Academy's Genius Swordsman

Academy's Genius Swordsman
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Ronan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his... Read more Ronan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his futile life. He went back to the time when he was a ten-year-old child! For the people who sacrificed themselves for him, he becomes determined to live a new life. Collapse Adapted to Manhwa, Adventurers, Antihero Protagonist, Appearance Different from Actual Age, Aristocracy, Beastkin, Calm Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Gods, Kingdoms, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Playful Protagonist, Pragmatic Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Royalty, Ruthless Protagonist, Saving the World, Second Chance, Special Abilities, Strong to Stronger, Sword And Magic, Sword Wielder, Time Travel, Werebeasts, Wizardsthis is really good!!Очень хорошо минусы есть но мало перевод 1 из нихThe worst thing in the world is to live for others, live your life.Lol if I was the only person in the world I would kill myselfVery wrong mentality man. Living for yourself creates a vacuum where responsibility cannot thrive very soon you loose drive. I think you just don't understand what you are saying. Living for others is different from living to please others. Living for others just means taking responsibility for a group of people who you feel are close and important to you. I want to go on explaining but I gotta goI think you worded it well enoughTypical individualistic americanAmerican? Does it refer to the USA? If so, I'm not. I live very far from themThis is a good novell i would recommend the read. Despite the writing quality not being the best, it is manageable and the story, world building, and characters the great!!This has a manhwa on AsuraScans. It's pretty good so far so the novel shouldn't be too badHmm any thoughts on this novel? It seems to remind me of Swordmaster’s youngest son just in an academy insteadNoooo another returnee, at this point korean novels is returnee SUPREMACYReturnee mc Join the ranobe discord, link in my profile You mean regressor?Regressor- A person who died and returns to the pastReturnee- Someone who came back to their own world after being sent to a different oneReincarnator- Someone who has died and was born in another bodyPossessor- Someone who has taken over another person's bodyTransmigrator- Someone from another world that possessed a character/person from a different worldDamnnn Join us lmfao... Thanks for info thotransmigratedUhh, a transmigrator is a person who goes to another world with their own body, you just described a possesor.Possessor and transmigrator at the same time???A transmigrator could either be a possessor or a reincarnator? As long as their soul or will moves to another world or dimension. If they move their body too, then just simply a transmigrator. Thanks for the clarification. 

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