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Chapter 877: What More Could She Ask For  

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The Pure Consort gripped the bottles, her eyes moistening once again.

Zhan You tightened his hold on her and said in a hoarse voice, “The Empress is a good person.”

The Pure Consort nodded and said sincerely, “Yes, only a lady like her is worthy of receiving the Emperor’s love. I wish her happiness from the bottom of my heart.”

After saying that, she felt a sense of relief that she had never felt before.

After ten years of dreaming, she had finally woken up. It was not as difficult to accept as she had imagined.

As Lu Liangwei said, everyone had different fates.

Her fated love had always been by her side, just that she had ignored it.

Zhan You gazed at her gently. Whether or not she had an ulterior motive for being together with him in the first place did not matter to him anymore.

As long as she genuinely wished to be with him from then on, he was content.

She was the woman he had protected for more than ten years.

He had never even imagined that she would accept him one day.

He looked at her, slightly dazed. “You’re a wonderful woman. It’s just that everyone’s fate is different.”

“Well, I guess that’s why you’re so devoted to me.”

Both of them exchanged a smile.

However, shortly after they set out, a voice called out anxiously from behind them, “Miss, wait for me.”

Suddenly remembering, the Pure Consort turned to look, only to see a palace maid running over.

“Miss, how could you not take me with you?” Cai Yu was carrying a large cloth bundle on her back, and she panted as she spoke.

The Pure Consort was dumbfounded to see the cloth bundle on her back. “Why are you here? And why are you carrying so many things?”

Cai Yu planted her hands on her knees and said breathlessly, “Eunuch Zhao said I could go, and he even allowed me to pack your belongings. I wanted to take only the valuables, but I got carried away and packed all this stuff. Surprisingly, Eunuch Zhao didn’t say anything about it.” She stuck out her tongue playfully and added enthusiastically, “Miss, where are we going?”

Looking at the palace gates getting closer and closer, the Pure Consort felt a sudden sense of melancholy.

She never thought that she would leave this place one day.

She had lived here for ten years, but she did not feel the slightest bit of longing now that she was leaving.

After going through so much, her state of mind had certainly changed.

She raised her head and looked at Zhan You, then Cai Yu. All of a sudden, she felt that she was a very lucky person.

She had a man who loved her and a loyal maidservant. What more could she ask for?

She took Cai Yu’s hand, a bright smile appearing on her pale face. “Anywhere is fine.”

“All right! Wherever you go, I’ll follow,” Cai Yu said energetically and hoisted the cloth bundle on her back with her hands. “We’re not short of money, anyway.”

The Pure Consort could not help joking, “Yes, as long as we take you with us, we don’t have to worry about running out of money.”

Nobody knew where they eventually went.

Grand Phoenix Palace.

The servants swiftly eliminated the smell of blood from the room, and it was not long before the place returned to its usual clean and tidy state—it was as if nothing had happened there at all.

The imperial kitchen supervisor personally brought over a pot of fish soup, which Long Yang fed to Lu Liangwei.

Thanks to Long Yang, Lu Liangwei ended up drinking two full bowls of fish soup.

She wholeheartedly believed that she would put on a few pounds even after giving birth.

She sighed in concern.

Perhaps women were always afraid of getting fat, and she was no exception either.

“What’s wrong?” Hearing her sigh, Long Yang was puzzled.

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