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Chapter 753: 753

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Chapter 753: The Emperor Was So Childish

Long Yang’s carriage had just passed through the city gates when Zhao Qian suddenly delivered a report from outside. “Master, Your Highness, there’s a messenger here, sent by the Dowager Duchess. He says that she invites you to the mansion to discuss some important matters.”

Lu Liangwei, who had just gotten up from Long Yang’s lap sleepily, was immediately jolted awake when she heard the message. She looked at Long Yang and said, “Your Majesty, I’d like to pay a visit to the Grand Duke Mansion. If you have other things to do, you can go back to the palace first.”

Long Yang shot her a glance, and ignoring her words, directly ordered Zhao Qian, “Take us to the Grand Duke Mansion.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Zhao Qian, and after he had given further instructions, the carriage changed its course and headed to the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Liangwei did not protest.

She thought that after deposing the Crown Prince and leaving the palace for so many days, Long Yang would be in a hurry to return and handle state affairs. That was why she wanted to go to the Grand Duke Mansion on her own, but to her surprise, Long Yang did not hesitate to escort her there.

“In that case, you can go back after you drop me off at the mansion.” After a moment, she could not help piping up again.

Hearing this, Long Yang turned and squeezed her cheek. “You don’t want me to go with you that badly?”

“That’s not it.” Lu Liangwei quickly shook her head. After a pause, she raised her head and asked, “But don’t you have to go back and handle state affairs?”

Long Yang stared at her intently and said in a low, gentle voice, “No matter how busy I am, I’ll always put you first.”

As Lu Liangwei met his deep gaze, her heart suddenly started pounding, and at the same time, a warm feeling bloomed in her chest.

Although she did not want the Emperor to put off work because of her, she was still happy to hear him say this.

With a smile, she snuggled into his arms.

Long Yang’s chin brushed against the top of her head as he held her close, but he said warningly, “Don’t you ever think about leaving me behind again.”

Lu Liangwei nodded meekly. “All right.”

A short while later, the carriage arrived at the Grand Duke Mansion.

Long Yang had just helped Lu Liangwei down when they saw Ling Lihua coming out to greet them personally.

“Mother! I heard that you and Grandmother wanted to see me.” At the sight of her mother, Lu Liangwei quickly let go of Long Yang’s hand and walked over to her.

Ling Lihua gave her a once-over to make sure she was all right before nodding hesitantly. “Yes, there’s something we want to tell you…” She paused and glanced at Long Yang standing behind her daughter. “If you’re free at the moment, you can come in and listen too, Your Majesty.”

“Very well,” Long Yang answered but remained motionless.

Ling Lihua gave him a puzzled look, then reached for Lu Liangwei’s hand to lead her inside. However, to her surprise, her daughter walked back to the Emperor’s side, took his hand, and led him indoors.

Ling Lihua stared at Long Yang in bewilderment.

This son-in-law of hers was no longer a young man, but he still wanted her daughter to coax him? How childish!

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She shook her head secretly.

Lu Liangwei was a little sheepish to see her mother’s incredulous expression, and she squeezed Long Yang’s large hand crossly.

Seriously, how could someone so old be so childish? To make things worse, her mother saw it, too!

Long Yang, on the other hand, was as calm as ever. He did not think that his actions just now were childish at all.

He had only acted that way because this girl kept throwing him aside whenever she was with her natal family!

The three of them entered Longevity Hall.

Lu Liangwei immediately caught sight of an unfamiliar man sitting in the hall.

The man was pale and haggard, and despite his tall stature, he was as thin as a rake—it seemed as if a gust of wind could blow him off his feet.

Despite her curiosity, Lu Liangwei stopped eyeing him and went forward to greet the Dowager Duchess.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, Grandmother. Did you miss me?”

Hearing this, the Dowager Duchess replied in amusement, “I thought you were going to say that you missed me terribly..”

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