ground now. Why was His Majesty so obedient toward Lu Liangwei? Lu Yunshuang had said so much before this to insinuate certain thoughts about Lu Liangwei, yet His Majesty did not display any unhappiness. There was not a shred of doubt that affected him.

This made Lu Yunshuang quite begrudging.

What did Lu Liangwei do to deserve such trust from His Majesty?

When Hong Xiu noticed the Crown Princess still kneeling after His Majesty had given his permission for her to rise, she approached the Crown Princess and held onto her arm, attempting to get her to stand. When no one would noticing, Hong Xiu ducked close to the Crown Princess’s ear and tried to convince her in a low voice, “Crown Princess, you must remember to abide by this for now and suppress your anger.”

Lu Yunshuang finally stood up at this and coincidentally, the imperial physician had arrived just then as well.

The imperial physician summoned there by Zhao Qian was not Chief Physician Lin, but another imperial physician who specialized in gynecology.

The imperial physician quickly approached Lu Yunshuang to give her a check-up as instructed by Zhao Qian.

Lu Yunshuang did not hesitate as she pulled up her sleeve in full cooperation.

She sneered in her heart. She wanted to see what Lu Liangwei would do once things fell apart for her.

A happy feeling welled in Lu Yunshuang’s heart at the thought of His Majesty being disappointed with Lu Liangwei.

Hong Xiu suddenly came close and said quietly, “His Highness is here.”

Lu Yunshuang lifted her head to look over and indeed, she saw Long Chi walking toward Long Yang.

“Greetings to you, Royal Uncle.”

Long Yang gave him a nonchalant glance. “Please rise, Crown Prince.”

Long Chi straightened up and his gaze brushed lightly across the young girl seated next to Long Yang. Long Chi frowned, but quickly smoothed away this expression as he turned to look at Lu Yunshuang, who was by the side.

A thrilled look appeared on her face when Lu Yunshuang saw him looking at her. “Your Highness, I’m pregnant. Weiwei has just diagnosed me…”

Long Chi was slightly surprised when he heard this. A look of delight flashed quickly across his handsome face. He suddenly thought of something and his gaze turned to Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei had not given him a single look as she was focused on enjoying her snack.

Long Yang picked up his cup of tea and sipped on it. There was an indifferent expression on his face, and no one could tell if he was happy or angry.

He was about to take another sip when a slender hand suddenly reached out from the side and took away the cup of tea from his hands.

Long Yang was taken aback as his eyes met the disapproving look on the young girl’s face.

“Your Majesty, have you forgotten what this humble servant of yours said to you before?”

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