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Chapter 50: : It Was Indeed A Treasure

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Chapter 50: It Was Indeed A Treasure

As expected, Long Chi explained in a loud and clear voice, “Royal Uncle, as today is your birthday, I did not prepare any extravagant gift for you. The words on this folding hand fan were personally written by the great scholar, Mo Chen. I hope you will like this hand fan, Royal Uncle.”

There was a commotion in the hall following the words of this dirtbag of a Crown Prince.

Even the Emperor, who was usually stoic in expression, was slightly taken aback.

The great scholar Mo Chen was a talent of this generation and a genius that was rare to come across in a century. His wisdom and foresight were things that a common man could never attain. Rumor has it that he was now over seventy years old, but he was still someone coveted by many countries.

Legend also has it that with the help of Mo Chen, one would be able to conquer the world and become an overlord of a generation.

This was why plenty of countries had never given up on seeking out the great scholar Mo Chen.

Unfortunately, the great scholar Mo Chen had retired into hiding within the forests and mountains years ago, and no one has been able to find any trace of him.

Yet, for somebody who had disappeared mysteriously without a trace and could not be located by any countries at all, the Crown Prince was actually able to get his hands on a folding hand fan with Mo Chen’s personal writing on it.

How could this not be shocking?

If the words on the hand fan were truly written personally by the great scholar Mo Chen, then this gift from the Crown Prince would be much more valuable than any other gifts.

This was because there were not many writings or paintings left in the common world by Mo Chen.

Every piece of writing and painting by him was priceless. No matter how much money one had, they would not be able to buy them.

If one were to be able to receive a piece of writing or painting personally created by Mo Chen, it would be an extreme honor.

Even though the Great Shang Kingdom was unlike other countries and did not take great efforts in searching for the great scholar Mo Chen, but the Emperor admired the scholar a lot and one could imagine him being very pleased with the Crown Prince’s gift.

Long Chi personally presented the folding hand fan to Long Yang.

“Royal Uncle, please admire it.”

Long Yang took over the folding hand fan and opened it to take a good look.

There were a few lines written on the face of the folding hand fan. The signature was indeed the seal mark belonging to the great scholar Mo Chen.

Long Yang had never met Mo Chen in person and there were not many of his writing pieces found, but Long Yang had seen a few of them. In fact, he has a piece of Mo Chen’s writing hung in his imperial study.

That was why he was able to discern the words on the hand fan as being written by Mo Chen himself.

“The Crown Prince is very thoughtful. I like this gift.”

Long Yang said casually as he closed the hand fan.

Long Chi was delighted to see him place the closed hand fan right next to his hand.

His royal uncle indeed liked Master Mo Chen’s writing very much.

Long Chi suppressed his happy feeling as he replied humbly and politely, “As long as Royal Uncle likes it.”

When he retreated from where he was, his eyes met with Lu Yunshuang’s.

He lamented in his heart on how his Shuang’er was indeed a treasure. Not only was she beautiful, but her temperament was also truly delightful. What was most important, was that Shuang’er was different from other women and knew how to help him strategize.

If not for her suggestion to present a gift of a folding hand fan with Master Mo Chen’s writing, Long Chi would not be able to get his royal uncle in such a good mood.

This royal uncle of his had always maintained a poker face. Even though Long Chi had been appointed as the Crown Prince, but his royal uncle had never expressed much about him and he had no idea what his royal uncle thought about him.

It made Long Chi feel quite unsettled.

However, the tone of his royal uncle might sound quite cool and casual just now, but Long Chi could tell that his royal uncle felt satisfied with his gift.

It was very rare to get his royal uncle to say that he liked something.

Long Chi could not help feeling slightly giddy with delight.

When he looked at Lu Yunshuang again, the expression on his face turned even more gentle. He felt more than ever that he had made the right choice in abandoning Lu Liangwei and choosing her.

Lu Liangwei, however, only had her face as an advantage. She was completely useless in both temperament, talent, and intelligence, much less being able to match up to Lu Yunshuang.

Lu Yunshuang felt relieved to see that the Emperor was happy with the Crown Prince’s gift.

She casually swept her gaze and when she saw Lu Liangwei sitting at a corner with Lu Hetian, a slight glimmer appeared within her eyes.

Come to think of it, it was thanks to the deceased Madam Ling that the Crown Prince was able to garner the Emperor’s praise.

If she had not previously taken a walk at Madam Ling’s Fragrant Blooms Court, she would not have gotten her hands on this folding hand fan.

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