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Chapter 129: Chapter 129: Be more restrained in the future!] 1

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Chapter 129: Be more restrained in the future!] 1

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“Stand up first.”


Su Chen stretched out his hand to help her up from the ground and said gently, “It’s not important to toil like a cow or a horse. You should go back and take care of your mother first. Give her the medicine as soon as possible.”

Zimo’s big watery eyes were filled with tears as she pitifully said, “May I know your name…”

“The Great Mystery Sect, Su Chen.”

Su Chen said casually.

“I will never forget your name for the rest of my life!”

As soon as she finished speaking, before Su Chen could react, she once again knelt on the ground and kowtowed heavily.

Then, she placed her bag at Su Chen’s feet. Her small dusty hands tightly clutched the spiritual herb as she ran out quickly.

“This is… Interesting.”

Su Chen looked at the bag on the ground, then at Zimo who had disappeared into the crowd, shaking his head and laughing.

With a wave of his hand, he put the bag into his storage ring and suddenly fell into deep thought.

“An ordinary person dared to openly take out five low-grade spirit stones on the street. Moreover, she dared to forcefully barge into the Treasure Pavilion… Could she have some sort of background?”

Su Chen’s eyes flashed briefly with brilliance, but it quickly disappeared.

If she really had a background, how could she even not afford a stalk of spiritual herb?

Shaking his head, Su Chen walked towards the door of the Treasure Pavilion.

At the same time, in Tianyang City, on a remote road, Zimo was running at top speed.

But suddenly, she seemed to have sensed something. She stopped and stood where she was, staring ahead silently with her big watery eyes.


The void trembled.

Soldiers in golden armor suddenly appeared out of thin air.

There were hundreds of them!

As soon as they emerged, they completely blocked off the narrow alley, yet they did not make a sound.

Everyone exuded a murderous aura. Under the sun, the golden armor on their bodies emitted a light that made it difficult for people to open their eyes.

“Greetings, Your Highness!”

Hundreds of golden-armored soldiers shouted and knelt down in unison.

The sound of the golden armor colliding with the ground was also highly synchronized. This demonstrated the elite level of this troop.

The leading general lowered his head and said in a voice, “Your Highness, please return to the palace!”

Zimo looked at the troop in front of her, her watery eyes filled with disgust.

At the same time, she said with vigilance, “Why do you continue to chase me? Mother and I have already hidden here, and you still won’t let us go?”

Zimo stood in place, her eyes fixed on the general in front of her, agitation in her voice.

She did not choose to escape.

Because she knew that she couldn’t escape!

In front of such an elite troop, where could an ordinary person like her escape?

Moreover, she had to be careful.

Her mother was still in this city!

“Your Highness, please return to the palace!”

The leader did not answer her.

His deep voice repeated the same sentence.

“Go back and tell him that it is impossible for me and Mother to go back.”

Zimo stood in place, her tone firm.

“Your Highness, please return to the palace!”


The icy cold response remained unchanged.

Zimo looked at the glittering road in front of her and took a deep breath, trying hard to suppress her emotions before turning around and preparing to head back the way she came.

However, before she could take two steps, the general’s deep voice came from behind her.

“Your Highness! The Empress passed away an incense stick of time ago. The Emperor told us not to wait for you to return. Please don’t make things difficult for us! Your Highness, please return to the palace! Please don’t put us in a difficult position!”

As soon as he said this, Zimo’s delicate body suddenly trembled.

She retracted her foot and turned around. Blood-colored fury filled her bright eyes. In a hoarse voice, she asked, “You said… What happened to Mother?”


As soon as she finished speaking, an unparalleled aura suddenly erupted from her petite body.

However, she did not notice it at all.

The general kneeling on the ground was shocked. He gritted his teeth and said, “The Empress passed away a short time ago. Please follow us back to the palace, Your Highness…”

But before he could finish, Zimo’s hoarse voice interrupted him, “Enough! 1 don’t want to hear any more of this! Tell me, where is Mother’s body now?”

“Your Highness, we have already sent people to escort it back to the palace!”

Hearing these words, Zimo’s tender body stiffened as she turned around and knelt down, tightly clutching the spirit herb.

Her small dusty face was streaked with tears.

The alley fell into a dead silence, interrupted only by Zimo’s occasional sobs.

At the same time.

Su Chen arrived before an imposing mansion.

The two guards at the entrance looked at each other in disbelief.


Why would a core disciple of the Great Mystery Sect suddenly come to the Su family?

The guard on the right rubbed his eyes and carefully sized up Su Chen. His tone was a little uncertain as he asked tentatively, “You… Are you the Eldest Young Master?

It wasn’t that they couldn’t recognize Su Chen, but that Su Chen had changed too much.

The last time Su Chen left home, he was just an outer sect disciple.

But now, he had become a core disciple of the Great Mystery Sect.

Who would believe this?

The most important thing was…

A few months ago, the head butler of the Su family, Uncle Fu, had personally gone to the Great Mystery Sect.

After Uncle Fu returned, he clearly stated that the Eldest Young Master was now an inner disciple and was still some ways from becoming a core disciple. But how did he become a core disciple now?

It was precisely because of this that although this person resembled the Eldest Young Master of the Su family in their impression, no one dared to confirm it.

They were just guards. If they recognized this person wrongly and incurred his displeasure, it could bring fatal disaster upon them!

“Yes, it’s me.”

Su Chen nodded slightly and looked at the guard who recognized him. “Are you Ah Da?”

“Eldest Young Master! It really is you!”

When the two guards heard this, they cried out in delight, their eyes lighting up.

The guard who recognized Su Chen first heard Su Chen’s last question and nodded excitedly.

“It’s me, it’s me! I didn’t expect Eldest Young Master to still remember me!”

Su Chen sized up Ah Da and shook his head. He took out a Yang Replenishing Pill from his storage ring and said,”

“All Da, consider this Yang Replenishing Pill as a gift upon our meeting again.”

Ah Da was stunned at first, then he revealed a pleasantly surprised expression and said, “Eldest Young Master, this…”

Su Chen waved his hand and stuffed the Yang Replenishing Pill into Ah Da’s hand. He patted his shoulder and gave him a knowing look.

“Don’t be like this. Control yourself in the future!”

Hearing this, All Da’s face turned red. He quickly put the Yang Replenishing Pill into his storage ring and led Su Chen into the mansion.

Su Chen was not stingy with the other guard and threw two low-grade spirit stones at him.

After receiving the spirit stones, the guard immediately ran toward the interior of the mansion.

Very quickly, the news of Su Chen’s return from the Great Mystery Sect spread throughout the Su family.

At the same time, the news that he had become a core disciple also spread..

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