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Chapter 481: 481

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Chapter 481: I’m A Lightweight Drinker

For a moment, everyone became more convinced than ever that they wanted to curry favor with Lu Liangwei.

Judging from the Emperor’s love for Lu Liangwei, if Lu Liangwei gave birth to an imperial heir in the future, then it would definitely be…

A thought came to their mind, and everyone discreetly looked at the Crown Prince who was sitting there.

If Lu Liangwei could give birth to an imperial heir, the status of Crown Prince would be changed.

Soon after, Long Qingzhi arrived together with Long Xiao, the Prince of Xiangyang.

Lu Liangwei was not surprised at seeing him here.

She had already known his identity when she saw him in Tianzhu Mountain earlier, so it was not surprising that he would appear at the palace banquet.

This welcome banquet was originally set up for the Grand Princess. Thus, Zhao Qian read out the Grand Princess’s contribution to the Great Shang before the banquet began.

The banquet began after the reading was finished.

When the dishes were served, Lu Liangwei started to enjoy the food.

Long Yang was leaning on the chair with his wine glass in his hand. His deep eyes seemed to be indifferent, but in fact, they kept falling on Lu Liangwei.

This girl could attract his full attention even though she did nothing. It was a great enjoyment to simply watch her eat.

“Royal Brother, may I propose a toast to you.”

At this time, Long Xiao suddenly spoke up.

He stood up with his wine glass in his hand and raised it toward Long Yang.

Long Yang withdrew his gaze. “Eleventh Brother, you can hold your liquor much better than me. I’m a lightweight drinker, so I won’t drink with you. Let Tingchen drink with you, his tolerance level for alcohol is about the same as yours. You two can have a battle.”

Lu Tingchen, who was directly called out, had no choice but to stand up with his wine glass and said to Long Xiao, “The Prince of Xiangyang, please!”

Long Xiao did not expect that his Royal Brother would let Lu Tingchen drink with him. He clearly remembered that Royal Brother was an expert drinker. He had some thoughts, ‘Why did he just say that he was not good at drinking?’

He suppressed the doubts in his heart and raised his wine glass to Lu Tingchen, “Commander Lu, please!”

When the palace banquet was about to end, Long Qingzhi got up and walked to Lu Liangwei, “Weiwei, I want to talk to you about Zhi’er’s condition. I wonder if it is convenient for you now?”

Lu Liangwei was fine with it, but she still looked at Lu Hetian questioningly, “Father, can I go out with the Grand Princess?”

Although Lu Hetian hated Long Yang, he had no objection to Long Qingzhi, so he nodded, “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here, just go and return quickly.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei agreed.

When Long Qingzhi saw this, she secretly felt relieved but remained expressionless. She took Lu Liangwei’s hand and walked out of Jade Dew Hall.

Lu Liangwei was sure that Long Qingzhi came to her to find out about Zhi’er’s condition, so she told her the results of her findings.

“… Zhi’er doesn’t really have a big problem. He just can’t get over the incident. What happened at that time left a huge impact. After all, he is still young. He will definitely get better after some time passes and his emotions are alleviated. The medicine that I prescribed must be decocted for him to drink. It has a calming and soothing effect on human’s nerves.”

Long Qingzhi nodded, held her hand at the same time, and said with mixed feelings, “Thank you, Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, “I didn’t do anything.” She paused for a moment. “Grand Princess, if there’s nothing else, I wish to go back to look for my father.”

Just as Long Qingzhi was about to say something, a person suddenly walked out from behind the tree.

She smiled and gently patted Lu Liangwei’s hand, “You guys have a good chat. I’ll go back to see Zhi’er first.” After that, she walked away quickly.

Lu Liangwei wanted to stop her, but she was gone.

She turned and looked at the man who appeared here, instantly understood something, and frowned, “Did you do this deliberately?”

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