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Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

“If that is the reason why Young Master Lin is here today, then you can go back now.”

Ye Canghai sat at the head of the table and looked at Lin Hao as he said in a deep voice.



Lin Hao raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard that. He looked up at Ye Canghai and said, “Master Ye, what do you mean by this?”

Ye Canghai had rejected him tactfully the last few times he came here, he didn’t expect Ye Canghai to be so straightforward this time.

This was the first time Ye Canghai had rejected him so bluntly.

Lin Hao had a bad feeling.

“To tell you the truth, my daughter was engaged to the eldest young master of the Su family not long ago.”

Ye Canghai picked up his teacup and took a sip.

“Hmm? The Su family?”

Lin Hao frowned and thought carefully. He then asked coldly, “Is it the Su family of Tianyang City?”

“That’s right, he’s the eldest young master of the Su family in Tianyang City!”

Ye Canghai put down his teacup, stroked his beard, and replied slowly.

When Lin Hao heard this, his heart instantly sank to the bottom.

As expected, the worst situation happened!

At this critical juncture, the Su family of Tianyang City appeared unexpectedly and disturbed his plan halfway!

The Su family of Tianyang City!

It was not just a small force. They also had a deep foundation and had been standing for hundreds of years with enormous strength.

If it was not necessary, the Lin family was unwilling to provoke such a faction.

But now, they had no choice but to swallow up the Ye family.

As long as they could swallow up the Ye family, they did not mind becoming enemies with the Su family of Tianyang City!

A hint of resolution flickered in Lin Hao’s eyes as he said coldly, “Master Ye, don’t forget that Tianyang City and Qingyang City are thousands of miles apart! Do you think the Su family can protect you?”

Two golden walnuts appeared in Lin Hao’s hand at some point. He rubbed them gently and looked at Ye Canghai with a smile.

“What do you mean by that? Do you want to bring the Ye and Lin families to war?”

Ye Canghai’s eyes widened, and a terrifying pressure instantly spread out, like a huge mountain pressing down on everyone in the hall.

Lin Hao’s expression suddenly changed as he felt this pressure. The two golden walnuts in his hands also turned into powder at this moment.

However, at this critical moment.

A black-robed elder walked out from behind him and helped him offset the pressure.

This old man was the Lin family’s revered elder. His overall strength was not weak.

Although he was not as powerful as Ye Canghai, he could still offset some of his pressure.

“What do I mean? It’s just the literal meaning…”

Lin Hao’s expression returned to normal and he said calmly.

“Are you threatening me?”

Ye Canghai’s face was ashen.

He placed one hand behind his back and the veins on the back of his hand bulged.

There were several times when he wished he could directly kill them here.

However, when he realized that they were now in the reception room of the Ye family and there was a revered elder of the Lin family, he could only suppress the idea of making a move.

At the same time.

Outside the reception room, behind a fake mountain.

Ye Ruxue wore a light blue dress and stood quietly on the spot.

Her entire body exuded an elegant and otherworldly aura, and she kept a close eye on what was going on in the reception room.

“Lin Hao deserves to be killed! The Lin family should also be destroyed!”

Although her tone was very calm, the killing intent contained in it made people shudder.

“Miss, be careful with your words! We’re still too close. It won’t be good if we’re heard…”

When Xiao Yu, who was behind her, heard this, her expression suddenly changed and she hurriedly reminded Ye Ruxue.

“Don’t worry, they can’t see or hear us.”

Ye Ruxue stretched out her slender fingers and pointed at the spirit stones that she had just thrown down.

The ten thousand years of cultivation experience from her previous life was not completely useless!

At the very least, she could now easily set up an illusion formation that no one in Qingyang City could see through.

Even her father, a powerful cultivator at the Divine Sea Realm, couldn’t see through it.

“Miss, when did you learn the formations?”

Xiao Yu looked at the spirit stones on the ground and scratched her head, her expression blank.

It seemed that since last night, her young miss had been a little different. It felt like she had changed into a different person.

However, Xiao Yu couldn’t tell exactly what was different.

Considering what the young miss said just now, Xiao Yu felt that she still had to remind her.

If her young miss really killed the young master of the Lin family on impulse, it would be troublesome.

“Miss, let’s wait for a few more days. When the eldest son of the Su family arrives, the two of you can meet. As soon as you get married, the Su family will lend us a helping hand…”

Xiao Yu muttered.

But before she could finish speaking, in the near distance, a servant stumbled into the hall.

He was running while hurriedly shouting, “Master… Master, the eldest young master of the Su family has arrived!”

When Xiao Yu heard that, her face glowed with joy. She said in surprise, “Miss, did you hear that? The eldest son of the Su family is here! When Young Master Su comes, let’s see if Lin Hao still dares to behave atrociously here!”

Although Su Chen and Ye Ruxue hadn’t been married yet, in Xiao Yu’s eyes, their marriage was already set in stone.

Moreover, she was not the only one. Almost all the servants in the Ye family had begun to address Su Chen as Young Master Su in secret.

As she was too excited, she did not notice that Ye Ruxue was completely stunned on the spot.

“This… How is this possible?”

Ye Ruxue muttered to herself in disbelief.

There was no reason!

How was this possible?

If she remembered correctly, Su Chen would only arrive in Qingyang City seven days later.

It had only been a night, so why was he here?

Logically speaking, Su Chen should be cultivating in seclusion now!

“Could it be because of my rebirth?”

Ye Ruxue thought to herself.

She had thought about it for the entire night and had already figured it out.

Since she was reborn, it meant that as long as she put a hand in a thing, the outcome of the matter would change.

It was even possible that the entire future would move in an unknown direction!

However, what she could not understand was that before she could do anything, something was already wrong.

Su Chen, who was supposed to arrive in Qingyang City seven days later, arrived today!

In the reception room.

Ye Canghai, who was sitting at the head of the table, stood up when he heard the news. His face was filled with surprise and joy. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Really? I wasn’t expecting him so soon. Bring him in quickly!”

“Yes, Master!”

The servant hurriedly replied and quickly ran out of the hall.

When Lin Hao, who was sitting at the side, saw this scene, his face darkened. He looked at Ye Canghai resentfully.

He called Ye Canghai uncle just now, but Ye Canghai refused him.

The eldest son of the Su family had yet to enter the house, but he had already called him nephew!

It was clear which side Ye Canghai was close to.

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