You’re Causing Chaos Again

You’re Causing Chaos Again
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Shen Yanming was a hardworking and talented but unlucky esports player in his previous life.

He was deceived into joining a second-rate team, narrowly missing the chance to win the World Championship trophy time and time again. Eventually, he encountered an accident that ended his professional career.

One day, he was reborn.

Since it’s useless to work hard, Shen Yanming decided to let himself go and stop putting in effort.

He registered an ID called “I’m Messing Around Again” and opened a livestream channel for random play. His fans thought he was just a comedian with no skills.

Until one day, he encountered a professional player’s alternate account, and the fans were ready to watch clueless Shen Yanming get beaten. However, by a stroke of luck, Shen Yanming unexpectedly turned the tables and defeated the opponent.

Shen Yanming was asked by his fans about his most admired professional player.

Shen Yanming: It’s Kong Shen. My greatest wish is to be nursed by Kong Shen.

Fans: Well, you don’t have a chance in this lifetime. Everyone knows that Kong Shen rarely heals anyone besides his regular teammates. Even in solo games, he switches to a DPS role.

Just as they were talking, the legendary and aloof Kong Shen entered the livestream, showering Shen Yanming with generous donations and leaving a message: Join my team, I’ll be your exclusive healer.

Shen Yanming & Fans: …

Later, Shen Yanming discovered that one by one, his previously unattainable dreams were coming true. He became the most popular rookie king and won championship trophies effortlessly.

…And he was even kissed by his Kong Shen until his legs turned weak.

1v1, male-male pairing, double rebirth, sweet romance. The Number One Healer in the Chinese Server, Gong × The King of tr*sh Talk Assassin Shou.

The Shou is always messing around, flirting every day, while the Gong is serious, getting teased until he loses his temper.

The game is completely fictional, and not playing the game won’t affect understanding the story.

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